Furthest Right

“I have the feeling I lived in a world that no longer exists.”

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who specializes in seeing hidden truths of material form and making them attractive, gives us a snapshot of life in Europe right now:

‘This is not the most glamorous moment in Paris.

‘Paris by night is a nightmare now. It is not a cliché anymore.

‘I must say, in my whole life I never saw Paris that gloomy.’

Comparing the Paris he fell in love with and the French capital today, he said: ‘Things are changing, but I have the feeling I lived in a world that no longer exists.

‘Paris has to make an effort to become Paris again’

In an effort to avoid the confusion and horror of the 20th century without blaming its hidden cause, the democratization of Europe, modern Europeans have opted to abolish themselves and now are seeing what a diverse, Leftist-oriented society looks like.

Naturally they recoil in horror, but can they face the question of how Europe can make an effort to be Europe again?

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