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Descent to Hominid

Since the beginnings of the debate over evolution, Right-wingers have come down hard against it because they are so removed from their culture and traditions that all they seem remaining is religion. In their view, the words of man which describe the words of God should be universal and absolute.

In reality, these are words of man. These are not words of God, although we might call them hearsay of God, because men are writing about what they think God told them. However, treating them as absolute and perfect symbols is a rejection of reality, which is always nuanced and messier.

Many want to believe that God created man and all the creatures of Earth directly, but in the long calculus, it probably does not matter whether He did it with natural selection and evolution or by waving a magic wand. Earth is the result of the divine either way.

The bigger problem, in my view, is that by rejecting natural selection, conservatives do not accept degeneration, or the loss of unused/untested traits over time. When you form a society, the traits you need to succeed in nature fade away and are replaced by the characteristics of those who succeed in society.

For this reason, every society sets itself up to slowly decay, unless of course it is wise — like pioneer America — enough to preserve a frontier, to avoid subsidizing the weak, and to let people die when they do stupid things. Natural selection means killing the stupid, weak, insane, irrelevant, and delusional so the healthy can thrive.

“Tolerance” forms an opposite to this because it says that instead of allowing those who could not survive on their own to die, we subsidize them like the Communists, and then breed them into our good people in the hope of weeding out those traits. Since the traits are not test against nature, however, they do not fade away.

No one wants to say this, but a healthy society would look like the fantasies of a six-year-old boy. There would be heaps of bodies and the bad, even if they did not do anything big that was wrong, would be sent away or killed. Only the good would remain as all others were driven out or perished.

Degeneration results in humans steadily creeping down toward monkey territory. Hominids as seen by scientists were the missing link between man and ape, but most likely this group exists because they splintered off from modern Cro-Magnid man, who appeared seemingly out of nowhere at some point, perhaps by sheer Will.

Even today we can observe that the crassest people in Western societies tend to have chimp-like features and behave in the hand-to-mouth manner of the apes. One tour through the average UK housing estate will show this. Even more, the third world are increasingly chimp-like the closer they get to absolute primitive subsistence existence.

The creation-evolution debate is unlikely to be settled in our time. For starters, the cornerstone of science that makes it reliable is that it considers everything a theory because knowledge always expands, so at best what we have now are partial truths in all but the most evident of cases (chemical composition of salt, speed of light).

However, with this debate, we have lost sight of the vital question: how do we keep genetic health, which seems to require constant upward evolution lest we stagnate and then degenerate, becoming simpler, crasser, and more impulsive beings who will continue that decline until they end up being hominids?

Arguably many who walk among us are already hominids although they appear human. These people have no souls. They act on their impulses to fulfill their desires but cannot reflect on what they should desire, or what might happen if they defer. They are entirely extroverted and without character except for their choice of hobbies, music, etc.

Any society that wants to persist in perpetuity must remove such people on a regular basis, exiling them to lesser societies where they can accumulate mutation load and neurosis independent of the source. That is what the egalitarians fear, because many of them know that they are disposable untermenschen.

As Western society comes to a close, those who want to be hominids and those who wish to avoid that fate have become the two sides in the ongoing battle. So far, the hominids seem less challenging, so they have control of all of the resources, for now. However their rule is fading, and many do not want to go down that path.

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