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DiversityWatch (April 20, 2022)


Great civilizations die by suicide.

When civilization succeeds, unity fails, since people are no longer working together for a goal but a method: enforce the existing ways that made society prosperous.

Instead of redoubling efforts to find a goal higher than simply having civilization, most civilizations turn to Control, or forcing the bad and good alike to behave as if they were good. This allows the bad to permeate the system.

Gatekeeping attempts like meritocracy, loyalty oaths, written religion, and bureaucracy do not restrain the decay. At some point they accelerate it, by showing the bad how to act good, at which point morons, incompetents, the corrupt, the careerist, and sycophants take over.

At this site, we focus not on conspiracy theories or normie rationalizations, but on the likely course of decay. That is: society loses focus, individualism takes over, and then it starts diversity to finish the job.

Individualists ultimately are possessed by an impulse to destroy everything but themselves. The loss of focus produces individualists, since when there is no goal, those who serve themselves first and only secondarily consider others, culture, nature, history, values, faith, and wisdom get ahead.

This means that our job is not to cheerlead for the GOP or the NSDAP, but to fix individualism in Western Civilization by re-introducing a goal. In the meantime, we have to observe the increasingly destructive path of diversity as a means of refuting it, and with it, the equality that plagues us.



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