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DiversityWatch (October 8, 2022)


When he was evaluated it was said that he experienced disturbing dreams of beating up women and even killing them and he feels better after having the dreams. Several weeks later he still didn’t feel remorse for attacking [a White woman he assaulted for no reason]. It was said by a doctor that he was impulsive and had a passive-aggressive orientation to life and no evidence of psychosis.

Harriet Semander, a survivor, started looking into things and trying to find answers herself. She got a hold of information of 40 unsolved murders and some confidential police reports…It is stated in the book that about 22% of all serial killers are black and that all blacks make up about 12% of the United States. – Carl Eugene Watts, Murderpedia

Coral Eugene Watts, 53, a confessed serial killer who once told police that he had murdered more than 80 people, died Friday at Foote Hospital in Jackson, Mich.

Mitchell said research indicates that Watts may have killed more than 100 people and that his criminal exploits surpassed those of other, more notorious serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy Jr. and Jeffrey Dahmer. – “Coral Eugene Watts, 53; murderer claimed he had killed 80,” L.A. Times

“You hate to be happy when someone dies and is in that much pain, but he has caused so much grief for so many families for so many years that you can’t help but be relieved,” said Harriet Semander, whose 20-year-old daughter Elena was killed by Watts in Houston.

The precise number of his victims, including those in his native Michigan and in Canada, will never be known. Estimates range from 20 to 80, all of them female.

“It’s the way the man is wired,” retired Harris County prosecutor Ira Jones, Watts’ original prosecutor, said in a recent interview. “It’s like having to eat. Every day, you have to eat again. Well, every day, for him, he’s got to kill again. There’s no cure for that.” “For families he haunted, Watts’ death brings relief,” Houston Chronicle


  • United States v. Danchenko

    In the context of these efforts, the FBI learned that U.K. Person-1 relied primarily on a U.S.-based Russian national, IGOR DANCHENKO (“DANCHENKO”), the defendant herein, to collect the information that ultimately formed the core of the allegations found in the Company Reports.

    Diversity in any form fails us, including hwhites (Whites mixed with other groups like Asian and North African, as we see in Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean European groups). They want to destroy the majority because it is their only other option to admitting that they are here because their societies failed. My rule is that if it looks, acts, and thinks like a Cro-Magnid/Western European, it stays, but otherwise, it Goes Back Home. This includes Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and other mixed-race hybrids.

  • Chinese ‘police station’ in NYC that spies on dissenters run by shady charity on IRS blacklist

    The non-profit America ChangLe Association NY Inc. owns and operates the “service station” located above a noodle shop on the third floor of 107 East Broadway on the Lower East Side, according to public filings.

    In May, the IRS yanked the group’s tax-exempt status for its failure to submit tax filings for three straight years, according to public records.

    The non-profit, which was incorporated in New York in 2013 and listed its charitable mission as a “social gathering place for Fujianese people,” paid $1.3 million three years later for the suite of offices that houses the Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs bureau, filings show.

    Individualism — “no one can tell me what not to do, everyone else must pay for the effects, and it is forbidden to mention this” — means that the open society thus created has no standards and is quickly burned down by carny hip-men, foreign agents, grifting criminals, mafiosos, mean girls cliques, and Peter Principle middle management.

  • Illegal immigrant who killed two in attack on Vegas showgirls escaped violent crime charge last year after DA failed to prosecute in time

    Court documents exclusively obtained by reveal that Guatemalan alleged undocumented migrant Yoni Barrios, 32, was charged in 2019 with criminal domestic violence by Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey, who has since stepped down.

    Had he been convicted, Barrios would likely have been imprisoned and deported and would not have been free to commit the senseless slaughter on the Vegas strip this week.

    Diversity places minorities in an ugly, horrible position where they have to either be a conquered population obeying a foreign majority culture, or can fight back through resistance and sabotage, which is what they do once given power in our legal system. They let minorities go free while convicting Whites. This will backfire because it will eliminate criminal elements from the White population while causing them to become more visible among minority populations.

  • Biden administration pays $265,000 a year in salaries of staff whose job is to deflect Hunter stories

    In May, Richard Sauber, the Department of Veterans Affairs top attorney, agreed to join the White House as ‘deputy counsel to the president’ and take on the role of handling probes from Congress.

    Ian Sams, who once worked for the disastrous presidential campaign of Vice President Kamala Harris, and more recently for the Department of Health and Human Services, was also hired in May to officially run communications for the team of White House protectors.

    Sauber will take home a salary of $155,000 annually, and Sams will earn $110,000, according to White House public records.

    The Irish people, who are mostly Neolithic subsistence farmers who were later blended with a pre-Jewish Semitic group who came in via Iberia, are of mixed race, consisting of mostly White, a fair amount of Asian, and some North African. This means high mutation load created by combining different enough populations that nature has to roll the dice on common genes for intelligence, morality, and time awareness. As a result, you get a blockheaded semi-intelligent population that is prone to criminality. What goes on in the Biden household is normal for Irish families.

  • USM won’t replace professor who allegedly said there are only 2 sexes

    During the session at Bailey Hall on the Gorham campus, a free-for-all discussion erupted over both social gender and biological sex identifications, with one student and Hammer saying they believed only male and female biological sexes exist.

    The rest of the class maintained both biological sexes and social genders are on a spectrum.

    Realism says that biologically there are two sexes and then mutations or defects, such as intersex, which constitute not so much a third sex as failures of sexual development. Individualists, who want the human ego to reign supreme and therefore are anti-realistic, want to force us all to repeat the agenda propaganda that there are many sexes, because then we have affirmed our commitment to the illusion and behind it, the Big Lie of “equality.” The LGBT movement has been weaponized by the Left and transsexuals are the Left’s latest “pity pets,” but they will be discarded when someone more marginalized, oppressed, and disadvantaged comes along.

  • NYC Mayor Eric Adams declares state of emergency over influx of migrants

    “We now have a situation where more people are arriving in New York City than we can immediately accommodate, including families with babies and young children,” Adams said. “Once the asylum seekers from today’s buses are provided shelter, we would surpass the highest number of people in recorded history in our city’s shelter system.”

    The mayor called for emergency federal and state aid to handle the continued influx of asylum seekers.

    He wants federal money — taxpayer money — to fund the latest expansion of the Hart-Celler Act.

  • Sharon Osbourne: We Gave $900K to Black Lives Matter … Ye’s Right About ‘Scam’

    Ozzy’s wife says the couple gave $900,000 to BLM — presumably in 2020 — and told us she would like her money back and wishes Kanye spoke out before they cut the check.

    Sharon says Kanye shouldn’t be canceled over the “White Lives Matter” shirt … telling folks to simply ignore Ye if they don’t like what he’s doing.

    BLM is the guilt vigorish paid by White people every time diversity fails minorities again. George Floyd was guilty and died of a fentanyl overdose; while this is sad, he was a violent criminal who chose his way of life and never sold out, staying true to himself. We should honor that not by burning down our cities but by pouring out a Forty for Fentanyl Floyd (note: “Floyd” is an Irish name). Diversity means constant racial shakedowns. Ahmaud Arbery, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, The Central Park Five, The West Memphis Three, Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, and Emmett Till were also guilty as sin, although OJ gets a pass for goodifying a race-mixer.

  • Urban trees rooted in redlining and environmental injustice

    In the study, researchers analyzed street trees in 36 Baltimore neighborhoods that were once classified by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC), a New Deal program intended to expand homeownership. Infamously, HOLC classified and color-coded neighborhoods by perceived mortgage risk—green was designated as “best,” while red was deemed “hazardous.”

    Often, the criteria used to classify neighborhoods was explicitly discriminatory; neighborhoods with high populations of racial and religious minorities as well as immigrants were more likely to be “redlined.” As a result, residents in those areas often experienced lower property values, resource investment by cities and wealth accumulation decades into the future.

    “We found that previously redlined neighborhoods had consistently lower street tree diversity and were much less likely to have larger, older trees on a site,” said Karin Burghardt, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of entomology at UMD.

    Poor people prove a mortgage risk. Instead of looking at the correlation between wealth and tree placement, these researchers racialized the data in order to prove an ideological point, showing us that science cannot be treated in a fundamentalist way any more than religion can. The perpetual attempts to fund minority housing simply produce Soviet-style economic malaise.

  • The Afro-punk band taking on ‘whitewashed’ history

    For Aroni it came from watching US group Green Day’s live film Bullet in a Bible and seeing lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong holding his crotch while gyrating wildly on stage. He thought to himself then: “This is what I want to do.”

    His bandmate Kihoro was inspired by listening to Scandinavian death metal, while drummer Gichia honed his musical skills in his teens playing in a local Christian rock band.

    Their lyrics, in English and a smattering of Swahili, are highly political and delve into everything from colonial history and corruption to racism.

    “[We want to] tell African stories from an African perspective,” Aroni says.

    There is nothing wrong with death metal, some of whose founding members came from partially African origins or incorporated African members. In the broader view, every society needs music, faith, and culture of its own, and this is only achieved by preserving its genetics and autonomy by excluding all other groups.

  • Most Latinos Say Democrats Care About Them and Work Hard for Their Vote, Far Fewer Say So of GOP

    Some 71% say the Democratic Party works hard for Latinos’ votes, 63% say it “really cares about Latinos,” and 60% say the Democratic Party represents the interests of people like themselves. By contrast, shares of Latinos say the same of the Republican Party on each statement, though a somewhat greater share (45%) say that the GOP “works hard to earn the votes of Latinos.”

    All minority groups vote mostly against the majority party, and Republicans by being conservative and therefore wanting to uphold a continuous history, values system, faith, and culture of our society are seen as the enemy. The more diversity you have, the more Leftist you go.

  • New York City, embracing merit, rolls back diversity plan for schools

    New York City schools announced Thursday they would allow middle schools to consider academics in admitting students to some of the city’s most sought-after programs, unraveling pandemic-era rules aimed at injecting racial and economic diversity into a segregated system.

    High schools would also rely more heavily on merit and less on the luck of a lottery under the new plan, reversing the previous administration’s direction as a new mayor takes command of the nation’s largest school system.

    Critics argue these policies box out many Black, Latino and low-income students from top schools and drive segregation in the city schools.

    Equality or quality: choose one.

  • NJ school district accused of favoring workers with Italian last names

    Taylor alleges his managers promoted two men of Italian heritage while he got bumped to a lower-paying gig, according to the lawsuit filed Sept. 9 in Superior Court of Passaic County.

    “[The district] was either oblivious to this nepotism or simply didn’t care,” the suit states.

    The town of Wayne, with a reported population of 54,717 five years ago, included 14,810 Italian Americans.

    Years after the supposed melting pot made us all Americans, the hwites are still working against the White WASP majority.


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