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What Most People Want Is Insane

Those who grow up in established civilizations are inculcated since birth in what we might call the Founding Lie, namely that you have to do what makes other people happy in order to get what you want, at which point you are accountable to no one.

Every group adopts this because it is convenient for most members. Other people do what they want, then can go pursue their own individual desires on their own time. Every person is like a cell in a colony of cells, without purpose but also with minimal obligation.

To most people, money is a mystery, so when they get a certain paycheck and most of it goes away to taxes and costs, they laugh it off; at least they get to do what they want. They will pay almost anything to avoid having to deal with anything other than what they want.

As a civilization grows, it produces waste humans, or people with no known use who have to be commanded at all times to get them to do anything halfway well. Waste humans are mentally disorganized by both mental health problems and low IQs, and they always play the victim.

The check-writers send more money to government to fix the problem; after all, they want to continue doing what they want, and it is a small fee to be able to ignore the problem. This is more psychological than actual, since they really want to avoid any incursion on their thoughts about what they want.

This brings society to what every human group ultimately wants, which is subsidized anarchism, essentially the overlap between bourgeois values and bureaucracy. They want someone else to take care of their problems while letting them do what they want.

The problem is, as sages have noted, that “want” and “need” often do not overlap. This means that human beings are agents of inertia and entropy, forever driving society back down through the third world system to our hominid roots.

We might see all of liberalization — relaxing of the rules so that the narcissistic individualism of humans will finally be accepted — as simply giving up on civilization and trying to rationalize the downgrade to hominid as not just a lack of decline but an actual improvement or “progress.”

Modern Leftism simply consists of a desire for the Third World System. When individuals are freed from social constraints, they can pursue their own fascinations in little bubbles of their personal drama and peer pressure, which requires bureaucrats to administratively manage the chaos as warlords who give favors.

What most people want is insane. Ask them what they want, and they do not know, so they throw out complaints. We have far more complainers than people who contribute. They will then settle on some variant of subsidized anarchy as their favorite.

Societies that thrive do so mostly by not doing things that are known to fail. This includes limiting the influence that individuals have, since most individuals will demand decline and collapse, in order to let those of higher ability rule the herd.

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