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Ethnic Self-Rule And Secession Gain Prominence In Houston, Texas


As has been mentioned on this blog for many years, Nationalism is a goal that can be achieved collaboratively by members of different ethnic groups. We all want the same end-state, which is that each group has independence and self-determination, and so even if that state appears adversarial we can work amicably toward it because it is in each of our groups’ self-interest.

In fact, nationalism is merely the recognition that (1) diversity does not work because it removes the ability to have a culture and (2) each group acts in self-interest, and those self-interests naturally and inevitably clash. With nationalism, we stop the kumbaya pretense and opt for a gentle Machiavellianism.

Dwight Boykins, African-American Houston City Councilman, spoke a truth that all Red Pill and Black Pill people know:

Speaking to Fox 26 in Houston, City Councilman Dwight Boykins (District D), “I think at this point, because of the crisis situation, not in Houston but throughout the country, we need to have officers patrolling areas that reflect the ethnicity [of that community].”

The councilman continued, “Because that will eliminate second-guessing. People know their community; they know their culture; and I think that can make a difference.”

…Tritico said, “Well, if that doesn’t work, I guess we could have separate schools and maybe separate people in the restaurants … just keep the races separate so we won’t have to have these problems anymore.”

The idea shocks people because in a time where every notion must be supported by lies and therefore is a lie, common sense is like an alien language, and threatens to pull back the curtain and reveal the utter emptiness of all of the lies we live by every day and upon which we base our political system.

Nationalism recognizes that people are not equal, but its basis is that groups have different needs because they are trying to maintain their culture, which — not police — is the basis of stability in their community and what enables it to function.

Modern policing has effectively failed in large cities like Houston, where most crime goes unreported and highly-mobile criminals cannot be stopped. What keeps people in line, besides individuals with guns, is culture: the idea of right and wrong, and how people should organize themselves as a group to live for the best.

In addition, as Robert Putnam‘s research revealed, diversity creates distrust in a community. That and higher levels of crime in impoverished and minority communities creates a perfect storm of nervous cops and angry citizens, exploding in gunfire and riots.

If we are honest like Dwight Boykins, we say what we mean: each ethnic group should have its own communities, and its own rules, standards, institutions, judges, lawyers, police and politicians. The great diversity experiment has failed, as Europeans worldwide are recognizing, and it is time to find a peaceful solution instead of continuing the failure and violence.

The virtue signaling outrage followed quickly:

Houston Police Officers’ Union 2nd Vice President Joseph Gamaldi responded that the idea was ludicrous and wouldn’t work.

Fox 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico led off the weekend panel’s discussion saying, “I’m shocked at the suggestion.”

… “He is saying you have to look like the community. I am saying you understand the community by getting involved with the leaders, getting involved with community itself… so that the people in the community can feel comfortable with you.” [said Jacquie Baly, a black Republican from Fort Bend County]

…Former Harris County Democrat Chairman Gerald Birnberg [said] “For one thing, we don’t have an equal number of African-American police officers as we do African-American members of the community. For another, what does that say about an African-American who dares to venture outside of ‘their neighborhood’ where they’re not predominantly there. What about the Latino community which is dispersed throughout the entirety of Harris County?”

…Mayor Sylvester Turner’s office contacted Breitbart Texas shortly after this article was published. Communications Director Janice Evans said Mayor Turner never took the council member’s comments seriously.

These are all good objections, but they are tangential, not to the point. The point is that we keep having “diversity incidents” every month and they are getting worse. No one is benefiting from this arrangement, as the ghettos keep getting poorer as business flees after the riots, and government welfare while generous limits options to a fairly basic existence for most people.

Boykins stepped ahead of the game by acknowledging the reality of the situation, and while he may or may not have retracted the statement, the ripples it has created are only beginning.

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