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Leftist Mouthpiece The New York Times Stumbles Onto Truth

From one of the more interesting articles about the rise of Donald Trump in recent memory, even the arch-Leftist stronghold The New York Times recognizes a realistic truth:

“I think what we really find troubling is the mainstreaming of these really offensive ideas,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks hate groups. “It’s allowed some of the worst ideas into the public conversation in ways we haven’t seen anything like in recent memory.”

Mr. Trump declined to be interviewed for this article, and his spokesman declined to comment.

Outside a former aircraft factory in Bethpage, N.Y., not far from a strip of halal butchers and Indian restaurants now known as Little India, a Long Island housewife who gave her name as Kathy Reb finished a cigarette on a spring evening. Nervously, she explained how she had watched the complexion of her suburb outside New York City change. “Everyone’s sticking together in their groups,” she said, “so white people have to, too.”

Therein lies the vital point: if every other group can have self-interest, so can Europeans.

This means that the diversity dream has failed, and we are re-segregating into many groups based on heritage.

The reason for that is simple: ethnic groups have the same inclinations and are roughly matched internally by ability, allowing for the most cooperative social order.

In addition, self-interest is an irreducible fact of life. We are merely recognizing this formally instead of being in denial.

Leftism was given all the power it needed, and still it failed. Now the long turning away begins.

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