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Interview with Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent

At, we straddle a liminal space between mainstream conservatives, European New Righters, underground nationalists, and organicists like deep ecologists, traditionalists and paleoconservatives. It is a potent ferment from which the next rulers may well emerge.

One of the rising stars of this zone is Occidental Dissent, a blog which writes frequently about “the national question” or the debate over society returning to a nationalist order, in which each ethnicity has self-rule and thus defines what is a nation.

We were fortunate enough to get in a few questions with the writer who has made Occidental Dissent a household name in both the far-right and moderate right-wing, as people are waking up to the national question on a broader scale.

Hunter Wallace is not only a heck of a writer, but he also manages to divide his opposition. Most of them loathe him, but cannot find nits to pick with his meticulously-researched, logical and clear-sighted articles. Others grudgingly admit he has a point.

Our goal was to find out what this man believes and put it into terms that mainstream conservatives will recognize. Thanks to his generosity in giving his time and effort, you can read a reasonable summary of one of the vanguards of the new right-wing.

What is Black Run America (BRA), and how did we get to this stage? Is this part of a larger struggle, like class warfare or post-Cold War re-organizing?

Black Run America (BRA) is the period of American history which we are now living through.

Historians have names for every other distinct period of American history: Colonial America, the American Revolution, the Early National Period, the Antebellum Era, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, the Wild West, Jim Crow America, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the Second World War, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

Most Americans intuitively sense that the 1960s was a watershed decade that represented a historical rupture with the past and was the beginning of a new society that was created in those years and which has been evolving for about fifty years now.

For the longest time, we didn’t have a name for the system of race relations we now live under today, even though we knew the most intricate details of its racial etiquette.

It is Jim Crow in reverse: whereas Jim Crow America and its elaborate system of segregation was the physical incarnation of the doctrine of “white supremacy,” Black Run America (BRA) is America run for the benefit of black people.

This is not to say that black people necessarily control America. Instead, it means that black people are holy beings who are at the top of BRA’s racial pecking order, and that BRA’s rulers see the systematic promotion of black people as the highest moral principle of our society, and will do almost anything to promote black people because of their exalted position in our racial hierarchy.

BRA is now in full blossom all around you: it can be seen in the MLK federal holiday, the relentless promotion of “diversity,” affirmative action, the Obama presidency, every city having a street named after MLK, “civil rights museums” which are Medieval shrines to the faithful, black fictional images in Hollywood, racial double standards, etc.

Black Run America was formally created in 1965 when Congress passed the Voting Rights Act and the Immigration Act of 1965 at the peak of the “Civil Rights Movement.”

The origins of Black Run America are too complex to briefly describe here. It will suffice to say that conflict among Whites was one of the leading causes.

The Western Allies waged a holy war against Nazi Germany in the name of liberalism. After the war, the West was hoisted on its own petard by the victorious Soviet Union, and forced to live up to its own rhetoric about race and colonialism.

The Soviets correctly saw racial diversity as America’s greatest weakness. The American negro was a potential fifth column in the United States.

The fear among American policymakers that the American negro could be infected with the siren song of communism and that Jim Crow was an albatross for American foreign policy provided the original impetus behind the creation of this system.

Later, BRA came to be seen as a holy moral ideal after it had accumulated its own mythology, even though men like President Kennedy had originally seen the Civil Rights Movement as annoying distraction to their agenda.

Do you think diversity can ever succeed, or even function? If so, under what conditions?

No, I don’t.

If diversity could have succeeded anywhere, it would have been in Tuskegee, AL which prided itself on being a “model community” which set aside racial antagonism in the political sphere for the economic betterment of both races.

Diversity will always be a weakness, a source of resentment, a source of conflict.

The Soviets saw America’s racial diversity as its greatest weakness. The presence of so many impoverished negroes living under Jim Crow came to be seen as a national security threat during the Cold War.

In order to mitigate that threat, Americans got into the bad habit of appeasing and uplifting blacks in a futile attempt to neutralize the problem.

During the War Between the States, Lincoln emancipated the slaves because he also saw blacks as a fifth column within the South. Thomas Jefferson believed that blacks should be repatriated to Africa because they would be perpetually aggrieved no matter what the status of their condition.

The last fifty years of BRA has eliminated any doubt that colorblindness is a utopian ideal that never works in practice. In foreign countries, racial diversity is a source of conflict just like it is here, and inspires repression and authoritarianism, again, just like it does here.

Ideally, what changes would you like to see made to the American government and social landscape? Which of the two major parties do you think is closer to accepting these ideas?

Ideally, I would like to see my native state get out from the underneath the federal government, overthrow BRA in a social revolution, and establish a society that is run for the benefit of White people, not for the benefit of minorities.

In Alabama, the only people who sympathize with this mindset are involved in the Republican Party, which is controlled by a business elite that will never lead any revolt against the system. That is an interesting story in itself.

Before the creation of BRA, the White working class had an independent voice in state politics, but the advent of the black vote has forced Whites to close ranks behind the business elite in order to retain power.

This economic recession has forced a lot of people to look more closely at our choices as to how we spend our wealth. What do you think has changed in terms of what people are willing to fund?

When there was plenty of money to go around, Whites could retreat into their private suburban cocoons and hit the racial snooze button and believe all the utopian nonsense about race they saw on CBS. They could move to the suburbs and live out a White life so long as they gave lip service to the status quo.

Now, the economic, social, and political deformations that are necessary to sustain BRA and take it to the next level have become so severe that the accumulated dead weight is destabilizing the entire system in all sorts of interesting ways.

When you look at economic growth, you see that decisions made in the recent past explain much of economic prosperity or lack thereof. Thus, the investment in the Manhattan Project, the Second World War which temporarily destroyed America’s industrial rivals, the Space Race with the Soviet Union, and the Interstate Transportation System allowed America to coast for a few decades on fumes of investment made in the 1940s and 1950s.

What was America investing in during the 1980s and 1990s? Things like suburbs to escape the black holes in the inner cities, Head Start, LBJ’s housing projects, Medicaid, massive new prisons to segregate the black underclass from White America, etc.

What was the opportunity cost of all that spending on black people? America failed to lay the foundation for next generation of economic growth and prosperity. You have a front row seat to the death of the American Dream.

Have you met any African-Americans who feel similarly to you? I remember that in the 1960s certain black rights leaders wanted self-rule if not outright return to Africa.

I’ve met a handful of intelligent African-Americans who agree with me on various points. These people aren’t representative of Black America in general though.

If black people wanted to live in a black society, they could move to Macon County, AL or Lowndes County, AL, where blacks are predominant and control all the local political offices. They could move to the Detroit ghetto and live under Mayor David Bing.

Black people don’t want to live in a racially homogeneous society for understandable reasons. They want to live in Whitopias where they can reap all the benefits of living in the White world.

Would you support a program of reparations with repatriation for black Americans and other minorities groups who are seen as historically having been wronged by the white majority?

Obama’s stimulus package was reparations for slavery. Since the creation of BRA, we have paid any debt that our society might conceivably owe to African-Americans many times over.

Anyone familiar with the counties where blacks were actually slaves also has to question the idea that those areas are indispensable to our prosperity.

Like the illegal alien peons who pick onions and blueberries today, the benefits of slavery were small and accrued almost exclusively to slaveowners while impoverishing the rest of society by fostering economic backwardness in the plantation belt.

Occidental Dissent has really grown over the past three years. To what do you attribute this, and what is the secret of its success? Has your audience changed in outlook and composition?

I think it is because we are honest.

The audience has changed dramatically since I began to drift away from White Nationalism. There has been a major shift in paradigm away from defining ourselves in terms of an abstract ideology and toward seeing ourselves as ordinary people whose ambitions are frustrated by the present racial caste system.

We are reaching a lot more normal people than before.

Right now, Harold Covington is writing a book about me, in which I am cast as the villain and President of the United States. In a recent scene, he goes on about his fantasies of inflicting a shattering military defeat upon my presidency, which forces me to cede the Northwest to prevent his terrorist army from conquering more territory and exterminating more Jews, who are supposedly my handlers.

It is some of the craziest shit I have ever seen. I don’t give a damn about what goes on in the Northwest. I’m not trying to reach people who are involved with that whole scene anymore.

Do you think liberalism can exist without a civil rights and pro-immigration agenda?

Probably not.

Politically speaking, White liberalism began its long march to oblivion when LBJ created BRA in 1965. White liberals need Hispanic and African-American allies driven by racial resentments to make up for the unpopularity in the White community.

Even in Rhode Island, self-identified liberals are no more than a third of the population. Conservatives outnumber liberals in almost every state.

If liberalism wasn’t anti-White, it could conceivably become popular again, as it was when FDR was president in the 1930s and 1940s. I don’t see that happening though.

Do you think our civilization is in the process of collapsing? If so, by what force?

I don’t think so.

It is more like we are in the process of transitioning from one epoch to another. If the present system endures, then our civilization will almost certainly collapse, but it will likely succumb to its own inherent weaknesses long before that happens.

At least I hope so.

If a limousine motorcade pulled up in front of your house right now, and Barack Obama got out and asked you why you do what you do, what would you tell him? What do you believe in above else, and what would you fight and die for?

I would tell him that BRA is based on lies and repression. It can’t stand up to the scrutiny of reason. That more than anything else is what drives me.

When the whole establishment screams in collective unison, “The Earth Is Flat,” I feel compelled to be the asshole who points out, “No, It Really Isn’t,” and that I am not buying it for a second.

When the establishment claims that it is immoral to question BRA, I feel compelled to ask why, because I can’t think of any compelling reason why that would be the case.

I enjoy exposing their lies and connecting the dots. I believe in truth above all else. The truth needs to be told about BRA no matter what the cost.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with our readers today.

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