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Do Not Become As Your Enemies Describe You

Human life really is not all that unique. Any intelligent species will face the same dynamics and quandaries that we do. This means that there are certain logical rules for success, all of which are studiously ignored by the Republican Party which does not want to win, only be token opposition.

After all, if you look at the economics, being token opposition is the best position. You never have to take responsibility for leadership but you can always criticize leadership, which means that you can receive donations for an objective which can never be achieved but also, therefore, never can fail.

Governments and in fact all bureaucracies love forever wars. The war on poverty will never end. It is just printing money. No matter what you do, some people will be dumber and less sane than the rest, and these will be your poor, so you can take donations and taxes to fight this unwinnable perpetual war.

The token opposition simply shows us what someone does to win at the game of being a bureaucrat. If you can be in power, you need token opposition to blame when your plans fail; if you are not in power, you become token opposition so that you can be profitable without taking on any real risk.

Despite what normies seem to think, the back-and-forth over social conservative rules will go nowhere because the 14A implemented human/civil rights specifically to limit society from having any standards, norms, or rules beyond the material and personal.

This means that your conservative leaders know that they are re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic and they do it for the same reason actors or late-night infomercial hosts do, namely to be entertaining and sell you a vision of yourself as doing something right.

They have no intention of disrupting the bureaucracy. After all, it is their job to support it and make it continue, so they play the token opposition role much like Human Resources pretends to investigate your missing stapler at work while hiding the guy who stole it because he works for cheap.

Part of being the token opposition is the requirement that you present yourself exactly as the other side describes you. That is, if they say that you are coming to take away their abortions, be sure to focus your next campaign on abortions.

This appeals emotionally to your audience, since they see themselves as attacking what the enemy fears they will attack, but really they just fell for the false signaling. The enemy is hiding its real fears and expressing its strengths so that you will attack them.

For example, conservatives could rout the Left in only a few years if they attacked the idea of equality itself as nonsensical and larcenous, as it is. However, that would give up the game and wreck their career ambitions to take donations in a large bureaucracy for doing very little.

When your enemy describes you as being a certain way, if you act like that, you confirm their account as true to their supporters and undecideds. Even more, you unify and rally their base. This means that you face them at their strength instead of their weakness.

The best way to defeat an enemy is to attack the things he is afraid to talk about. Go head-on with what he says you cannot discuss. Then, stop acting like him; you are not going to out-cheat, out-lie, and out-steal the Left. They are good at this; you are not.

The Left has a massive exposed flank caused by the messianic and conjectural nature of its Utopian beliefs. They promise a paradise if their theory is true, so attack the theory, especially in a time like ours when the consequences of Leftism are outpacing its promises.

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