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“Climate Change” Hides The Real Issue

Conservatives get a lot of flak for opposing “progress.” When progress was first announced to us, it meant replacing a network of gentle towns with mega-cities where people worked in pointless jobs. Then it became political. Someday it will mean turning ourselves into neutered, artificial beings who relish life in the machine.

Progress means the conversion of humanity into what is convenient for the herd, which always means more money and fewer social standards. It can be expressed in markets or anti-markets, such as socialism, or even through social influences alone. Herd behavior carries the day when we lack strong, far-sighted leaders.

We call it “progress” to hide it in the shadow of technology or political change, but really, it is breakdown. It removes the intricate layers of natural systems and interactions which, like an ecosystem, make a human society function. It replaces a life of understanding with a life of compliance.

Currently, the people who brought us Progress 1.0 are complaining that adoption of industry has created “climate change,” a global phenomenon caused by high carbon dioxide levels. Those same factories and cities that the progressians wanted have now brought us massive worldwide pollution, apparently.

The solution offered, of course, proves as unreasonable as progress itself. They want us to relinquish our industrial power so that the third world can have it. Then, they want us to try to limit our carbon footprint by buying special ineffectual products like Priuses and EnergyStar compliant refrigerators.

For us realists, futurism takes a place on our list of desired ideals. We want to always embrace greater power, but never let the “tail wag the dog” by having us become the servants of technology. We opposed progress because it placed technology first, and naturalistic human life second, if it even ranked at all.

We can have technology without destroying ourselves but it requires that we limit it and that requires that we have a hierarchy. In such a social order, the intelligent rule over the rest, and apply technology where it is not destructive. You might not have Facebook, but you would have an internet.

Climate change turns out to be a fiction but the worst kind of fiction: propaganda, or that which covers up an obvious fact with a mythology of scapegoating and victimhood. This is used to control people. In the myth, climate change was caused by our greed and the solution is to self-destruct.

Despite numerous setbacks, the climate change agenda — favored by the Left and their compliant media — has ramped up with the announcement that all time heat records are being set across the world, which sounds dire so our ears perk up:

“All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week,” reports the Washington Post, in an article titled “Red-Hot Planet,” which they’ve updated throughout the week with new all-time heat records.

From the normally mild summer climes of Ireland, Scotland and Canada to the scorching Middle East to Southern California, numerous locations in the Northern Hemisphere have witnessed their hottest weather ever recorded over the past week…. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports the heat is to blame for at least 54 deaths in southern Quebec, mostly in and near Montreal, which endured record high temperatures. In Northern Siberia, along the coast of the Arctic Ocean — where weather observations are scarce — model analyses showed temperatures soaring 40 degrees above normal on July 5, to over 90 degrees…

On Thursday, Africa likely witnessed its hottest temperature ever reliably measured. Ouargla, Algeria soared to 124.3 degrees (51.3 Celsius). If verified, it would surpass Africa’s previous highest reliable temperature measurement of 123.3 degrees (50.7 Celsius) set July 13, 1961, in Morocco. No single record, in isolation, can be attributed to global warming. But collectively, these heat records are consistent with the kind of extremes we expect to see increase in a warming world.

…Last July several U.S. cities experienced their hottest month ever, including Reno, Salt Lake City, and Miami. And Death Valley, California maintained an average temperature of 107.4 degrees for an entire month, the hottest month ever recorded on [E]arth. “The temperature didn’t fall below 89 degrees at any point in the month of July at Death Valley,” reports the Washington Post, adding “On three nights, the ‘low’ temperature was 102-103 degrees.”

Translation: we’re all gonna die!

Of course, the Leftist mind — fundamentally disorganized and thus, solipsistic — adores a disaster story. If the world is ending, the Left has a good excuse to do whatever venal, greedy, selfish, destructive, promiscuous, or corrupt notions that have fascinated its insane little mind. Thus disaster stories are like party invites to them.

In reality, however, there are some problems with this Narrative.

First, the data is cherry-picked. If the data said that every city on Earth was experiencing hotter temperatures, it would make sense that some climate change has occurred; however, the Left edited “global warming” to “climate change” when it became necessary to claim that only some cities would experience warming because the data showed many places had become colder.

Next, we are led to make the assumption that somehow this relatively limited data means worldwide warming that is also of a human nature, and not cyclic. Climate change is a constant on planet Earth, with ice ages and warmer ages cycling through.

Finally, we come to what is being hidden here: local effects. If cities are experiencing hot weather, the most likely culprit is the cities themselves. Same goes for areas with lots of industry or that inherit air flow or weather patterns from those cities.

When you take a natural area, cover most of it in concrete, stick in a whole bunch of things that make heat and smoke, and then have people wandering around generating body heat and methane (and for most of them, little else) then it gets warmer.

Add to this the inability of water to be absorbed by the ground since it is all covered in concrete, and the reflection of heat from that concrete which pushes jet streams away from the city, and you have a reason for surging temperatures.

That narrative does not flatter the Left, who have only one idea which is egalitarianism, or the notion that people are “equal” or should be equal, whatever that means. If people are equal, everyone should be able to do whatever they want without suffering consequences, which leads to endless growth.

If you ever wonder why Leftism is endorsed by third-world people and first-world life failures, this is it. People who are succeeding do not need to be told that they are equal; people who are miserable, perverse, unhappy, or otherwise broken need reassurance that they will be just fine even if they do awful or selfish things.

American cities are marked by “sprawl” as people move in to where the money is and the city grows, prompting its original residents to flee to the tree-lined suburbs. The amount of concrete increases rapidly. Then, floods happen, such as in Houston, and shortly afterward, people notice it is getting warmer.

Instead of admitting that humanity has overgrown itself because it adopted a philosophy of “do whatever you want” instead of having a goal and focusing on that, neurotics want to blame “climate change” so that everyone is forced to live miserably in order that we can have more and more people.

If the twenty-first century has a guiding idea, it is that Leftism leads to uncontrolled bloat and collapse. Whenever Leftist ideals are realized, they create dystopia and eventual destruction of whoever adopted them. If we want to avoid these roasting cities, skipping out on Leftism would be a good first step.

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