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A Year Of White Pills

As part of our podcast team, Everitt Foster suggested a theme for the present time: a year of white pills. If a red pill is waking up to the reality underneath the social construct of modern society, and a black pill is falling into depression, a white pill is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

White pills cannot take the usual forms. You do not find them in news articles or in day-to-day events, but in looking at how history has changed now that certain realizations have come about. The Left fears white pills because if people become hopeful, they will have no need for the negativity and self-destruction of the Left.

To kick off this year of white pills, since now is the right time, let me begin with a few suppositions:

  • The cycle has restarted. Obama said we were “on the wrong side of history,” but history is a cycle from order to disorder. We are just coming out of the disorder cycle, so ideas that seemed to be winners five years ago are now losers.
  • The Alt Right is sorting itself. We are leaving behind the dysfunction of White Nationalism 1.0, and our various thought-leaders are finding ways to combat increasing collusion between antifa and the permanent bureaucracy (“deep state”) in local governments and colleges.
  • The pop culture bubble has popped. For the last sixty years, people could succeed just by being “hip” and in touch with pop culture. As the music industry, Hollywood, sports, news-entertainment media, and publishing go down in flames, people are turning away from thinking that the hip matters anymore.
  • Conservative lifestyles are a luxury. Just like people wanted a Mercedes back in the 1980s because it was the best car you could buy, now people want a traditional lifestyle, away from the city, with an unbroken two-parent home, no working mothers, faith and cultural orientation, and socially conservative living.
  • Leftism worldwide is failing. The idea of equality brought great promises and seemed to succeed, but with the Obama/Merkel/May era, it became clear that it was an infectious cult notion that instead screwed up everything it touched.
  • Bureaucracy is dying. With a series of dramatic failures from the US such as the IRS scandal, the collusion investigation, PC on campus, and big social media persecution of Rightists, people are rejecting the idea that you can socially engineer Utopia through bureaucracy. It all goes Soviet, and no one wants that.
  • SJWs have irritated everyone. The important thing to know about SJWs is that they are not extreme Leftists, but simply bold Leftists. It has become clear that the difference between your average Democrat and Stalin is only the degree of power that they have, and so people want these crazies to go away.

We are in the midst of a sea change where people switch from individualism (“me first above all else”) to social order (“a context in which duty/privilege are unequal but everyone has a place”). Equality is like playing the lottery, gambling, or taking drugs in that at first it seems harmless, but then its horror is revealed, and people want out.

The media is trying to black pill us with silly stories about how the Alt Right is failing, but they forget that the Alt Right is just one part of this sea change. Let us look at some neurotic nonsense from the perpetually miserable Left:

The alt-right appears to be falling apart. The Traditionalist Workers party disintegrated this week after a lurid interpersonal drama among its leadership. Richard Spencer says his alt-right rallies aren’t “fun” any more, and is rethinking his college tour in the aftermath of his fizzer of an event in East Lansing, Michigan, two weeks ago.

It’s a good time to offer an observation: on the terms it set itself, antifascist organizing in the United States has worked.

This article is straight propaganda. The Traditionalist Worker’s Party fell apart because it had two active members and a common human failing came between them; there is no greater depth to it than that. Spencer is reorganizing his protests because schools side with Antifa and allow them to destroy the events he uses to provoke media attention, so he is going to go elsewhere where he can force Antifa to reveal itself as the totalitarian lynch mob it is. The Lansing event was problematic because Antifa mobbed security, which is different than succeeding, because it reveals the censorship intent behind the Left.

What the Left mistakes for victory is in fact the confirmation that everything the Alt Right has said about the Left is true: they collaborate across institutional lines, they want to silence anyone but themselves, they are violent, and they have no plan except trying to destroy all non-Leftists.

By staying in the headlines, the Alt Right has defeated the Left through demonstrating that the Left is the new Establishment here just as it was in the Soviet Union, and that the Left has no ideas except to crush everyone who is not a Party member in good standing. In other words, we are ruled by corrupt thugs who use “good intentions” (egalitarianism) to justify smashing anyone who rises above the mediocre norm of the crowd.

The Left is so triggered by us that they have dispatched their scientists, who are either paid by sponsors or by having an audience to buy their research, to claim that Trump supporters are totalitarians through some dubious research:

First, people who supported Trump were more likely have a value profile characterized by low Altruism and high Power, Commerce, and Tradition. Second, people with a values profile similar to Trump’s (presumed) values profile were more likely to support Trump. These results held even after controlling for party affiliation and political ideology, indicating that personal values were an even stronger predictor of support for Trump than traditional political attitudes.

This study represents a classic sampling error. Its source data is a web form that claims to be a personality test, and they fudged the results by carefully constructing “Altruism” to resemble Leftism (the welfare state) and “Power” to be recognition that strong power avoids crisis better than weak power.

It also reveals the desperation of those who created it. They are looking for a justification for removing Trump from power, much as they did with Brexit, because his rise contradicts the story they tell themselves that explains their intent as good. The failure of their ideas stings them and they want to hide the evidence of that failure.

The Left has controlled government, media, and much of industry since the transfer of power effected by the student riots of 1968. This intensified in the 1990s when that generation aged into positions of power, and then in the 2000s when the effects of their new policies in indoctrinating a new generation vaulted Obama and others into power.

Their enduring problem remains that for people who style themselves as revolutionaries, they are now The Establishment, or those who are in power and whose views therefore are “safe.” This benefits them, since most people parrot whatever they think other people want to hear, because that is part of how one succeeds in life.

However, as The Establishment, they can no longer be rebelling against the order that is, and they inherit the consequences of its acts, which so far seem to be a dissolution of social order and installation of an empire of incompetence.

For that reason, the Left has shifted from an overthrow-the-power narrative to a squash-the-dissidents agenda. This is why we see the results of indoctrination manifesting in a desire to squash, censor, and destroy ideological non-conformists because those are a threat to what Leftists rationalize as an ongoing Utopia created by their egalitarian policies:

The Gallup-Knight Foundation surveyed 3,014 U.S. college students and showed the ramifications of diversity programs and social justice teachings in the classroom.

…The majority of college students surveyed, 56 percent, still believe protecting free speech rights is important. Separately, 52 percent of these same students find a diverse and inclusive society to be extremely important part of democracy.

Interestingly, when asked to choose between the two, students found diversity to be more important than free speech. By a narrow margin, 53 percent to 46 percent, diversity and inclusion was found in favor over free speech.

This shows us the evolution of the Left from those who want to challenge power to those who believe that dissenting thoughts are a real threat to power, and that since that power is Leftist, any dissent is bad. When given power, Leftists turn from the party of freedom to the party of authoritarianism.

Despite years of telling us how bad Hitler was while ignoring how much worse Stalin was, and using the Holocaust as a symbol to obscure the greater numerical crimes of the Soviet regime, the Left now celebrates violence and suppression as a means of preserving the total control necessary to perpetuate egalitarian Utopia

People are recognizing now that a force grips us here in the West which is pervasive because it is both eternally popular and perpetually incorrect, which makes it addictive, and its popularity has vaulted it to power. When challenged, it interprets disagreement as an attack and reveals that it is dedicated to violence:

At Michigan State University last week, anti-fascist protesters marched toward the venue where Spencer planned to speak, intent on keeping his supporters out. Fights quickly broke out, and people were shoved to the ground, punched and pelted with sticks and dirt. Some people wanting to attend Spencer’s speech were forced back. More than 20 people were arrested, most of them people protesting Spencer.

The left may think they are winning this one, but it reminds most of us of Tiananmen Square:

We know by gut instinct that people in groups are more cowardly because they do not take individual responsibility for what the group does and remain anonymous. We know that for that reason, whenever a large consensus forms, it is usually both wrong and dangerous. Intelligent people fear group-think and the herd itself.

Under Communism, the mob was formally in control. In the West, we have something else: a group of tacit collaborators, working across industries and roles, who enforce the dogma of Leftism by alienating those who fail to agree.

This group has successfully infiltrated academia, media, industry, and government. Its appendage in government, the “deep state,” is in actuality simply a permanent bureaucracy, or people employed by government who want to increase the power of government for the benefit of their own wealth and power.

When lone heroes stand up against the regime, and the regime retaliates with cruelty and pointless severity, we know that we are witnessing a dying regime desperate to hang on to power. This is 1989 for the Leftist regime in the West, and as it dies, it is trying to either smash us or take us with it.

Most Americans believe that the “deep state” is manipulating America:

A majority of Americans believes a faction of unelected officials is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C., according to a new poll.

The Monmouth University Polling Institute found that 74 percent of respondents believe in a “deep state” when it is described as a collection of unelected officials running policy. Twenty-one percent said they do not believe this kind of group exists.

The poll notes that more than 7 in 10 Americans polled in each political group, Republican, Democrat and independent, believe in a deep state. Thirty-one percent of Republicans and 33 percent of independents say they believe a deep state “definitely exists,” while 19 percent of Democrats believe this.

This shows the triumph of the Alt Right, a term shortened from “alternative Right” meaning an alternative to Right-wing parties already captured by the deep state or at least, the mob mentality which the Right naturally opposes. The Left is in power; they are The Establishment; they are breaking laws to manipulate us through media and government.

In this way, our society is every bit as controlled by the Left as Soviet Russian or Red China.

The Alt Right, by choosing to focus on restoring Western Civilization instead of short-term, detail-oriented political goals, has escaped the dialogue which is controlled by the Left and instead is focusing on a discussion of the consequences of Leftist rule.

In response, the Left has proven that it is doing exactly what the Alt Right and other critics of the system have said the Left was doing: concentrating power and aiming to eliminate all who are not ready to go along with the New World Order, including all Rightists, and groups such as the historical Western European majority.

What the Left denies, we must presume, is actually real. Tyranny is real. Faked data and news is real. Corrupted science, and medicine ready to categorize Right-wingers as insane, are real. Mental manipulation through propaganda is real. White genocide is real.

In this way, we see Leftism in the West following the same arc it has adopted elsewhere. It opposes the majority by blaming them for the consequences of what ultimately is a condition of having too many people, then overthrows that majority, but cannot rule and so turns to mental control and then militarization to keep order.

We are familiar with the Soviet Union following this course, but slowly it is dawning on us that the same happened during the French Revolution as well with a much “milder” form of Leftism, and that our current state resembles what happened in France.

Even more, some are connecting the historical dots and realizing that the militarization part of the French Leftist arc, the Napoleonic Wars, triggered a re-orienting of Europe into democracies-versus-monarchies that ultimately culminated in WW1. If anything tore the heart out of the West, it was that pointless war.

Perhaps the media will convince some people that the Alt Right is dying. A more critical analysis shows that the Alt Right is rising because minds are changing, and we are seeing a very old arc — that in which we trusted democracy, equality, and diversity to do good and not evil — is ending.

Celebrate a year of white pills with us. The past was a horror, but the future is in our hands, and if we stick to true principles of realism and a goal of excellence, nothing can stop us from turning back the decay and rising higher than ever before.

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