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Difficulty Caring About A Day That Shall Live in Infamy

Human proclamations of eternal value always strike me as puny. The monkey screams at the heavens in his invented language, demanding the gods he project honor his pretense of solipsism, and yet he secretly knows that nothing is eternal unless an eternal civilization exists to cherish it.

Such is the case with Pearl Harbor. What was sacred to your grandparents, and considered very important by your parents, now is seen as another empty holiday because it means nothing. The Allies in WW2 fought for their own extermination just like the Jacobins, Communards, and Bolsheviks did. Well, they achieved that, for sure.

If you fought in WW2, you got trolled into fighting for a democracy that was going to use you and lose you, replacing you with warm foreign bodies to keep the bureaucracy afloat with tax dollars as soon as it could. You were just a willing tool, Stockholm Syndrome’d into offering up your buttocks, sent off to keep Democracy Inc in business.

At least the Germans were fighting for something tangible, even if they like typical neurotic Late Stage Democracy people intertwined it with a moronic and sadistic dictatorship. The Russians end up looking like the megachumps because they fought for an empire that gladly watched them die, only to want it back after it fell decades later.

In WW1 the West fought to bring the Napoleonic Wars back; they want democracy, individualism, and equality to overthrow the kings and fulfill the Enlightenment™ fixation on the individual coming first before social order, nature, and culture thanks to the miracles of scientific management.

After that broke the back of the West, the suicide sharpened his razor for two decades and then went at it again, this time coming very close to delivering himself from the horrors of modern life. But the body is strong, even on the eve of death, so the victim lingers on to this day.

At this point, we are trying to figure out how to rebuild from the disaster of our “victories” in the French Revolution, Civil War, Magna Carta, WW1/2, and 1968. To that end, Pearl Harbor is not worth commemorating, only mourning the time period from which it came.

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