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Conservation, Including Of Race, Is About Love, Not Hate

It seems that discontent is spreading, and spilling over into the news:

“I’m sorry but the media is biased. And they’re gonna paint us as haters and racists and all of that but that’s not what this is all about.” said Scott Lacy with the Aryan Renaissance Society.

It is all about whether you can believe in something bigger than yourself. Some call it nihilism to believe only in yourself, following Fred Nietzsche’s formulation, but others call it by what it is: a collapse into self, a narcissism and solipsism, or just individualism taken to its logical conclusion: the Ego comes before all else.

Nationalism is a form of conservatism. Conservatives “conserve” excellence by honoring the methods that have produced the best results over time, instead of formulating an ideology or conjecture about how things should be in order to satiate their inner personal needs. Conservatives exceed the self.

As the West spirals downward into (the usual) Leftist oblivion, it becomes clear to many of us that there are two groups in this society: those who think of nothing but themselves, which we might call “participants,” and those who aspire to something larger — family, excellence, race, God, culture, civilization and ideas — which makes them lose the prison of the self for at least a few moments, and get closer to seeing reality.

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