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Democrats Announce Intention To Rig Election


Speaking through their official statistical mouthpiece, the often-fawned-over Nate Silver, Democrats announced that the official narrative view of reality is that the election will go to Clinton with 87% of the vote.

Since this information clashes with everything we have seen so far, including the yuge crowds at Trump events, this announcement serves two purposes: first, to demoralize the enemy, which is how they see us and therefore how we should see them; second, it gives them something to point to after the election so they can claim the ludicrous results were “anticipated.”

Who knows what method they will use to forge the vote? Mail-in votes worked well in Austria; in many American states, apparently, you can show up to vote without ID, and therefore a committed Leftist activist could vote a dozen times. Do that with even ten thousand people per state and the results get radically skewed.

Democrats have missed an obvious fact here, however. If the election turns out contrary to reality, the country will implode. Whether by revolution or people simply sabotaging everything they control, it will unravel and collapse like the Soviet system did because it has lost all legitimacy and its most productive citizens perceive that it is actively trying to destroy them.

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