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Another media member believes that we should all blend into one grey race

So what explains the persistent drumbeat about the impending white minority? A statistical distortion: the exclusion of Hispanic whites. If only non-Hispanic whites are counted, the white population today amounts to 66 percent of the total, and will hit around 46 percent by 2050.

But excluding whites of Hispanic origin from the overall white population makes no more sense than excluding whites of Slavic or Scandinavian origin. “Hispanic” is not a race. It is an ethnic category. As the Census Bureau repeatedly points out, Hispanics can be of any race.

With a little luck, common sense, and goodwill, it will seem as odd in 2050 to focus on “non-Hispanic whites” as it would today to insist that only “non-German whites” are really white.

Better still, perhaps by then we will have really progressed, and abandoned the pernicious notion of racial categories altogether.


That’s a great idea, Mr. Jacoby: let’s get rid of all ethnic and racial classifications and blend into one grey race! Interesting how he doesn’t define race at all in his op-ed.

Mr. Jacoby doesn’t realize that regardless of how you classify Hispanics, including them in some bullshit statistic doesn’t solve any of the problems that are made evident by the media “panic” ensuing over the obvious demographic challenges this country faces in the years ahead. It’s easy to sit there and say “well, if we move Hispanics over to the classification as white, we’re all set – no reason to complain!”

I’d love to see him tell people in Europe, Africa, South America, or Asia that we can now abandon the idea of race altogether; that the Chinese and Japanese should just get along and move freely within borders; that the Russians and Ukraines should shake hands and eat at the same table daily; that Arab Muslims invading and overtaking Europe are really all part of the same race so why bother worrying about where the population growth is coming from.

Race = culture (of course it’s more complex than that but bear with me). You can’t scientifically define race, not really (besides a few genetic markers here or there which manifest themselves more as a result of geographic location in a population over long periods of time which has seen little immigration – see Iceland), and that’s why race is such a moving target in the Census, not because of how people categorize this or that population. Mr. Jacoby is attempting to head off those who would claim that Hispanics are not whites by stating it’s just a label on a piece of paper and nothing more. Culture shouldn’t be defined in such shallow terms; our multicultural society is afraid of obvious differences and is now attempting to rope everyone together via the lowest common denominator: “we all have DNA, so we’re all part of the human race, no other distinctions exist”.

How many Hispanics would call themselves white? Ever hear the term “gringo”? Even Hispanics – a cross-breed of native Central and South American populations and Spanish settlers – would admit that most whites in the United States, mostly of strictly European decent, are an entirely different race from Hispanics. It’s absurd to say otherwise, not because people who defend that viewpoint are “racist” and “intolerant”, but because of clear cultural differences. Ignoring reality by shuffling around categories on a piece of paper misses the larger point – that our nation is undergoing demographic shifts that has resulted in a grey race of half-breeds who can’t agree on anything except money, arguing about Democrat vs. Republican, Coke vs.Pepsi, which Batman actor was best, etc. When you have no culture, no history, and no values left, it’s easy to say “we’re all the same”, because we are – no distinction between populations is a bad thing, as history shows the strongest cultures were those that were the least cosmopolitan, but since it’s politically incorrect to say so, everyone just hides their heads in the sand and waits for the next TV program to air.

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