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Human Biodiversity Triumphs Over Denial Of Genetics

In our age, thanks to incessant diversity propaganda, most people think there are no biological or genetic differences between races, social classes, ethnic groups, and nationalities. The Leftist plan for egalitarianism to take over the world requires we deny innate internal differences and focus instead on surface, external ones only.

However, this agenda of denial has begun to disintegrate because of the advances in DNA science which confirm traditional wisdom. For example, a company now provides the ability to reconstruct a face from DNA:

But investigators, using DNA recovered from the scene at the time of the murder and new DNA technology, have come up with computer-generated photographs depicting what the killer may have looked like — at ages ranging from 25 to 55 years.

The lab was able to create snapshots based on the sample of the DNA, he said. However, these are “scientific approximations,” Stedman said. “They are not likely to be exact replicas.”

…According to the laboratory findings, the killer was likely three-quarters Caucasion and one-quarter Latino, with fair skin and brown or hazel eyes and brown or black hair.

The DNA imaging process cost $4,500, according to the district attorney’s office.

According to Leftist views of science, we should not be able to reconstruct race, ethnicity, and other features from DNA. After all, we are all the same inside. However, it turns out that DNA reconstructions work, and enabled police and prosecutors to nail the perpetrator of a brutal rape and slaying twenty-six years later.

Even more interesting is that the suspect in question is of Irish heritage, but the Mediterranean roots of the Irish came out as a Mongolian hybrid like Latino in his DNA profile.

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