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Two Articles Translated Into Spanish: “The Animal In Man” and “Morality Versus Conformity”

Pancriollismo has translated two of my articles, “El Animal en el Hombre y la Lógica en la Naturaleza” (“The Animal In Man And The Logic In Nature”) and “Moralidad Versus Conformidad” (“Morality Versus Conformity”). It’s great to see them live on in another language.

One of the tenets of pan-nationalism, or nationalism for each ethnic group, is that your own language is the most important in the world. If you are in Japan, Japanese language, culture and values are the most important in the world bar none. If you are in Germany, the same is true for German. The same is also true in Israel where the Jewish culture, religion and race are the most important in the world. There is no center of the universe, and no one race that matters in some “objective” and “universal” light above all others.

For this reason, I really enjoy these translations.

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