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Ariana Grande: Technically “White”

When you wonder why white nationalism never took off, and was replaced instead by the Alt Right, remember this image: technically, this girl is white, having 100% Italian ancestry.

But it is worth mentioning that we are men among the ruins of an empire that failed long ago, and that many of “our people” now are infused with other races. Italians have Mediterraneans, Eastern Europeans have Asians, Irish have Semitic history. Trace admixture will breed us out just as surely as miscegenation.

Our future will be born through our people, not hybrids. We cannot play the numbers game that the Left excels at and rope together a huge number of “white” people in order to win. We need our people, and the quality of those more than their number will determine the outcome.

In the meantime, the term “white” has lost all meaning when we politically correctly shifted it from “Western European” to “anyone European-descended, no matter how much other weird stuff is in the woodpile.”

It is interesting that Ariana Grande — the root of her name is the term “Aryan” — shows up in recent bombings as if to illustrate this point. Those who are mixed have no allegiance to the West, because they must defend their own people, which is the mixed-race group.

Only those who want a restoration of the West through its people understand what must be done.

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