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Periscope (November 15, 2018)

  • It’s the Ocasio-Cortez party now — Nancy Pelosi is just leading it

    In a society which as a fundamental problem, which means the type of problem that can end it, the people immediately split into two groups: denialists and realists. Denialists walk to talk about anything other than the big problem; they like scapegoats, deflections, distractions, symbolic realities, and socially-pleasing dialogue. Realists want to look at the big problem instead of any secondary problems, symptoms, or tangents. By definition, denialists are the less mentally and morally competent because they are denying a real problem by chasing pleasant illusions instead. Leftists are all denialists; being less competent, they thought that if they imported the third world, they would get people who permanently voted Leftist. They did, sort of, but they forgot that these groups will vote for their own first. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows us what minority-majority rule in our cities does, which is that third world people vote for third world candidates, and they do not need white people, Leftist or not. At this point, the only sane thing to do is to throw out all the denialists and send all the third world people back home.

  • Facebook reportedly discredited critics by linking them to George Soros

    Time and time again, we see that our Big Tech “geniuses” are nerds who got lucky and who do not deserve power. Faceberg manipulated public opinion instead of improving its own activity, and seems to have had a messianic complex based on its own importance in the “arc of history,” sort of like Leftists. In fact, in many ways, it resembles the Soviet Union: a single right way of doing things, based on what the herd wants, subsidized until the point where it became revealed as empty, and then falling apart.

  • The country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?

    We want two different countries. The Left wants Socialism, and the Right wants Social Darwinism. Since these views are incompatible, we have reached permanent gridlock, and that is the legacy of the 2018 elections. America can no longer exist in its current form. Shockingly, this was what the Confederates predicted would happen if dumb geek Abraham Lincoln went ahead with his plan for a unified ideological nation.

  • NeverTrump’s Billionaire Leftist Benefactors

    Republican anti-Trump resistance was funded by the Left. In other words, there are too many traitors on the Right who take money to do fundamentally Leftist things and act for the benefit of the Left. Next up: they are going to find Paul Ryan as one among them.

  • Feds Collect Record Taxes in October; Still Run $100B Deficit

    Average democracy citizen asks, “How can we have so many of the moneys but so much of the debt?” The answer is that 60% of this money gets spend on benefits paid directly to citizens, which is part of the Leftist wealth transfer regimen that is part of their class warfare agenda. End that and we will be solvent in no time. Most Americans do not know this.

  • U.S. Postal Service posts loss, even as package deliveries rise

    The postal service has been a government hiring program for decades, used to advance the affirmative action agenda which meant hiring more minorities, women, and other “disadvantaged” (read: not successful in nature) populations. As a result, it had generous pensions and hired lots of not very useful third world people, and now it is in permanent bankruptcy because it had to hire lots of people to do jobs that one successful person could do, and now still has to pay their pensions. In other words, the postal service has collapsed for the same reason that Russia did, and the people who used it to implement their diversity agenda will never get blamed because the voters are fundamentally brainless and forget even recent history as soon as it happens.

  • Video shows group climbing border fence

    If you needed more proof that this whole “migrant caravan” was a photo opportunity for the Democrats, here it is. In the meantime, Trump has ensured that they will not get asylum, so when the photos are over and the ShareBlue checks are handed out, they will be going back home. That was probably always the plan, since Democrats are worried that the migrants will produce their own Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and take over the Left in America.

  • Dutch court blocks bid to ban blackface Black Pete character

    Leftists in power want to ban blackface character. Sane people notice that this character was introduced by anti-racists as a way to portray black people as helpful. However, Leftists are pathological like worms and cannot stop themselves, so they demand more attention and of course more funds to investigate. At what point do we realize that “racism” does not exist because people simply want to live among their own and notice genetic differences between groups, and that getting rid of diversity and Leftism ends all of the problems that they complain about?

  • Judge allows case against neo-Nazi publisher to proceed

    This is how they are going to work around free speech: “oh, well you incited people to act, so you’re responsible for those words as if they were actions.” Their goal is to police speech so that only Leftist speech is permissible, because that way everyone grows up indoctrinated and will not snap out of it until they are too old to do anything about it. For the Left, equality is the only good in life, and everything else must be sacrificed to the blood-god of ideology for that reason. In reality, Anglin whipped his readers into action, but what he did was no different than what the New York Times or Washington Post do every day, and the American legal justice system — designed, like Leftism, around defense of the underdog — will of course attack conservatives instead of liberals. In the meantime, however, Tanya Gersh is still a grifter who lost her real estate license for threatening Sherry Spencer with antifa protests… the exact crime of incitement that they are attacking Anglin for. We will have no peace or sanity until we rid ourselves of Leftism, equality, democracy, and diversity.

  • Voters received altered mail-in ballot forms in at least 4 counties, state says

    How to steal elections: make sure that the way your opposition votes becomes harder, and insist on anonymity so that you can then add as many votes as you want. The vital fact from this article is that certain forms were changed despite that being illegal, and that we now that the other side is thinking about how they can get ahead by altering election rules. This is as close as you will get to proof with the anonymous vote that we insist upon.

  • Brexit: Dominic Raab and Esther McVey among ministers to quit over EU agreement

    How the Establishment wants to sabotage Brexit: instead of relying on national sovereignty and withdrawing, they want a “deal” with the EU, which means that the EU is going to blackmail and manipulate them. In order to reach a peaceful agreement, the UK will have to make Brexit such a bad deal that exiting will not be worth it, which has been what the EU wanted to do all along. Of course, no one intelligent behaves that way, because now the EU has revealed that they really are the bad guys, which is going to trigger a string of defections.

  • Officials reject white supremacist rally at Stone Mountain during Super Bowl

    America enshrines the “heckler’s veto” as law: if the other side shows up to your political protests, and the other side engages in violence, it is somehow your fault. If we had any brains, we would allow these demonstrations to go on normally and stop trying to use police to protect against violence. That way, both sides would have to behave or risk open combat.

  • Protesters demanding ‘count every vote’ arrested in Georgia as governor’s race remains unsettled

    When you make a law against a certain kind of crime, you snare the people without conscious intent to commit that crime. For example, DUI laws mostly bust dads who accidentally drank an extra beer; the real drunks take back roads, do a line of coke to stay awake, and stay cagily ahead of the law. In the case of voting scams, the Democrats intended from day one to steal the vote and so they planned to erase and hide all of the evidence, which means we will not likely get a smoking gun, but these anomalous vote reversals show that some kind of deception is afoot, as is typical of the Left. Never concede an election to a Leftist opponent, and always demand voter ID with records that show which person cast which vote. That way, you can go through later and see if these votes correspond to real people or not. In our current election, too many votes have nothing to do with real people and everything to do with Democrats retaining power.

  • Tree planting in UK ‘must double to tackle climate change’

    Prole rule is so astoundingly stupid that none of us can wrap our heads around how dumb it really is. A century ago, aristocrats preserved large green belts across England as “hunting preserves” which meant that other than six times a year, the land was unused and stayed in its wild state. These green belts conserved wildlife and absorbed the pollution from cities that belched coal and wood smoke constantly. Once the Left took over, they taxed these aristocrats out of existence and then promptly used the green belts as new housing for their diversity programs and now, suddenly, the prole-idiots are finding out that this means environmental and ecological crises become the norm. No one can envision exactly how stupid and insane it would be when we allowed the mob, mostly composed of proles, to rule us, but now we see how it is both mind-bendingly idiotic and has no way of conceptualizing to itself how inept, corrupt, and blockheaded it is.

  • Irish outcry over teenager’s underwear used in rape trial

    More Leftist nonsense based on the idea that “consent” is something that happens in a moment and not through a pattern of behavior. If you go out cruising for sex, dress like you want sex, drink like you want sex, flirt like you want sex, and then sneak away with some dude as if you were ready for sex, suddenly withholding consent makes about as much sense as claiming an umbrella stops the rain from falling. The sane viewpoint here is to demand responsible behavior, which means that those who behave as if they want sex are assumed to be consenting, and they do not get a “get out of jail free card” where they can decide suddenly that they want no part of the whole adventure. That shifts all of the responsibility to the other side and gives women a weapon to use vindictively, as we see play out on a regular basis.

  • ‘You’re a terrorist,’ says note sent to 10-year-old Muslim schoolgirl in Massachusetts

    More diversity propaganda. Muslims and indeed any other groups than our founding group are here to conquer. They may not verbalize that, or even realize that, but this does not matter; results matter more than feelings. Not surprisingly, people do not want them here, but our 1860s-era government shift to Civil Rights means that we will defend that underdog against sanity, reality, intelligence, and history every damn time. And so, we grind on, fighting each other in denial of the obvious, until it destroys us and the Left can claim victory, steal everything they can, and move to Switzerland.

  • N.J. Democrats want to rewrite your kids’ school textbooks

    Leftists want to exclude all textbooks that do not contain diversity propaganda. This is typical leftist behavior (TLB) that is undoubtedly happening anywhere that they have this kind of influence.

  • ‘These missiles can reach Berlin,’ warns Lithuania’s foreign minister

    Russia may have been the first experience that Europe had with diversity. Formed of escaped German serfs who found enough Asian wives to be a quarter Chinese, the Russian population was always impoverished, ignorant, and unable to form an economy. This got worse under the Soviets, but has not fundamentally changed, so Russia now finds itself in a tough spot: between China and the West that China wants to conquer, with no working economy, and millions of angry Slavs sitting around drinking vodka and looking for something to destroy. As a result, Russia has embarked on Stalin-style saber-rattling, in part to drive the West into a defensive posture and in part to try to exact concessions from the West. Luckily for Putin, the Leftist useful idiots learned zero from climate change and adopted an anti-Russia policy, which ensured that the Right — traditionally the most vigilant on matters of security and defense — would ignore any threat from Russia, just like the rest of us are ignoring climate change simply because Leftists championed it and from experience, everything that they endorse turns out to be toxic.

  • Teen victim, mother speak out after alleged kidnapping by Uber driver

    “Why do cabs cost so much?” said the brilliant computer engineer. “A cab is just a car, driven by a person. Technology can make this cheaper.” They forgot that cabs are dispatched by companies who are bonded and limited in size by regulations so that every cab ride has a lot riding on it, which means that companies and their employees have strong incentives to filter out drivers who are bad. Even more, drivers must underdog a fair amount of training, which filters out most of the casuals. Uber has none of this and so the rising numbers of incidents should surprise no one. In the meantime, the extra money saved from a cab ride has gone to Big Tech and away from local areas, making everyone in those areas poorer and San Francisco richer. But who says that humans in herds behave like one giant collective moron?

  • Nearly 70% of women in Tokyo back single-sex train cars, survey finds

    Segregation works. It separates groups who have an incentive to prey on one another, and gives each a place where it can be healthy and happy. Integration fails, because instead of order, you have constant competition that brings out the worst in everyone, and no one gets what they need.

  • Fewer foreign students coming to United States for second year in row, survey finds

    America oversold itself during the Obama years, and now that corrective measures are happening and the endless free stuff has gone away, the parasites are staying away. This is just a start; now we need to deport everyone, legal or illegal, who is or was an immigrant from a non Western European country. Send them all home since diversity has failed and we do not want to destroy ourselves to make this Leftist program survive.

  • Financial Times tool warns if articles quote too many men

    When minority groups are small, they want tolerance; when they are large, they reveal what has been their actual demand all along, which is to take over. In the same way, when diversity programs are small, they insist that they are not quotas and that all they want to do is ensure that qualified candidates get promoted; when diversity programs are large, they reveal themselves as union-style quotas which ensure a permanent stream of parasites who want high-level salaries simply for being of the right ethnic, social, racial, cultural, religious, or sexual group.

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