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Change – No change


A single word sums up the leftist stance. That word is ‘ego’.
All for change, the leftist will stop at nothing to have things change.
Change, that is, from the way things are, into what they hope – and demand – things should be.
They want change, because they do not like the way things are. This is what leftists have in common with each other. A dislike of a life that does not cater solely to themselves as the center of that life.

But if they happen to like some particular thing that is, they will stop at nothing to have that thing stay the same. Suddenly change becomes a hateful thing. Only haters would change this thing that they are so attached to.

Ego demands everything be arranged to suit itself. Change, if it suits. No change, if it suits.
The leftist has a mantra that takes precedence over everything else:
“What I want”.

But in order to give this transparently selfish demand credibility, it gets morphed into:
“What we want”.

Unfortunately, the ‘we’ doesn’t include all those who don’t want it. They don’t count.

Change is a fact of life. Everything changes. This is good. As long as it happens by itself, in its own time. Start forcing change, however, and things start mysteriously going wrong, suggesting the need for more change, and then more, until nothing at all is remotely familiar, dependable, or serviceable, any more.

Change: leave it alone as much as possible, and adapt to it as it happens.
No change: be thankful for having the time to get used to the way things are, while knowing, with certainty, that it won’t last forever.

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