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Is The Alt Right Pursuing A Revenge Of The Nerds Strategy?

For years, people have wondered why the West would not defend itself. No shortage of nationalist and far-Right parties existed, but they never seemed to get anywhere, and their members seemed to play up the stereotype that their enemies advanced, of young white men who could not get a job without “white supremacy” of some kind causing them to be promoted over others.

Their enemies won out. They successfully styled the nationalist parties as a grievance group of people who were simply too weak — dumb, uneducated, impoverished, anti-social — to succeed in the complex modern society wrought by Progress 1.0, which as you may recall was the expansion of industry and large cities.

Part of the reason that this propaganda won was that, somehow or another, maladjusted and violent nationalists kept popping up and when they were revealed, it turned out that their personal lives were disasters. White Nationalism 1.0 operated on the principle of warm bodies, or increasing its numbers by reducing any kind of quality requirement.

This naturally attracted people with problems. If you cannot be accepted in normal society, extreme politics of any stripe offer a tempting option because all you have to do is proudly affirm the dogma. Then, people need you. They will forgive you for having achieved nothing, or having antisocial behavior, or even being fundamentally useless.

All that matters to political movements is the number of people who show up. Those people can be insane, drunk, incoherent, filthy, hallucinating, just out of jail, ridden with AIDS, or merely dysfunctional, and it does not matter. All that matters at that stage is to have enough people that the event seems “newsworthy,” and therefore, the group seems powerful.

This cozy co-dependency with the news media eventually took over white nationalism. Its “warm bodies” approach meant that it accepted with open arms the various troubled and sociopathic people who came its way, and the media gleefully reported on that, which made white nationalists shift their goal toward creating media events, all of which were reported by people hostile to them.

A death spiral resulted. The more white nationalists appeared in the media, the more they attracted people who just wanted fifteen minutes of fame for howling racial epithets into a maelstrom of violence. The more the media showed only these people, the more that actual thoughtful nationalists and born leaders were pushed to the edges.

Law enforcement got in the game by declaring the craziest of the crazy to be informants and sending them checks, which encouraged these people to be as outlandish and over-the-top as possible, resulting in a public perception of nationalists as insane which dovetailed nicely with the propaganda about nationalist countries in WW2 being ruled by delusional megalomaniacs.

However, there were other reasons why white nationalism failed. It had no real idea of what it wanted, only a notion of what it did not, and that plus the antisocials encouraged it to distill its philosophy to a general campaign against blacks, Jews, and immigrants. This meant that the benefits of nationalist were never discussed, only the disadvantages of other groups.

In addition, white nationalism represented an attempt to caste jump. As the people who were doing okay for themselves saw it, the white nationalists were unsuccessful people who wanted to make themselves important, and therefore have power over those who saw themselves as contributors to civilization.

Further, the idea of nationalism itself was broken by white nationalism. Nationalism is ethnic, not racial. You can say that you want to preserve German genetics so that German culture and customs will survive through them, but the idea of becoming generic, cultureless “whites” seemed too similar to the common criticism of American whites as being without culture.

Ultimately, the Alt Right broke free of white nationalism by taking the template of the European New Right — the “cultural wave” of change — and incorporating into it ideas from deep ecology, like that we reshape society by changing lifestyles, and from varied related fields like human biodiversity, radical Traditionalism, orthodox religion and anti-modernism.

By expanding the field, the Alt Right made it more about what it actually wanted than about what it feared. It sought a restoration of Western Civilization and a future-oriented, thoughtful movement which would fix the accumulated broken ideas and delusional obsessions of the declining West. It was more Lord of the Rings and Thus Spoke Zarathustra than Hitlerian dreams.

But, unfortunately, we live in a time of egalitarianism and it has brainwashed us, so most movements are back to the “warm bodies” stage, the Alt Right included. Egalitarianism — the founding idea and central notion of the Left — infects all thought at such a low level that it is both subtle and pervasive, so it seems “natural” to us that more people = better.

The problem this produces appears in through the opposition between quality and quantity. People of quality do not tend to participate in movements where quantity is most important, because this works against them being recognized for their quality. They become lost in the crowd and their ideas are ignored. Consequently, they go somewhere else.

This “brain drain” is about to become obvious as striking the Alt Right, which means that the former Alt Lite — basically neoconservatives, or libertarians who accept equality as a goal but want some social conservative ideas — will simply absorb the Alt Right. Simpler things always assimilate their more complex cousins, unless those complex cousins vigorously define themselves.

That means that if the Alt Right takes any steps toward becoming a new version of White Nationalism 1.0, it will not self-destruct but fade away and its members will drift to whatever the new version of the Alt Lite is. The Alt Lite, in turn, will be absorbed by neoconservatism, since they are essentially the same set of ideas.

In short, Crowdism will take over: the organization will re-design itself to fit the perceived individual needs of its members, instead of motivating those members to work together toward a shared goal. All of modernity fits this pattern because without some goal outside of individuals, society becomes a social club dedicated to making everyone feel good.

We could refer to Crowdism as a type of “Revenge of the Nerds” mentality. Based on the movie Revenge of the Nerds, this term describes any attempt to overthrow those who are natural leaders by uniting all of the geeks, nerds, misfits, and other alienated people against them.

If we look critically at recent history in the West, we will see a cascade of “Revenge of the Nerds” style events, each enclosing the one after it. First there was the Renaissance, where man was declared the measure of all things. Then the Enlightenment, where that measure became equal. Finally the French Revolution, where utilitarianism overthrew hierarchy, realism, and purpose.

The problem with successful societies is that they produce nerds, or people who are highly specialized into one area and oblivious beyond it. These people are by nature atomized in that they see the world entirely through the filter of their specialization and are hostile to anything of a more general nature.

This is why, for the computer programmer, everything requires a technical solution. For the lawyer, every question is one of law. A doctor sees all of our problems as having a health-related cause. A blue collar worker thinks his union is a good model. For every type of person, there is a tendency to think in rote patterns.

That means that when you speak to a group of nerds across disciplines, you have to present an idea that is simplistic enough that they can understand it even though it is outside of their individual specializations. This is why modern society is so blockheaded: when most people must comprehend a solution, it had better be very, very, simple and those rarely work for long.

“Warm bodies” as an idea, then, is doomed to failure, no matter who picks it up. A Right-wing group will fail with this strategy just as a corporation or volunteer group would. The only groups that survive it are Leftists because Leftism is based on rationalizing failure as victory, so when their schemes fail, if they find someone to blame they come out ahead.

If you are still following this, what it means is that all “Revenge of the Nerds” strategies will end up in the same place, and this place will be the equivalent of what Leftists would desire.

When any of your plans turn out to accidentally achieve what your enemies desire, those are not good plans. “Warm bodies” plans always end up becoming “Revenge of the Nerds” and then, by making taboo what offends the intersection of those warm bodies, become effectively Leftist plans. Uniting the nerds always produces an event much like Communism.

That means that we need to be careful with any goals that seem to involve pursuing strategies from white nationalism 1.0 which have been known to fail:

I am talking about the Eastern and Southern Europeans and the “honorary White People” known as the Irish. Frankly, we DOMINATE the rank and file of the Alt-RIght. And it’s not because of exclusionary practices practiced by the Alt-Right or anything deliberate.

We simply seem to be the ones who are most willing to put ourselves on the line. In far greater number than our hu-White cousins at least.

…See, all European people’s histories are full of tragedy and hardships, but the Alt-Europeans’ people’s history is perhaps exceptionally difficult, especially in the 20th century. As a result, we have very little patience for the White Western Liberal and his privilege theory nonsense which is designed to demoralize and keep us down.

This is a “Revenge of the Nerds” strategy because it attempts to build a movement through those with the most recent negative experience of Communism and use them against a majority which existed before them, at least in America. This will be seen by most productive people as an attempt to take over from that group, and will promptly backfire.

Among other things, this mindset perpetuates the identity politics nature of Leftism including its implication of caste warfare. The Alt-Europeans are coming from a background of poverty, subjugation, and before that, less of a grand history than was achieved in Western Civilization, which they are not part of.

Nationalism operates on the basis that each nation is defined by a single ethnic group. It is not racial, but ethnic, for the very reason that when multiple ethnic groups are introduced, they jockey for power. This creates instability that ultimately leads to the type of dysfunction that can then argue for racial diversity as well.

Alt-Europeans find themselves in a difficult position: they can either pretend to be part of the majority, which is untrue; they can see themselves as a separate group, which means they will be pursuing national identities of their own; or, they can affirm the majority and their own role as subordinate to it, which this article clearly rejects.

While it is great that so many are active in the Alt Right, adopting a “Revenge of the Nerds” outlook will backdoor Leftism into the movement. Next stop: neoconservatism.

Every human organization throughout history has succumbed to the inevitable dumbing down which is brought on by a need to be inclusive, or not rank people according to natural ability and orientation, but to create instead a vast mass of warm bodies repeating some simple idea that they feel will benefit them personally.

For the Alt Right, the future lies in understanding that modernity is wrong. Jobs are horrors, cities are ugly, laws and subsidies make us weak, too much socializing makes us insane, and utilitarian institutions like democracies systematically dismantle the good in life and replace it with the inoffensive mediocre. We cannot repeat any of the patterns of modernity.

This means that our future consists not in trying to resuscitate the dead white nationalism, but instead, to address nationalism and identity as necessary for all groups. This means that we may be working together, but we are not the same, and we acknowledge the need for leaders and hierarchy not just of action but of ideas.

Warm bodies is not our goal; neither is “Revenge of the Nerds.” We need to influence the upper half of the middle class in America and Europe, and to do that, we cannot be a union of those who were not naturally successful, but a group that works with the naturally successful — 60% of America is of Germanic heritage — in order to remove modernity and replace it with something better.

In fact, warm bodies and everyone getting along is the opposite of our path to success. Our civilization has collapsed because it lost its sense of purpose, and necessarily turned toward a focus on people instead of goals as a result. This utilitarian mindset caused us to think of society in terms of individual rights, and removing hierarchy to preserve those rights, which brought us to collapse.

That mentality lives on in the tendency within the Alt Right to criticize personalities and not ideas, but it also endures through the “warm bodies” approach that denies why white nationalism 1.0 failed, namely its denial of ethnicity and caste. If we allow this mentality to take over, we will quickly become inverted and converged like any other assimilated movement.

The Alt Right has made many great strides in the last three years. It continues to blaze a path toward nationalism, identity, culture, agrarianism, deep ecology, tradition, and space exploration. But over the past year, it has also accumulated a good deal of mistakes, mainly because it has focused on the nerds and not the goal.

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