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Bernie Sanders Supporters Acting Like… Typical Communists

Apparently it is a news flash to American media that Leftists express the same pathology today as they have for the past two centuries:

The convention ended abruptly, descending into chaos that was captured for the world to relive on Facebook and YouTube.

Death threats and vandalism followed, prompting Nevada Democratic Party offices to close on Monday and its chairwoman, Roberta Lange, to release some downright disgusting voicemails and text messages she had received from Sanders supporters.

…Yet looking back at the hundreds of Sanders supporters who descended on a Clinton rally in East Los Angeles earlier this month to intimidate her supporters, making one little girl cry, it now seems inevitable that the same kind of violent eruption would afflict those “feeling the Bern.”

Leftism is an inverse apocalyptic ideology. Instead of warning of an actual apocalypse, it creates false threats to distract from the very real problem of civilizational collapse. Therein lies its appeal: “Don’t do the hard thing. Here is an easy and simple thing that will make you feel good to think about.”

Earth is drowning in seven plus billion people, swimming in pollution, wracked by political instability and humanity shows plummeting IQ numbers. Our present society has gone from a place that produced Beethovens to the relatively-sedate 1950s to a jarring dystopia where everyone is incompetent, every public figure is stupid and most people seem if not criminal at least pathologically opportunistic.

That terror gives momentum to the radical ideology of Leftism, which may be summarized as “forced equality.” Since equality is a nonsense notion, it must be forced. The more that is done, the more social order — which is based in hierarchy and competence — is destroyed, and the more a tidal wave of incompetence tears down the rest. Eventually you get Brazil: a few mega-rich people riding herd over an illiterate, angry, impoverished mass working easy jobs that do nothing important.

The DNC, like the GOP, is a parasitic business. Since it can achieve a monopoly on a certain political inclination, it stops striving for the radical and instead does what makes its audience happy without rocking the boat too much, because its actual business model is collecting donations and lobbying money. The DNC loves Hillary because she will not rock the boat.

But the herd out there, they believe the ideology. To them it is more apparent that Leftism is a spectrum which sweeps from entry-level to full-blown Communist very quickly because there is no logical reason to hold back. If equality is good, it must happen, which requires the subsidy state, which is going to require total control. To the simplified consciousness of the Leftist, this makes sense.

As a result, they want Bernie. Whether he is dishonest or merely crazy, he believes that turning the USA into USSR II is a good idea. His audience — terrified of the decay that seems to be rising uncontrolled around them — just want a friendly father figure to promise everything will be OK and give them free stuff so they do not have to deal with the collapse.

That ideological certainty coupled with the type of desperation that arises from not understanding a problem will drive them to greater extremes. Killing people? No problem: it’s for a good cause. For the Leftist ideologue, everything is a means to the end, which is the only moral good, equality. They will become increasingly violent until they get what they want, at which point they will become victims of state violence.

And so it goes on, this human drama. People react out of fear, and by seeking illusions to address that fear and not its underlying causes, dig themselves deeper into the same hole that produced that fear. When it all collapses, they will find something else to blame and carry on, demanding more Leftism to solve the problems of Leftism, all while believing the type of storybook illusions that if stated plainly would not even fool a child.

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