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One Way for Conservatives to Seize Power: Crash the Economy

The Left won everywhere it went because it focused on being unreasonable. It got in there and made itself such a problem that for anyone to do anything, they had to buy off the Left. Then like a tumor, slime mold, or fistula, it grew and gradually consumed everything else.

The Right suffers because we are the Old Dads of the political spectrum. People rely on us to make stuff work; when we deviate into symbolic quests like anti-abortion, we lose because we have left behind our core competency.

Old Dads do not like wrecking things. They watch the kids smash everything up, then try to salvage what is left and rebuild. Once they have done this and are tired, the kids come back, seize control, and start beating everything to splinters again.

Perhaps the Right can learn from the Left: we will only be powerful if we wield the ability to destroy. Once we are destroyers, everyone will have to pay the toll, and we can make our own side powerful instead of giving power to the Left.

The idea of a bank run tends to hit conservatives as a bit lukewarm. We all withdraw our money, and then… we are unlikely to get unity in the first, and in the latter, the banks probably will survive. Even more, the small banks will die and the big will get bigger, leaving us with fewer options.

Another strategy might be forcing government shutdown. This seems to inconvenience Leftists the most while conservatives go on as normal. Powerful conservatives in Congress could achieve this and hold it long enough for Leftists to run out of savings.

The most dramatic hits to our economy however come from consumer spending. If boycotting Budweiser for having some weird dude acting like a woman be their brand ambassador works, how about a total boycott on all unnecessary spending? This can be done anonymously and is infectious because it is easy and powerful.

With even a slight decline in consumer spending for six months, the American economy would begin to implode. The PC industry hovers near death because a quarter of the people who normally bought PCs stopped doing so; imagine this across the board.

When it ran into financial trouble, Silicon Valley started firing its least useful people first. This sent a lot of Leftists and activists home without any money for their weekly spa sessions and bike lock spending sprees.

A general boycott of consumerism could send the Biden economy, which is already weak, into a stage of total crisis. This would then make conservatives the force to be reckoned with, and give us entry to take power, remove Leftists, and start working on transformative fixes.

Transformative fixes refer to those which so thoroughly remove the implements of power used by the opposition that they cannot be used again. Removing laws and programs would be a start, and ending the 14A should be an intermediate goal.

Even more, we could fire anyone associated with the DNC or its octopus of allies in NGOs and international organizations. Clean house, bankrupt the Leftist base, and start again with a minimal government.

If that succeeded, we could start talking about a more traditional society, since obviously this liberalized one went off the rails. First, however, we must wield the power to destroy, and be unafraid to crash this mess so that we can sweep it aside and start anew.

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