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As Liberal Democracy Cools, The Fire Rises

To many it appeared that the Alt Right was dead. There were no more mass mobilized protests, no mobs of civilian militants looking to beat the hell out of Antifa in the streets. The majority of its leaders and most charismatic figures were purged off of social media and YouTube, and “e-celeb” became a dirty word within the movement in itself. Corrupt officials worked against them while corrupt judges set extreme leftists free. Gab was sabotaged, 8chan was banned, and Richard Spencer got tied up in endless court cases. The ACLU got PayPal and Chase bank to drop dissidents and many popular sites died out or were deplatformed multiple times. Worse yet, the “Alt Right” term itself was redefined by the press to be the equivalent to “racist,” “white nationalist” and “Nazi” despite its hybrid of differing (and sometimes competing) ideologies.

In truth, the rigor mortis was misdiagnosis, as the apparent death was actually a retreat and rebranding. Forced underground, ideological thought developed separately in the New Right, Dissident Right, Intellectual Dark Web, America First, and others. There were subtle signs of life when “It’s Okay to be White” and NPC memes spread like wildfire. Nationalism peaked its head into the Tucker Carlson show and other mainstream outlets on several occasions. Hostility towards diversity and inclusion increased in the Gen Z polls. And Trump continued his string of victories in the courts and against the press. But there was still no major “Alt Right” level movement, no massive visual and visceral presence. Yet that all changed in the last few weeks alone.

Conservative, Inc., intended to display itself at its finest when Turning Point USA went a “Culture War Campus Tour.” Rebranded to look like an exciting new Republican youth group, Charlie Kirk’s hip new carrier of the NeoCon liberal plague was supposed to quietly bring the donor class ideology to the right wing youth. But Kirk did not see what lay in the shadows, for a grandiose beast lay in wait and the time to reveal itself had arisen at last.

It all started when Charlie Kirk removed America First host Nick Fuentes from one of his events and barred from approaching him. Unbeknownst to Kirk, Fuentes has a massive and passionate zoomer following, many of whom see him as a leader. A survivor of the social media purge, the e-celeb holocaust, and a barrage of criticism from Fox News contributors, Fuentes has shown to be a resilient and formidable figure capable of energizing the Dissident Right in the way Richard Spencer did in 2016. Having slain Patron whoring e-thots along with others more concerned with their image than the movement itself, Fuentes was ready to take on the leader of the nation’s biggest right wing youth group and mobilize a new generation of nationalist heroes.

So far Fuentes has prevailed over Kirk. Resignations of Turning Point USA presidents and VPs are coming in at the droves while the crowds at the events themselves seemed more behind the dissidents than whatever clowns were on stage. The videos are all over YouTube (search “Groyper War”) and they are a fantastic viewing. One particularly memorable exchange at the Ohio State event saw an alpha jock in a suit ask Charlie Kirk and his homosexual guest how sodomy helps the movement. When the guest had a meltdown and said “this homophobia isn’t the conservative movement, you need to get with the times” a chorus of boos erupted. Not only that, but the very next question began with “we don’t want gays and centrists in the conservative movement” and was met with applause! When the guest asked “so you don’t want me in the movement” many in the audience shouted “NO!” The video I saw had over 600 comments in support, and there were many other videos documenting the same exchange.

The rebranded Dissident Right looked fantastic and showed the same smart optics that were so well executed by Nick Sandmann and the Covington kids. They spoke elegantly and their postures were well poised. They had no fears in addressing real questions about foreign lobbying and demographic replacement. Nobody buckled at the charges of racism and homophobia; they kept their composure as the Turning Point gang struggled to keep their emotions in check. Nobody lost their minds, used slurs or insults, or threatened violence. They made it clear that “we’re with Nick and the New Right, we’re not with you.”

When the election cycle heats up again, it looks like the Alt Right will be ready to roll as it did in 2016. We won’t be baited into another Charlottesville trap. We won’t fight in the streets when the cops are ordered to stand down and the judges will let people off for attacking us. We won’t let ourselves get doxxed on social media because we already either got kicked off or figured out how to use avatars and pseudonyms. Without the reliance of e-celebs and Patron campaigns, we can rely on strength in numbers without fear of the (much discredited and wounded) media hunting us down. We’ll rage a vicious guerilla campaign of quick or cryptic attacks and let our battle hardened leaders bear the brunt of the criticism.

The withdrawal of the Dissident Right was a strategic victory. It allowed the left to eat each other and fall prey to their own impossible rules. Cancel culture ran rampant and decimated liberal heroes. The money of Buzzfeed and Vice bled out and forced mass layoffs of their journalists. All the while many centrists and libertarian fence sitters found their own path to nationalism as liberals overreached in their quest to equally brand every non progressive a racist and a Nazi.

Things are looking good for 2020.

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