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Blood Will Out (#3)

On Monday, it will have been twenty-three years since Diana Spencer, who divided the English monarchy and produced two sons, neither of whom have married other aristocrats, died in a car crash in Paris. There will be much celebration of the People’s Princess, as she was called.

Like most things claimed by the crowd, Diana was a disaster disguised as an innovative, brave, compassionate, arty, hip, young, fresh, new, and altruistic voice. She rejected tradition in favor of things that made lots of proles happy, and it showed in the climate created among English leadership.

What most do not know is that Diana was of mixed race, showing us the long reach of trace admixture and how it makes people into horrors:

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, some Irish, Anglo-Irish, French, German, likely 1/64th or 1/128th Indian, and smaller amounts of Dutch, European Royal, Welsh, Danish, Channel Islander/Jersey, Belgian, possibly 1/128th Armenian

People have genetic profiles, or many genes that work together to provide certain traits, and when they breed with those like them, these profiles are maintained. When they outbreed, the profiles are shattered as nature randomly replaces half of those genes, making an inconsistent person.

Like those who are mentally disorganized, inconsistent people tend to be self-centered and narcissistic, since they have no inherent direction except for material power, status, and wealth. They lack a center and the ability to understand the complexities of tradition and leadership.

Consequently, you get someone who seems high-born but behaves like both a prole and a foreigner, as Diana did, essentially terminating the current ruling family of England.

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