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Generation Z Introduces Its Own Art Form

Generation X was born after the fall of the West and left to inherit the misery. The Millennials, who grew up and were indoctrinated in school at the peak of 1968ers/Baby Boomer power, tried to recapture the old Leftist spirit. But Generation Z, seeing how the millennials turned into narcissistic and self-serving zombies, is pushing back.

With “fashwave” music, this generation has defined itself. It carries on the melodic sense of the 1940s with contemporary techno run through the filter of 1980s industrial and synthpop. This gives it the more coherent structure and melodic development of the older music with the more powerful techniques of the present.

In addition, this style is picking up in the mainstream through rock that combines 1950s vocal lines with 1980s music. People are looking back to the last points where anything made sense, and through a combination of nostalgia and longing, attempting to resurrect what they find beautiful in those eras.

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