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DiversityWatch (November 21, 2023)


  • Transgender athletes banned from women’s cricket as ICC release statement explaining decision

    Slowly, a small bit of sanity trickles down. People Born Men (PBMs) are larger and more muscular than the average woman, and they will do a large amount of damate to these women if playing on the field with them, but more importantly, displace women from a space reserved for women so that they can have achievements of their own. Whether intended or not, this is an assault on female identity.

  • Black women most likely to die in medieval London plague

    Presence of Africans in Europe during the medieval era was very minimal; most likely these were Moorish people or simply darker-skinned Irish people. Note that they do not give us the actual count of how many of these 145 graves belonged to Black women, so that it could simply be one of them, since they were less than a percent of a percent of the population. This article is an exercise into retconning us into thinking that we have always had diversity, not realizing that it is a parasite just like civil rights, which is a gateway to tyranny.

  • Citigroup begins layoffs as Wall Street braces for rough end to 2023

    The diversity economy — based on a Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme (KcPs) where government funds diversity so it buys consumer products like McDonalds, Nike, Pepsi, and Apple — seems to have run into a snag. Indeed, mathematics and biology do not include equality for this very reason: if you distribute anything equally, you create a high-entropy system where adaptation is impossible; then again, that is the goal of the Left: to escape Darwinism.

  • Army sends letter to troops dismissed for refusing COVID vaccine amid military’s recruitment woes

    One might hope that after the last two world wars for democracy and civil rights, White guys realized that fighting wars for democracy and civil rights is part of White Genocide, but no one does denial as well as high-IQ groups, which tend to retreat into hentai and Christianity. More likely, White guys have realized that the diversity military will only promote diversity and rabid Communists, so joining the military is a clear path to getting killed by the competence crisis of diversity while remaining a private first class until you are sixty-five.

  • Ken Paxton announces investigation of media group following Elon Musk’s lawsuit

    Lawsuits are flying everywhere almost as if a signal were given. Truth Social is suing the media, and Twitter caught a media group faking the data.

  • Museum reclassifies Roman emperor as trans woman

    Rewriting history is easy when you have a willing audience who so need to believe in the myth of Equality that they want all contrary facts gone. It now becomes clear why history is lost: neurotics reduce it to gibberish and then everyone else abandons it with the rest of the state propaganda.

  • OSHA’s ‘Union Walkaround Rule’ Heads Toward Finalization Following Comment Period

    OSHA decides to let union representatives inspect all non-union shops as a means of sabotaging them. The Communist takeover nears its apogee. The way this works is that the union reps inspect non-union shops, come up with a list of potential problems they send to bureaucrats, and the bureaucrats come in and threaten to shut the shop down, which gives the union a pretext to take over. If you let them, unions will make your nation go Communist as they did to numerous places in Europe.

  • Why Aren’t More People Marrying? Ask Women What Dating Is Like.

    After decades of moronic egalitarian rules which punish men in order to transfer wealth and power to women, “male drift” is a thing: men are not investing in careers, selves, or families and instead are remaining free agents uninterested or disinterested in a future, least of all family. The egalitarian state creates the matriarchy, at which point society loses efficiency and slips into poverty.

  • Video shows fatal CHP shooting on 105 Freeway; state investigating

    The trifecta: a minority dead, violent resistance or the appearance thereof, and a police officer under pressure to fix the unfixable. In this case, the pedestrian fought back and then used a taser on a police officer, who promptly shot him. Still the wailing, guilt, and armchair quarterbacking from political appointees must go on.

  • AG Mayes Letter to Mohave County Board of Supervisors Re: Hand Count of the 2024 Election

    In one of the dubious counties in Arizona, election officials want to use paper ballots instead of the at the very least insecure and at the worst gamed voting machines, and so state officials threaten to arrest them. This is endgame for the political machine that runs the Left: it has now begun to defend itself without regard for appearances simply because it is counting on vote fraud to win.

  • Maternity hospital downgraded over use of term ‘mother’

    Conservatives always guffaw at this type of thing because it is so obviously impractical. But that is the point; it must be impractical, unrealistic, insane, and deranged because this is about symbolic satisfaction, not making reality better. Leftists have no real hope of Utopia. They simply want power over those who know better, specifically the Cro-Magnids with their big brains, aesthetic sense, and immense ability to engineer realistic solutions. That ability threatens people who want to dwell in caves and eat fruit, roots, and bush meat.

  • Windsor police say they expect 1,600 Koreans to work at EV battery plant

    They sold the new plant as a chance for locals to have jobs. As it turns out, thanks to socialist policy and unions, the product will be unaffordable if they use local labor, so they imported foreign workers instead, subsidized by the local community which will get far fewer jobs, mostly in janitorial arts. Welcome to democracy after the welfare state bankrupts everyone.

  • Ministers finally agree guidance on trans pupils

    A small bit of sanity intrudes when ministers decide that the presupposition should be that a child does not have gender dysphoria, rather than the opposite, which is what has been the norm up until now. Of course, with the government providing free care, many people are going through the transing process just to have someone finally pay attention to them.

  • New OpenAI CEO Has History of Unfiltered Posts, Microsoft Disses

    The man expressed some mildly controversial opinions and backed them up with fact, which has caused industry to freak out, but probably mostly because he described his cubicle McJob at MSFT as something that was taking pieces of his soul every day. No one wants to admit how brain-dead, soul-dead, and emotionally dead life has become in neocommunist Amerika.

  • Democrat’s National Dark Money Machine Dominates PA Elections

    While the Democrats wail about Citizens United, they also create national groups that generally support Leftist causes and therefore can accumulate whatever money they want. This feeds into the political machine of unions, organized crime, foreign nations, and lobbying groups that purchase democracy and use taxpayer money to enrich themselves.

  • Bacteria store ‘memories’ and pass them on for generations, study finds

    Trauma can be inherited. If you wonder why the society around you is increasingly PTSD, the purpose seems to involve traumatizing the intelligent so that intelligence ceases to exist and the psychopaths can rule the credulous low-IQ masses.

  • Increasing urbanization contributes to racial and gender inequality, study shows

    Urban jobs are more likely desk jobs. This discriminates against lower social classes and other groups with lower average IQs in the same way that reality itself does, but this means that the contemporary Progressive Utopia of cities with small apartments where people own nothing and eat the bugs is in fact going to be rejected for the usual reasons.

  • Most-cited scientists are still mostly men, but the gender gap is closing

    Just like with the labor pool in general, this result was achieved by flooding the journals with more articles, leading to a collapse of peer review as all sorts of dubious “science” floats out into the public mind.

  • In America, national parks are more than scenic—they’re sacred. But they were created at a cost to Native Americans

    More calls for shakedown and grifting because everyone realizes that national parks are a great idea. We cannot remove those, so more payments go into the infinite void of the third world.

  • Rent Inflation in Canada Hits 40-Year High on Immigration

    Bringing in more immigrants drives rental prices upward, but somehow this is a mystery to the people who rent, since they seem to think that evil capitalists are withholding a great pot of money in the sky from them by raising rents, instead of rising rents occurring as a result of high taxes, property taxes, union labor, excessive regulation, and millions of people suddenly renting in the market with government money, driving up the costs. Egalitarianism benefits the rent-seekers, since they own property that keeps its value despite the plunging value of currency as it is redistributed for “equality.”

  • Women still face unfair pressure about having children

    Asking a biological species to reproduce itself, part of adaptation, is unfair to our egalitarian ideals and therefore must be nagged against by the usual neurotics, coattail-riders, and careerists who hope this trend will benefit them and their children.

  • In Africa, demands for slavery reparations grow louder

    The third world wants to bankrupt the first world on its way to dominance. Africa still has vast financial problems, but giving it money in its present state will merely benefit warlords; reparations-with-repatriation however would infuse money into its economic systems in a way that generated more money and productivity, benefiting all Africans.

  • Teachers and students grapple with fears and confusion about new laws restricting pronoun use

    Does anyone have trouble recognizing this propaganda anymore? The state laws are clear: use your birth sex. If that causes confusion among the neurotics, that probably points to a typical Late Stage Democracy outbreak of neurosis. No one is telling these people how to live outside of school.

  • Gaza and Ukraine are separate conflicts, but conspiracy theorists are trying to link the two on social media

    People have discovered XOG/NWO, but few understand that it is an outgrowth of human rights law, itself an outgrowth of egalitarianism. The voters created this mess by clinging to outdated and paradoxical ideas like equality because they are socially popular.

  • Black private equity firm founder Kneeland Youngblood sues one of America’s largest oil companies ConocoPhillips for $900M for ‘depriving his family of riches from oil-soaked land in South Texas’

    The land — then not worth much — was seized after a debt was defaulted on and the rest of the family paid off, but over a century later suddenly the redistributionists want to seize for ideological reasons.

  • Researchers: Disinformation campaigns are undermining democracy—here’s how we can fight back

    As is typical of democracy in its dying days, our society has elected to promote an official narrative and categorize everything else as lies, borrowing the Trumpian term “fake news” for it, but really using this to filter out anything but the ideology they want to promote. This is dangerous but as usual democracy sleepwalks into disaster.

  • Personal Safety Fears at Three-Decade High in U.S.

    Whenever pursuing diversity as a goal becomes more important than practical concerns, everything disintegrates, especially law and order, at which point people cower in their homes even more than they already hunker down thanks to the atomizing power of diversity.

  • Ontario reaches tentative deal with English-language public elementary teachers

    Canada provides one of the oldest examples of diversity not working, in this case between different ethnic groups of the same race. Whenever identities differ, the groups turn toward conflict, resulting in compromise that erases the core of the nation. If you wonder why Canadians seem like PTSD zombies who repeat political platitudes instead of thinking, this is the cause of that effect.

  • How lockdown inspired fight against period poverty

    Another justification for wealth transfer arises, with no one realizing that stealing from the productive harms everyone. What they could do, namely lower the taxes that hit the businesses and employees that make these products, never occurs to anyone.

  • Violence against Christians is growing in Europe

    To me, pluralism and diversity were always clear: you replace one culture, religion, and tribe with many, therefore there is no longer any social standard upon which everyone agrees. This means that each group will, in defense of its own ways, fight to destroy the ways of others. Seems that turned out exactly as one might expect.

  • Ohio State University prioritized DEI over merit in hiring, documents show

    All of America has done this since the Clinton years because of affirmative action, leading to the competence crisis that is now undoing our first-world status.

  • ‘We came to kill White people!’ — 9 arrested for murder of French teen in mass stabbing attack

    Race riots calling for White Genocide have become a normal event as the West switched to DEADS (democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, and socialism) instead of pursuing a policy of self-interest and rejecting the unproven, conjectural, and messianic idea of universal moral truth.


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