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Cold War redux as US and Russia fight for control over former satellite countries

After Warsaw and Washington announced the agreement on the deal last week, top Russian Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn warned that Poland is risking attack, and possibly a nuclear one, by deploying the American missile defense system, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported.

The U.S. already has reached an agreement with the government in Prague to place the second component of the missile defense shield — a radar tracking system — in the Czech Republic, Poland’s southwestern neighbor and another formerly communist country.


Former Soviet satellite countries, still stinging only 18 years after the demise of the USSR, are now free to choose their allies – just as Americans are free to choose McDonalds or Burger King, Republican or Democrat, Coke or Pepsi. Since liberal democracy is still continuing its relentless march across the globe, countries like Poland and the Czech Republic figure, “why not?”, as Russia attempts to rope in as many former satellites as possible for what will surely be yet another interesting Cold War, watched on TV by millions.

The US is spreading its military resources too thin across the globe. Because wars will eventually be fought by machines, troops aren’t as much of an issue as funding, and since half our tax dollars go to military purposes, it’s no surprise that our government feels confident in its ability to “defend itself” against the “threats” imposed by countries such as North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Iran, and maybe even China someday. Our consumer culture – working more, paying more income taxes, funding insane wars – feeds the war machine; it’s no wonder the government couldn’t care less about the health of its own citizens in favor of tax dollars.

Cold War II is upon us, and if you’re foolish enough to believe that a puppet like Barack Obama can “change” that, you haven’t been paying attention.

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