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Class Warfare Divided The West

In an age when civilization is dying, humans separate into two groups: denialists and realists. The denialists come in many diverse flavors and want to keep from admitting that something has gone horribly wrong, where the realists recognize that a disaster has occurred and are searching for ways to describe it and counteract it.

Leaving aside the denialists for a moment, we can see how realists face a difficult path. We attempt to diagnose what went wrong so that we can go back to that point, stop the dysfunctional behavior, and replace it with something that will not lead us down either our current wrong path or any of the others we know from history.

Imagine someone lost in a forest. He takes one path, and finds a dead end, so he re-traces his steps. The next five paths are the same way, so he goes back to the clearing where he started. He takes a sixth path and since there is no dead end, he keeps following that path.

On that sixth path, he finds that he passes many turnoffs and side-paths along the way, but he keeps trekking down the widest and most well-worn path because that seems like it is most likely to lead out. However, the sixth path — although it does not lead to a dead end, at least yet — appears instead to be taking him even farther into the forest.

At this point, he can start backtracking and see which of those side-paths might have something more useful for him. Or, seeing as how they are offshoots of this path that leads deep into the forest, and he seeks to get out of the forest, he might backtrack all the way to the start and take another path instead.

We are all looking for that seventh path and by implication, also looking for where it branched off. We want to get to a starting point and reverse what we have done for the past few centuries at least, since that is non-functional and dystopian, and instead get to a path that leads away from all of the mistakes we have encountered so far.

If we want to see where we went wrong, we need look no further than class warfare, something which the Right refuses to mention even as the Left advances it. Class warfare occurs when the lower-echelon people, who are quite numerous, bind together into a mob and seize power from the higher-echelon people. It is one of the stages of the demise of a civilization.

While we can point to some higher-echelon people — wealthy, educated, talented — who are clearly bad, in general those with more intellect and abilities prove to be better leaders than a mob, or even a lower-echelon person. There is no shame in any job, but those who handle single simple functions are not suited for leadership. This is taboo to say out loud anywhere now.

We may hate our “elites” now, but it is important to note that these elites were created by class warfare; these are the people that the mob likes, not the ones it fears. The ones it fears are natural elites, high in “force of intellect” and “force of moral character,” who are not motivated by a desire for money, but a desire to do good for the world beyond themselves (and themselves as well, secondarily).

In sane times, natural elites dominate, and they tend to end up in the upper classes because they are selected for ability instead of entrepreneurship. Their main role is to hold property and keep it from falling into the hands of the herd, who will promptly create a consumerist/egalitarian dystopia like the one we see outside our windows today.

Natural elites, then, stand as an obstacle to greed, growth, and exploitation. We blame capitalism for these things, but we really should blame the lack of hierarchy that leads to mob rule, because the mob always wants a lottery (“I might win big!”) in preference to stability, sanity, and health. They are thinking that they might win, and disregarding the consequences on everyone else.

When we look at this ruined world, where everything is incompetent and corrupt, we are seeing what happens when the mob gains power. The lower echelons — proles, serfs, plebs, helots, drones, slaves — oust those who can tell the difference between good and bad, declare good and bad to be “equal,” and then proceed to promote the new mediocre dystopia as somehow “revolutionary.”

Other than Trump, Farage, and a handful of others, none of the talking heads that have graced my screens have come across as anything other than incoherent. They churn up enough of the right clichés and conventional responses to things to make people think them competent, then offer simplistic solutions that are easy enough for the armchair activist voters.

If we want to go back and find path seven, we have to admit that our society went down a bad path with class warfare. Our serfs, in concert with our shopkeepers and merchants, overthrew our aristocracy. This created our modern form of society, the “republic,” in which either a dictator or democracy determines outcomes, with great randomness in both cases.

We are still in the grips of this. Our thinking assumes the uniformity or at least equality of people on a basic level, when in reality people vary by class, family, and individual. An upper middle class person is more intelligent and capable than a lower middle class person; why is this controversial?

When we understand this in the context of a shared goal, it becomes less frightening. Our goal is to create a great civilization; all of us are working toward that end, and when we are in the right place, that benefits all of us. Having the smart guy in charge of leadership helps us all, just like having the best plumber possible on call benefits everyone.

Western Civilization took a wrong path. Instead of promoting those that are best through a system known as hierarchy, we engaged in class warfare, and allowed our proles and merchants to overthrow those who knew better.

Since that time, everything has gone wrong for us, for the simple reason that we have peasants doing the job that requires a king. Angela Merkel is a peasant. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are peasants. Emmanuel Macron is a peasant. Claude Juncker is a peasant. The Clintons are peasants.

Very few people catch the vital truth, which is that class and caste are inbuilt to us, and not arbitrary as some libertarians claim:

But you may search through all his writings to learn what a “class” was without ever finding out. In fact, “classes” don’t exist in nature. It is our thinking—our arranging in categories—that constructs classes in our minds.

Libertarians are Communists. If Communism is the ultimate expression of individualism through egalitarianism, libertarianism is just Communism that is only 20% loaded. Classes exist in nature, as proven by the bell curve:

Human intelligence and other abilities follow a bell curve. In any population, there are a few high performers, a few low performers, and a whole bunch of people in the middle who are varying shades of adequate. This means that divisions like class are as natural as the divisions of the musical scale.

Those on the far right of this scale are the upper middle class, those on the right side of the middle are the middle class, and those on the left are the lower middle class and working class, with a few on the far left who are simply incapacitated by stupidity. Caste and class are innate to human groups.

They say that to find out who rules over you, just look at who you cannot criticize. We might add: or what you cannot mention. Class war seems to be missing from all mainstream political discussion, and even the underground. When do we discuss that people are not equal, and that people have different roles?

The Enlightenment™ placed the human individual before the order of the divine, culture, logic, nature, or reason. It was a celebration of “man as the measure of all things,” which resulted in the dominance of the left side of the bell curve over the right side. This class revolt threw the West into the unstable spin in which it still resides, unstable but not yet dead.

If our movement to restore Western Civilization is going to get anywhere, it must embrace and not reject class. Leftists reject class; Rightists embrace it, and attempt to make sure that only the good people rise to higher echelons. Class warfare got us into this mess, and any denial of caste simply perpetuates that class warfare and hastens our defeat.

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