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Equality Means Lies Become “Truth”


We live in a unique form of hell. It is hell because all of it is lies, which you cannot tell by focusing on any one point, but by stepping back and seeing the whole. What is its purpose? What is our experience? Where do we find goodness in it, and is it real goodness? Those questions remove the covers from the void.

Our time is hell because we are empty, and lacking purpose we lack any notion of goodness, so we tend toward default human-monkey behaviors and cover them up with fancy words and pretentious ideals. We got to this state because we have made lies legitimate as truth, and as a result, lies have become more competitive than truth and have taken over every detail of our civilization.

Equality makes lies equal to truth. That is its goal: to avoid discomfort or mental inconvenience on the part of those who are not naturally gifted like the aristocrats. When all people are included regardless of their opinions or the outcome of their actions, lies no longer disqualify them, which means that liars and truth-tellers are both accepted.

To an economist, or even someone who observes the flow of fluids at different pressures, it becomes clear that equality creates a perverse incentive: telling a lie is easier than telling the truth, and also more popular, so if there are no consequences — because lies and truth are equal — then telling lies is the easier path to truth.

Further, because equality constitutes denial of reality, it creates uncertainty. People want to believe it, but have doubts, so they go on a perpetual search for confirmation. This establishes a market for writings, speeches, promises, art, and music that echo the bias of the audience back to it. Again, lies are rewarded and truth demoted.

Throughout human history, the harbinger of destruction has been the notion that “it sounded like a good idea at the time.” Equality sounds like a good idea to us, because it eliminates the struggle for survival and the differences between people, so “in theory” we will all just work together. In reality, it rewards the worst among us by refusing to acknowledge the best, and in doing so, guarantees we will be ruled by the worst.

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