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Clinging To Our Guns And Religion

The last few years have shown the mainstream Right catching up to halfway where I was in the early 1990s, which is to recognize that “diversity” is demographic replacement so that our Leftist enemies can take over and rule in perpetuity.

Slowly, very slowly, the underground Right has begun to face the fact that when it endorses National Socialism or Neoconservatism, it is not aiming to change anything, only slightly alter the face. Both of those continue the race toward civilization decay.

Let us look at the social scene as it is now.

Systems induce conformity and breed weaklings because people respond to the System instead of reality. Consequently, our winners now are basically nerds who are still self-assertive enough to try to do things right instead of listening to the herd.

The herd consists of the people who might have been middle class or working class, but now are just regular denizens of Springfield, trying to make it through with do-nothing jobs and consumerism, hoping that they can get enough social cred to have friends and family.

Democracy has done a number on the herd. Where once they were inclined toward disobedience, now they are utterly conformist to pop culture and the system, which seem to be working in parallel toward the same end: everyone is important, we are all one.

Clueless people look for someone to blame for this philosophy, like The Jews™ or the billionaires, and while these groups seem active, this blame does not trace the philosophy to its roots: it is the ideology of class warfare, or the many poor and dumb rising up against the naturally talented.

When a society succeeds, people stop doing the adapt to reality thing and start doing the conform to the System thing. The more System you have, the less reality you have; the more this happens, the more you produce people who can do nothing but conform.

Eventually, the masses outnumber their leaders and through the magic of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, have no idea what is required for leadership. The masses invent their own theory — accept everyone, spread the wealth, forget the future — and run the civilization into self-destruction.

Barack Obama accused us of being ignorant masses “clinging to their guns and religion,” but as the old saying goes, the Leftist cries out as he strikes you. Obama is projecting: the Left are clinging to their ignorance and scapegoating, concealing a fear of reality.

If humans demonstrate any behavior consistently, the refusal to update our thinking to reflect changes in reality might be a candidate. People do not like to change in the sense of recognizing things beyond their control, and instead prefer to control others, creating the illusion of human desires being more real than reality. Systems just give them a powerful method of doing this.

At this point, history has arced and the Left finds itself playing defense because Western Civilization has shifted consistently to the Left over the past millennium. Sure, we have occasional Reagans and Trumps, but overall, the arc of history has bent to the Left, as Obama said.

Unfortunately for him, this arc proves to be temporary, being merely the bottom part of the civilization cycle. Civilizations start out by adapting to reality, then gradually adapt to themselves instead, eventually becoming anti-realistic, and then decaying until they reach third-world status.

We have basically hit third-world status here in the West; we cannot trust experts, leaders, and official titles because we have no cultural unity and no sense of reality outside of the human sphere, so everyone is manipulating each other for their own advantage alone.

This means that we are in the “dark” part of the civilization cycle, having become totally separated from anything like a sane assessment of reality, and living by repeating the same illusions to each other so that we can have some semblance of unity and coordination.

Leftists find themselves clinging to these illusions like a religion. Your average middle class American Leftist does not believe much of what he says, but he says it in order to avoid change, both of himself which he fears, and of the System, which he fears will become even less stable.

We also face a void in the area of religion itself, since purely symbolic belief systems like dualism fail in the face of science and history; in addition, people increasingly want nothing to do with foreign religions from the middle east. We need something homebrew.

Conservatives — perhaps the most confused group! — have no idea what we are conserving, but the answer is simple and shocking: we are conserving something that does not exist right now, mainly society during its era of sanity and health. We are trying to re-create our ruined civilization as a functional one.

This makes progressives and Leftists the defenders of decline and conservatives the advocates for change. Our change carries a simple core. We want realism. That is, we want to get out of the human mental ghetto and the System, and pay attention to what works in reality.

This faces much resistance because your average prosperous person has made his money by pandering to the dying system and its consumer zombies, and your average struggling person fears that what little he has will go away if any change comes over the horizon.

For this reason, we cannot separate wealth from morality. Our ways need to both do right by reality, and provide for good living to those who do right. It must reward the productive and ignore the unproductive, since the latter will never vote for it or support it anyway.

Our battle consists of overthrowing prole-rule, or democracy and mass equality, to replace it with realism, which rewards the talented and penalizes the unproductive. “Productivity” in this case means producing wealth, culture, leadership, or even volunteering to clean the church steps.

Most people will do nothing but what is demanded of them, and do so grudgingly and of poor quality, because this is how they are genetically wired. These are the proles, and any sane society oppresses these people because if left to their own devices, they consume everything and leave nothing functional.

The alternative Right ushered itself into the dustbin of history not with Charlottesville but its support of socialism, which like unions and equality, seeks to reward the unproductive along with the productive. That means more of the same decay that we have seen and no one wants that.

For us to move forward, we must stop clinging to the idea that everyone is valuable, and stop fearing reality itself. These are big changes, and so they must take place on the most sacred battleground of all, within our hearts. Change is the hardest thing that we can do.

The Right has caught up to many things we understood in the past, but the greatest battle lies before us. We must change culturally from a dying civilization toward a rising one, and this happens in souls long before it will manifest in reality.

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