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DiversityWatch (December 7, 2022)


Why does DiversityWatch exist? Mostly it serves to show us just how much of our social landscape, and therefore individual fortunes, is consumed by the pursuit of equality including anti-racism, anti-poverty, anti-sexism, and anti-homophobia activities.

The rest seems occupied by the fruits of diversity, namely the abolition of culture so that our news can be full of the stunts and attention-getting of a horde of individualist proles, each trying to make a career at the expense of civilization, nature, and our future past the immediate present.

In politics, if you dig past the diversity, entitlements, equality, and inclusion programs, there is not much happening at all other than machinations. No one has an eye on the road ahead; no one wants this society to succeed. They want to take all they can and get out, which is the nature of individualism.

Modern people have a philosophy of “it is not my fault, so someone fix it for me” regarding not just external events, but their own inner mental state. They want to be sedated, pacified, coddled, and to be able to distract themselves from both the requirements of life and the ongoing lugubrious decay of the West.

In the end, we see a conflict between civilization and the individual. The individual will choose whatever seems easiest and pass the cost on to civilization, which then creates the perceived need for some form of centralized control, at which point the fears of individuals are realized when order must be imposed on all.

Conservatism picks a third path: do what is needed for civilization and the individuals who contribute to it. Unlike the egalitarians, it does not concern itself with non-contributors, seeing them as “free riders” who raise the cost to everyone else without throwing in much effort.

This shows us the basis of realism. It judges by results, not intent, and therefore has no ability to be “cruel”; it simply rewards what works and ejects what does not, like natural selection and how societies build their own moralities into their cultures.

We might see an axis of leadership between the systematic and administrative. Systematic leadership looks at the whole of society as a design; administrative actions occur in response to crises or other perceived immediate needs, and apply “patches” and/or subsidies to fix a detail at the expense of the whole.

This mirrors the conflict between civilization, which is a structure larger than any individual, and the individual, which will demand that society facilitate their wants and “needs,” most of which are in fact a confusion of cause-effect that does not address the roots of their problems, many of which are insoluble by anyone but the individual.

The Left represents the administrative and individualist wing. They want what they want, and will rationalize this as good for the group, effectively destroying any systematic approach with many patches and subsidies. To survive, civilization must resist individuals and the governments they create, and focus on systematic realism in order to keep itself functional.

We can understand the Left as pure optics. They want to use immediate, trendy, and visual appearance to give power to themselves. They rationalize, justify, and excuse what they want as being part of what is socially-acknowledged “good” by manipulating optics.

There is nothing more to them. They believe in nothing except themselves and their status in the group. They are oblivious to the consequences of their actions, and would prefer not only to remain oblivious, but to be distracted and to appoint someone else to solve all of their problems.

Once one looks into the pathology of the Left, it is hard to see them as an “ideology” any more. Rather, the Left serves as a kind of behavioral shield or pretense of righteousness which allows them to, because of their “moral” contributions, do whatever else they want in every other area of life.

In short, the Left resembles your average person who gives at the church or charity and then concludes that, since they have checked off the box that says “I am a good person,” they might as well go ahead and do all the non-good or quasi-good (which also means quasi-bad or partially bad) stuff that they have in mind.

The Right asks how we make things work over the long term. The Left wants to know how they can make themselves good enough that they stop feeling guilt for other things. The more that people talk about moralism, instead of realistic function, the further they dig into this trap and the more Leftist they become.

We might go so far as to say that the Left is an anti-philosophy disguised as ardent idealistic altruistic universalism so that it resembles the moralistic monotheist utilitarianism which organized religion used to humble culture centuries ago, but that might be really pushing the barrier of linguistic credibility.


  • Op-Ed: Does the 1st Amendment protect a right to discriminate?

    There will be grave consequences if the court rules in favor of Smith. There is no reason why such new 1st Amendment exemptions would be limited to sexual orientation. Those who want to discriminate against others based on race, sex or religion could simply raise a 1st Amendment defense. And this would seemingly extend to laws prohibiting discrimination in all contexts, such as in employment and housing.

    For example, an employer with religious objections to employing gay, lesbian or transgender individuals could claim an exemption from state and federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. Similarly, an employer who, based on religious beliefs, thinks that men and women should not be in the same workplace, could refuse to hire women (or men). A landlord with religious objections to interracial marriage could refuse to rent apartments to interracial couples.

    There is always a tension between liberty and equality. Any law that prohibits discrimination limits the freedom to discriminate.

    As I have said: we are going to have to repeal the 14A.

  • In Energy-starved South Africa, Whites-only Town Basks In Solar Power

    Built after the end of apartheid along the Orange River on 8,000 hectares (more than 19,000 acres) of land acquired by white Afrikaner nationalists, Orania manages its affairs autonomously from the central government.

    In a country struggling to provide basic services, the small settlement of 2,500 people is the only town nationwide close to reaching energy supply autonomy and freeing itself from the failing national power grid.

    Hint: when you are large enough to have something they want, they will (democratically) change the laws and seize it. Your power grid is their power grid; their problems are your problems. This is what collectivized individualism means. That is where “equality” always leads.

  • Janusz Walus stays behind bars, awaits ‘medical clearance’ before parole

    Walus, who assassinated SACP and ANC leader Chris Hani in 1993, was due to be released on parole on Thursday following a Constitutional Court order last week. 

    On Thursday afternoon, Justice Minister Ronald Lamola’s spokesperson, Chrispin Phiri, released a short statement, stating that Walus’ parole had not been finalised.

    “By agreement between his legal representatives and the State attorney, the matter of Mr Walus’ parole will only be [finalised] after he has received the necessary medical clearance from [a] medical team,” Phiri said.

    They will find a way to keep him in prison until they can find a way to get the guards to look the other way the next time he gets stabbed.

  • Hurrah for 8 Billion Humans

    Technological advance that is restricted to the wealthy few delimits what new technologies can be invented, for it restricts the number of minds that can be engaged in discovering and inventing. That, in turn, restricts the degrees of freedom there could be otherwise — even for the wealthy. Meanwhile, equality without innovation is merely an equality of poverty, enslaving everyone to the caprices and scarcity of nature. Every peasant must be made a lord, not every lord reduced to a peasant.

    When they tell you what they are, believe them. They want to take what you have and spread it around so that everyone reports that they are “happy,” even if this means no one gets ahead to invent the next technologies. Humans self-destruct by this method — essentially, envy — every time.

  • Is there any truth to Russia’s ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ propaganda?

    But the comparison with Ukraine does not hold up, Andreas Umland, an analyst at the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies told DW back in February. “The president of Ukraine is a Russian-speaking Jew, who won the last presidential election against a non-Jewish Ukrainian candidate by a huge margin,” he said, adding that the talk of Nazism in Ukraine was completely unfounded.

    Umland said that although there were right-wing extremists groups in Ukraine, they were relatively weak in comparison with many European countries. “We had a unity front of all the right-wing radical parties at the last [EU] parliamentary elections in 2019, and that unity front received 2.15%,” he said.

    There has also been criticism of right-wing Ukrainian militia members who were fighting against the separatists in the east of Ukraine earlier this year — above all, the Azov Battalion. Umland said that although it was founded by a right-wing extremist group, it was integrated into forces of the Interior Ministry, the National Guard, in the fall of 2014.

    The Ukrainians quickly fired back their own accusation:

    “It is from Engels airbase that the [Russian] fascists launch rocket attacks on Ukraine,” he added.

    We find ourselves constantly re-fighting WW2 and the Civil War, but not Vietnam or Korea. The Communists won but they have no new ideas or worse, any functional ideas, so the propaganda must continue. Now we have two sides calling each other “fascists” and “Nazis,” neither of which really have any relationship to Nazism except for the Azov Battalion and Wagner Group each adopted some NSDAP imagery or methods.

  • Who is Vijaya Gadde, the Twitter exec involved in censoring Post’s Hunter Biden laptop bombshell?

    “The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role,” Taibbi wrote after reviewing internal company communications for a report he dubbed “The Twitter Files.” 

    Wherever diversity of any sort goes, White Genocide enablers appear. Diversity is genocide of the majority.

  • The alt-right are contrarian phonies

    Ye told Pool, “Have you ever heard the term ‘the black vote’? So it’s okay to put us in one net but it’s not okay for me to put them in one net?”

    Yiannopoulos continued, “Why can people talk about why white people are a certain way?” he added. “Why can’t they talk about that group a certain way?”

    Even more, if this is a pluralistic, open, and “free” society, why can’t Ye just have his opinion and the rest of us accept it?

  • Britain’s birth rate in peril as half of adults rule out having children, survey shows

    Some 46 per cent of those surveyed by Ipsos said they had decided against children or did not intend to have any more.

    More than half said this was for financial reasons. Two-thirds cited ‘personal reasons’, such as being too young or old, or feeling daunted at the prospect.

    When you turn the functional White middle class into tax cash cows to pay for the anti-racism and anti-poverty programs, you end up with fewer children, and then you have to replace your constituents with imports.

  • Black and minoritized ethnic communities at disproportionate risk of homelessness in the UK

    A study in 2005 already found that in every region in England, ethnic minority households were over-represented among those deemed homeless by local authorities. To gauge how things have evolved since, we recently carried out a statistical analysis. We found that black and minoritised ethnic communities, taken as a whole, experience disproportionate levels of homelessness in the UK.

    Diversity is not working out for anyone. It is simply cruel and destructive.

  • New trigger warning unlocked: ‘Catholic guilt’

    Princeton’s website for the play contains a list of “Content Warnings,” including “Internalized Homophobia,” “Gender Dysphoria and Internalized Transphobia,” and “Catholic Guilt.”

    Christina Hoff Sommers, author of “Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women,” criticized Princeton on Twitter, calling the trigger warnings a “strange fetishization of trauma [and] safety.” 

    Time to appreciate the comedy as diversity spirals downward into self-contradiction.

  • How ‘goblin mode’ became Oxford’s word of the year

    The slang term is defined as a “type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations.”

    This year, Oxford Languages, the creator of the Oxford English Dictionary, titled “goblin mode” as the 2022 Word of the Year, meaning it best reflected the ethos and mood of the past 12 months.

    Abolish culture via diversity, and there is nothing left but politics and money. We hear a lot about money, but behind it all is the need to pay taxes to fund those anti-racism and anti-poverty entitlements.

  • The Reinvention of Charles Johnson

    “I used to believe that the powers-that-be in politics, where the corporations, that [they drove] a lot of the shots.”

    “I no longer believe that,” Johnson says. 

    “I think it’s foreign intelligence operations and millionaires who are propped-up as constructs of these foreign intelligence operations.”

    Diversity means globalism which means foreign intelligence agencies call all the shots.


“Enlightened philosophers insisted that the state’s tasks did not stop at the guaranteeing of peace and law but encompassed also the subjects’ ‘pursuit of happiness.’ Such a conception was very lucrative to individual princes because it helped them justify the dissolution of old traditions and privileges that, in their minds, were standing in the way.”

Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, The Holy Roman Empire (121)


  • Don’t let ‘3%’ of employees turn company woke, Harvard professor urges CEOs

    About three percent of employees at big corporations are pushing the company to take liberal positions on cultural issues, but CEOs should not let them dictate policy, according to a Harvard University business professor.

    Professor Arthur Brooks, formerly the president of the center-right American Enterprise Institute, encouraged business leaders not to let a small minority ruin a company during an appearance on CNBC last week, discussing Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the resulting backlash.

    When society creates a victimhood culture because of our egalitarian philosophy, whichever special interest group can claim victimhood will rapidly take over as everyone else clears out of their path lest the dreaded stigma of anti-egalitarianism be used as the new Scarlet Letter on their chests.

  • Student ‘slave auctions’ illustrate the existence of a hidden culture of domination and subjugation in US schools

    Clad in their underwear and with their eyes downcast, the three were paraded through the locker room and put on an auction block. At least one of the Black teens had a belt representing a noose looped around his neck.

    Their white and Latinx teammates feverishly bid on them. Even through the lens of the video camera, the “mock” enslavers’ excitement and frenzy were palpable.

    Diversity means racial enmity. It comes out in unhinged ways like this.

  • Lincoln statue must go, article in Syracuse student newspaper argues

    Zaffino justifies his position by pointing to Lincoln’s ordering “the execution of thirty-eight Dakota natives for rebelling,” and “unbending belief in a racial hierarchy.”

    The author does not mention the executions were ordered by Lincoln due to the Dakota natives massacring men, women, and children who had settled in the area.

    No one cares about the truth. You represent the interests of your group period, end of story.

  • Why you’re less likely to get rich these days if your parents aren’t already wealthy

    Income and wealth have evolved at very different rates in the UK in recent decades, mostly due to sky-rocketing house prices. As a result, millennials and those in younger age groups are much less likely to be on the property ladder by their thirties than their parents. This has significantly restricted younger people’s prospects for future social mobility.

    Since 1995, average house prices in the UK have risen from £56,000 to over £290,000 by August 2022. This huge growth (which went into a temporary reverse after the 2008 global financial crisis) has far outpaced general price inflation. The price of other assets, such as equities, has also risen during this time, boosted in part by a period of very low interest rates over the last decade.

    Leftist taxes plus low interest rates result in everyone being poor but those who work in The System.

  • Rock star Morrissey slams cancel culture, social media: Diversity means ‘conformity’

    “People could make five flops and the label would stick by them, now the labels are quite bloodless, they will just get rid of you if you say anything that they don’t agree with, they’re not interested,” Morrissey said at the London Palladium during his U.K tour. “Now they talk about ‘oh we must have diversity diversity diversity,’ diversity is people that you don’t know and it’s just another word for conformity, it’s the new way of saying conformity.”

    “When people talk about diversity they don’t think about the great things that we don’t have in common,” he noted. “Those things are ignored, and they always made countries very interesting because you could travel to Germany, you could see the most incredible culture you go to Italy you see the most incredible culture-now they just want everything to be the same.”

    He remarked how he thinks diversity has become a “dreadful” word and that when the word is attached to anything, it means that thing is “finished.”

    The meme is out: attack diversity itself, not specific groups, because it is not their fault they are caught in the civilization-ending diversity trap. Our goal is not racism; it is having our own culture. That means we must dwell apart from all Other groups.

  • Elon Musk’s promised Twitter exposé on the Hunter Biden story is a flop that doxxed multiple people

    “Our democracy can only thrive if we are open to a marketplace of ideas and engaging with people with whom we disagree.”

    In diversity, anything but egalitarianism and commerce is offensive to some group, so you cannot have this marketplace of ideas. Your democracy doomed itself.

  • Religious violence increases anxiety among Muslims and Jews, even if they have never been personally targeted

    “We attribute this residual fear to the deep-seated culture of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia within the U.S. and violence attributable to that culture, as well as the collective memory of historical religion-based victimization of Muslim and Jewish communities,” said co-author Elaine Howard Ecklund, director of Rice’s Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance.

    In a diverse society, you never really feel as if you belong, and you realize that you are a target, if not by the Evil Whites, by some other group that is competing with your group for control of that society. In diversity, no group is truly at home.

  • West African leaders agree to create regional force

    Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have decided to act to “take care of our own security in the region,” Omar Alieu Touray, president of the ECOWAS commission, said during an annual summit in the Nigerian capital of Abuja.

    For us, by us. That works. Globalism does not.

  • Germany and immigration: Plans for refom

    “Those who live and work here permanently should also be able to vote and be elected, they should be part of our country,” promised Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a speech on Monday, introducing the government’s plans on extending citizenship rights.

    They know on some level that they have killed off the native population and that for the political system to survive, it must import new warm bodies to tax so that it can pay for the socialist-style benefits it has already promised. Why no one in Europe recognizes that diversity, too, must be analyzed on a “follow the money” basis shows just how addicted the population, even its far-Right, has become to the free money train.

  • Over 40K in the dark after North Carolina power substations shot up

    He said rumors were circulating online that the attack was connected to protests over a drag show at a local theater scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., however, investigators have not found any evidence the two were related. 

    When there is no culture, any of the many conflicting special interest groups may decide to initiate some kind of chaos.

  • Trump ‘highly unlikely’ to be president again over Kanye West-Nick Fuentes dinner: McConnell

    “First, let me just say that there is no room in the Republican Party for anti-semitism or white supremacy,” McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters on Capitol Hill of the 76-year-old Trump’s Mar-a-Lago meal with Jew-hating hip-hop star Kanye West and white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes.

    “Anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view, in my judgment, are highly unlikely to ever be elected president of the United States,” McConnell added before throwing in a jab at Trump’s nascent 2024 White House run: “And that would apply to all of the leaders in the party who will be seeking offices.” 

    You can either have diversity or freedom of thought. This Soviet-style guilt by association shows us how desperate the situation has become for those in power. They do not see it as desperate, however; they see themselves as closing in on a perpetual government where the Right and Left are two wings of the same bird, which is an egalitarianism that suspiciously resembles a Jacobin-Bolshevik hybrid.

  • Royal aide steps down after racist comments: Buckingham Palace

    Ngozi Fulani, who was born in Britain and works for a domestic abuse support group, wrote on Twitter that the royal aide had repeatedly asked her: “What part of Africa are you from?” when she attended an event hosted by King Charles’s wife Camilla, the queen consort, on Tuesday.

    “We take this incident extremely seriously and have investigated immediately to establish the full details. In this instance, unacceptable and deeply regrettable comments have been made,” a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said in a statement.

    If you violate the sacred taboo, you might cause people to realize that we are marching toward our doom guided by ideology. Therefore, those who violate the sacred taboo — even if intent is not proven — must be publicly destroyed so everyone else can keep indulging in the illusion that our society is doing well and not failing hard as it actually is.



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