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  • Violent Mexican border city opens its doors to U.S. asylum seekers

    The US has begun repatriating illegal border crossers. Mexico is helping. Trumpism is (slowly) working, then again American government is known for slowly not-working, so this is an improvement.

  • Jai Shri Ram: The Hindu chant that became a murder cry

    Diversity works nowhere. In India, ethnically part-Arab/part-Indian Muslims clash with fully ethnically Indian Hindus. Acts of terror by Muslims have brought this to a breaking point, and as is usual in disputes, neither group is 100% good guy or 100% bad guy. Diversity always leads to this point.

  • Conspiracy theory about slain DNC staffer was planted by Russian intelligence, report finds

    Nonsense leftsplaining. That Seth Rich was murdered by not robbed, at a convenient point for him to disappear, made this one an instant “conspiracy theory.” The grim fact is that no one knows what happened to him or why, but even if we take most of the names off of the Clinton Death List, there are still an awful lot of coincidences.

  • Mueller’s Own Report Undercuts Its Core Russia-Meddling Claims

    Does Russia meddle? Probably. Is it significant? Probably not, and doubly probably not compared to the influence of American media, NGOs, and Chinese-funded sources. The Left is harping on Russia to conceal China.

  • Australia promises national vote on recognition of indigenous people by 2022

    This makes zero sense, since what we have in Australia are parallel societies, despite all attempts at “integration” (read: destruction of aborigine culture and replacement with modern generic non-culture). The Westerners who came to Australia built a great civilization, where the aborigines were content to live in their huts and gather bushmeat. The two are incompatible, and giving “the indigenous” a voice means only more of a shakedown for Australian voters.

  • China’s tech sector is staring at the possibility of its bubble bursting

    Trump promised to get us out of globalism; this is what it looks like. The USA is in a race for its life to become self-sufficient before the markets catch up with the failure of globalism back in 2008, at which point a lot of presumed value is going to get adjusted to zero, and massive losses will cause a cascade resulting in a lot of people having a lot of nothing in the bank. If the USA manages to make and consume its own stuff and export the excess, its economy will dominate the world and others will follow its lead. From that comes strong nationalism, albeit through a weird Libertarian route.

  • Ethnicity pay gaps in Great Britain: 2018

    This new analysis shows that employees of Chinese, Indian and Mixed or Multiple ethnicity all had higher median hourly pay than White British employees in 2018; while employees in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic groups had lowest median hourly pay.

    Immigration reduces salaries. The immigrants contain among them many working in the tech sector, so their wages get bumped up, while the native Britons are driven out by racial quota or affirmative action style policies. In the end, this means wealth transfer, and a decline in native Britons, who will have a Japan-style population crisis starting with their most intelligent workers.

  • $15 minimum wage would boost pay for 17 million workers, says CBO

    We can boost pay for workers by writing them checks, but all this means is that with artificial money floating through the system, the money will be able to buy less, so $15 will be the new $8. This means that middle class salaries effectively go down, since they will not be able to purchase as much. A realist view says that labor is worth what it produces, and that most of these jobs are not actually producing much in part because of high turnover and lower margins. Perhaps designing our society around “service industries” and fast food was not a smart idea. Instead of accepting this, we will write subsidies into law, driving up the cost of our labor and causing it to be replaced with illegals, automation, and offshoring.

  • Act removed from Du Quoin State Fair lineup

    “Confederate Railroad” is triggering, despite the band being non-political.

  • Decision to nix Pledge of Allegiance spurs ‘USA!’ chant at Minnesota city council meeting

    The amendment to the council’s rules was characterized as an effort to serve a more “diverse community.”

    Most people preferred the USA as it was before the 1990s when diversity really kicked in. They realize that we need a strong national identity in order to have values, standards, morals, behaviors, beliefs, and unity in common. Without those, the country continues disintegrating. And yet careerist keep social status signaling with these pro-diversity symbolic acts because most people are behind on the curve, and do not realize yet that they are championing the Clinton-Obama order and not what has replaced it.

  • As Trump closes US doors to migrants, Latin Americans look to Europe

    Dust off that copy of Camp of the Saints. If we do not stop all immigration, people will keep rolling the dice to get into richer countries. It is all about the money. To further end the problem, we would have to remove civil/human rights — the belief that government must make all people equal — and the affirmative action, entitlements state, and existing ethnic ghettos that draw immigrants to our societies. They outnumber us twenty to one, and if given a chance, they will all come here, and then we will never win any elections ever again — Left or Right — where the issue will benefit the natives instead of the immigrants. Reverse colonialism is toxic, where colonialism made these places richer.

  • Pelosi: Debt limit vote possible before August recess

    If we have a debt problem, why are we spending money on foreigners? If we have a debt problem, maybe we should look at the three-quarters of our budget that is eaten up by entitlements. If we do not address our spending, of which the military is about a fifth, we will go into default and experience the truly ugly scenario of having our money be worth a lot less.

  • The father who called police on a black man says he did not intend to target the man based on race

    The new normal of the semi-apology becomes real:

    “For my child’s safety, my safety and that of the building, I felt it was necessary to get help in this situation,” he said. “Furthermore, I’ve encountered trespassers in my building and we’ve been robbed several times. This is not uncommon in San Francisco and the bad actors are all different colors.”

    In reality, the black fellow “tailgated” or came in behind someone who had the door code, which is never a good sign. Legitimate visitors wait at the console, dial up the party they are visiting, and get buzzed in. Deviation from that is a suspect behavior, even if it is a white guy in a three-piece suit (in fact, he might be more suspicious, being possibly a lawyer).

  • ‘Flash mob’ of 60 teens loot, damage Pa. Walgreens: ‘Totally unacceptable’

    This is thinly-disguised racial and class conflict. The have-nots blame the haves, when the have-nots should blame their own behavior, and so they combine riot and crime and strike back at those who they assume just wandered into all this wealth. Diversity cannot be survived.

  • Top Russian Orthodox Church official says men more intelligent than women

    Roderick Kane argues that he is right. Maybe, maybe not, but different, unequal, yet complementary gender roles work better than trying to make everyone equal. When you think about it, equality means a great pool of people bickering and fighting over power, where hierarchy means paired privileges and duties appropriate to ability. Marx said, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” but really this applies more to hierarchy: those who have ability for each role serve in them, and this benefits everyone through a more competent civilization. Does anyone believe that our comical civilization is competent?

  • 1,250-mile road linking Europe to China given green light

    European politicians make American ones look like geniuses. Trying to avoid American influence, Europe has opened itself to Russia and China. China, in turn, intends to use these civilian overtures to advance its military interests. In a few generations, Europeans are going to be more Asiatic than European. Of course, this simply accelerates the backlash which is going to result in countries shutting themselves off to one another. “We are all one” was a fantasy, and when you pursue fantasies as reality, you end up creating a disaster and then people abandon your weird little project and go with what works. Nationalism allows us to collaborate without over-runing each other, mainly by excluding each other from our respective homelands. Understanding that requires a bit more thinking than the we-are-all-one neurotics can handle.

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