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Fragmentation Through Unity: The Left Is An Ecosystem

An insight into the ecosystem of the Left:

One can break down socialist beliefs into various groups each with their own personal reasons for such beliefs.

  1. First, there are low-income groups, minorities and others receiving welfare benefits who are being brainwashed by Democrats and socialists every election cycle. Such are warned that Republicans are going to arbitrarily change or remove welfare programs resulting in lost or reduced benefits. This deceptive strategy works well for Democrats as it has created a cult-like voting group based on fear.
  2. A second group is college students, many of which have been radicalized by socialist professors who represent a vast staff majority in many colleges. Due to the lack of alternate viewpoints, many students form cult-like groups blindly accepting socialistic ideology. Some students are so ingrained in socialist beliefs, they even carry out demonstrations to prevent guest speakers with different viewpoints or beliefs from appearing in college forums. An example of student radicalization in socialist beliefs is their vast support given to Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist.
  3. The last group embracing socialism is the rich and power brokers, both foreign and domestic. Their main goal is to change America to a socialist-type government so they can worm their way into positions of power, thereby enhancing personal wealth, and to rule over the masses. Such groups will lure the masses into the fantasy of socialism by promising endless welfare from cradle to grave. Only after the masses live under socialism will they realize the quality of their lives has been downgraded to nothing more than pawns to the system with escape no longer an option.

These fit within the hive-like structure of Leftist groups and show us where it fits within the broader human ecosystem. Leftists are a parade of misfits led by a few cynical manipulators, who like all snake oil salesmen, preach a public image of pacifism while concealing a private intent toward greedy accumulation of wealth and power.

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