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Conspiracy Theorism

When humans find themselves truly adrift in understanding something, they make up stories about it that make it make sense in terms of what they know. This lessens their anxiety, since humans are basically talking monkeys with anxiety and car keys, and gives them a starting point for analysis.

In a dying civilization, however, there is one taboo: that the system itself, which we are taught to believe is not only good but the best option, is flawed in its design and therefore produces a brief period of what seem like good times and then a dark collapse.

We are at risk because we do not know what good times are like; we know what is relatively better than other times, but we have no idea what a time which is not heading downward in decay would look like. This leaves us unstable both in disliking the present and unsure of where to go in the future.

Consequently, people invent all sorts of outlandish theories about the CIA, pedophiles, UFOs, Satanists, Jews, Freemasons, and so on, simply to avoid facing the fact that our system as designed has a fatal flaw and always leads to this kind of decay.

Let us be clear: equality does not exist in nature. Any philosophy which advocates equality is therefore unrealistic. That means that we can keep them going for awhile, but eventually, reality catches up with us because it is not a tangible “thing” but a set of principles that keep the universe in motion.

We do not need some extensive theory of evil to explain human life. When we understand reality, we prosper; when we deny it, we self-destruct. Most people want to deny it, which is why we need a social hierarchy with our most realistic (competent) at the top.

At this point, conspiracy theories are serving only to exonerate the real culprit. While we are busy blaming Satanic pedophile Jews for enslaving us, we are missing the fact that democracy did it, and in its failure, creates slave-like conditions in order to remain in power.

The first world finds itself at the dawning of a new age. Either we accept that democracy will inexorably reduce us to third world levels, or we keep going down the path to suicide. But we cannot fix democracy by jailing or murdering Satanic pedophile Freemasons or whatever.

What keeps us slaves is that we consistently embrace the cause of our decline. When government taxes drove speculation by investors who wanted to stay ahead of the inflation caused by tax-and-spend, our solution was more government. This set us on the current cycle of regular recessions.

In the same way, right now we are seeing the historically inevitable outcome of democracy. At first, it loosens the rules and encourages investment, but over time it dies from the many special interests redistributing wealth. More democracy is not a solution; less is.

Democracy creates crazy people. It throws them out into the world as “equals,” but their abilities and inclinations differ, so some end up on top and others beneath. Those on top are good at pleasing others or making money, but this does not mean that they are good leaders.

As a result, people become neurotic, constantly second-guessing and, instead of questioning the premise of “equality,” agitating for more equality or suspecting that they are victims of inequality rather than simply finding their own level in a complex system.

Egalitarian societies always take from the strong to give to the weak, and try to be good to everyone instead of being good to the good and punishing the bad. They do this because it is the only way to make people equal, since those with less ability cannot magically conjure more ability.

When you find yourself wondering why the political system offers no viable options, consider that it filters out anyone but the egalitarians, finding two ways to express equality instead: conservatives believe in “created equal” at the starting line, and Leftists want subsidies to make people equal at the finish.

The Uniparty essentially consists of two very similar versions of egalitarianism, relying on voters to forget that equality is only considered proven by equity, therefore even rugged individualism sets us on the path toward Full Communism or other varieties of the third world system.

In reality, equality does not exist, but distributions like the Bell Curve do. This takes two forms, both a positive and a negative.

The positive form means a sorting process. Most scientists are wrong; a few will be right, and they will win bigly while the others will be forgotten. By ability, some rise above others, and they end up with all of the influence, whether through direct power, wealth, or social status.

The negative form means flexilibity. Whenever people start talking “all Jews” or “all Blacks” behaving in a certain way, this starts to make no sense; people are massively varied within groups. Any one of us can rise above the others in our groups by being more realistic than they are.

At the same time, we see that groups as a whole have influence. There is no equality between groups; they seek to conquer each other because their only other option is to be conquered. Bring in foreign groups, and you hybridize your people, removing their unique abilities.

We are already seeing the effects of hybridization, including trace admixture, through the competence crisis. Simply put, very few people now can do the things that were common abilities even a generation ago. Barely anything works, and nothing works well.

This knowledge offends the democratic mind, which is propelled to deny reality because of its obsession with equality. People go insane trying to reconcile what they know and see with the dogma that is enforced by peer pressure and determines who succeeds within the system.

Democracy is one form of equality. Others — economic equality: socialism, sexual equality: feminism and LGBT+, genetic equality: diversity — also blight us, but the core is our belief in unrealistic equality. Until we get this monkey of our backs, the decline will continue.

Even if everything the conspiracy theorists say is true, this fundamental truth remains: equality opened the door to all of these symptoms, and until we shut that door, infinite potential parasites away us of every appearance and size.

No one needs a conspiracy to explain what is going on out there. Democracy always goes this way. There are a couple good centuries of decreasing quality, and then democracy runs out of money and the ability to make airy promises, so it turns totalitarian.

Until we accept this, our decline will go on, accelerating as the instability spreads.

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