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What Is The Alternative Right?


The mainstream right failed, which was a good thing because the mainstream right had become a Leftist hybrid, believing in using right-wing methods to spread left-wing ideals of egalitarianism worldwide. Ironic as it was that the post-Soviet world Leftist crusade came from right-wing parties, they were more effective than the left owing to more effective right-wing methods and appeal to normal people.

As this nightmare came to pass, people realized the grim truth. When Francis Fukuyama proclaimed “the end of history,” he meant it was the end of the line for the West — Leftism had won, co-opted capitalism and morality, and become a force which would never let go until it reduced the first world to a third-world state.

That in turn launched a revitalized Right, which realized that it had reached the final stage of a process that would either be successfully opposed, or lights out for Western Civilization. Since the best writers of the West had warned of this for centuries, present-day political activism and a desire to reverse decline overlapped.

This gave birth to the Alternative Right, which is best summarized as “right wing views which are not hybridized with the Left like public right-wingers are forced to be,” with a few tenets:

  • Nationalism. This is where the Right has always clashed with the Left: the Left defines nations by politics, where the Right uses the historical definition of related groups of people indigenous to a land. The Left is anti-nationalism because it endorses equality as a means of replacing cultural standards (culture, values, morality, religion, heritage) with an all-encompassing drive to realize the Utopian egalitarian State.

  • anti-Cathedralism. The traditional Right opposes centralization and the replacement of natural developments with human intentions, which it sees as fallible and linked to evil because of the weakness of most people and any people assembled in groups. The cabal of media, corporate and government interests that is the Cathedral depends on the ideological basis of government for its legitimacy.

  • some Traditionalism. Tradition is the essence of conservatism: conserve what achieved the best results in the past. It sees the world as a single thing of which there are many interpretations arriving at the same eternal truths. This includes many diverse methods such as chastity, patriarchy, masculinity, transcendentalism, and humility.

  • Human Biodiversity. When looking at humans in any way, think like nature: biology first, then how you can educate/brainwash (same difference) them, force them to comply with laws and incentives, or otherwise control people. You cannot control people. Heritage is all, not just at the level of race, but ethnicity, class, caste, family and individual.

Beyond that, there is not much agreement other than general anti-egalitarian feeling, including various degrees of anti-democratic sentiment. Alt-Righters tend to cluster in groups favoring one of the above, so that some are more Orthosphere/Traditionalist, some more Anarcho-Capitalist, some more Nationalist, and some paleoconservative, or Nationalist Libertarians. Those subdivide, with some nationalists coming from the original Nationalist/völkisch tradition, others more National Socialist, some White Nationalist and some more like Republican Nationalists.

To this fertile brew, those of us who are both inside and on the sidelines often throw in other wisdom of the ages, such as the following brief summary of the ascendant viewpoint on the tragedy of modernity:

The problem with humanity is individual humans.

It is not government; it is not ideology; it is not Hitler or Satan. It is individual humans. They always find someone or something to blame, but that is a lie. The problem is that too many people are individualistic to the point of denying reality, a condition we call solipsism.

This takes us back to the Greek ideal, which is seeing hubris — or rising above one’s place in a natural hierarchy by moral character and ability — as the primary evil of humankind, and the destroyer of civilization. Like all effective evils, it takes many forms, and the form is always pleasing to lure in the unwary, which is why pleasant-sounding ideas like egalitarianism, tolerance, diversity, inclusion and pluralism are the cloak of evil in the current era.

If we rank political beliefs on a realism scale, the Alternative Right is higher than mainstream conservatism, which is why it styles itself as an “alternative”: it can say what the mainstream politicians cannot because our Left-shifted society refuses to acknowledge those truths or tolerate their expression in any form.

The Alternative Right faces a great hurdle, which is that history is consistent and throughout history, Rightist movements have been quickly assimilated into Leftism because the people coming into them use Leftist assumptions as a method of applying Rightist beliefs. Therein can be found a critique of National Socialism, Fascism and White Nationalism: mass-murder, suppression and total state control are a Leftist gig.

However, a trap lies in that statement, which is that it makes people raised in Leftist communities tend to turn toward virtue signaling, or using symbolic statements in place of practical ones. Virtue signaling is a social phenomenon. People say what makes others think they are harmless plus altruistic, therefore they feel encouraged to include those people in their social groups and the nepotistic benefits conveyed from within.

To avoid these pitfalls, the Alternative Right must concentrate its forces on practical demands. These involve abstract goals like the four pillars, but also practical “roadmaps” to getting there, such as instituting a cultural shift toward the Right in the wake of Donald Trump cucking the Cathedral and the mainstream right.

Waves crest. If the Alternative Right does not seize its own momentum, which it has gained through parallel evolution with movements like the New Right and Neoreaction, by stating a clear set of goals, it will dissolve into the usual internet bickering and real-life grandstanding that destroyed the mainstream right. Luckily it seems to be taking steps toward that end as its internal dialogue reaches some highly sensible conclusions.

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