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#MeToo Campaign Revealed As Opportunism, Not Justice

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

We suffer under an ideological regime. It is no longer officially in power, but is sustained through the tacit collusion of all who share its viewpoint that society will become Utopia through a steady application of “equality” in all forms. Leftism acts like an infection or autoimmune disease, and no longer needs to be officially in power to have power.

This decentralized totalitarianism represents the ultimate evolution of the idea of modernity, which is individualism as manifested in egalitarianism, pluralism, collectivism, and their political counterparts democracy and socialism. A crowd is unselfish because it is comprised of selfish individuals who want to mask their actual intent while pacifying others with soft words and warm images.

As part of this decentralized totalitarian regime, which is most appropriately seen as the inheritor of the Soviet Union and the Golden Horde, we must have periodic public sacrifices. These are blood sacrifices in the tradition of the Maya, Aztec, and the courtyard of Lubyanka Prison. Those who infringe on the ideological core that enables this totalitarianism must be purged.

The Soviets were fond of this method: if people are falling out of line, pick a few people to make examples of. Have them be shot in private, then release the official version of events when the bodies are cool enough that there is no risk of them speaking up and taking exception to the approved narrative.

This method proves to be more destructive than the Nazi method of shooting those who opposed them. The Soviets killed innocents, deliberately, because this not just beat down the opposition, but made everyone else start showing off how obedient they were to the official narrative and how much they believed in The System. It was pure control, logical and cruel.

Our moral panics in the USA are similar but motivated more by social fear. People are afraid of having the wrong opinion because, the more we encrust this society in rules and regulations, the more it becomes obvious that the only way to get anything done is to work around those, which means that social connections are more important than anything else.

With that context in mind, the recent spate of “#MeToo” accusations of sexual harassment show us the free market system and ideological system working in tandem: people can receive free publicity on the order of millions of dollars for coming up with a sad story of clandestine molestation, and this reinforces the ideological dogma of our time, which is that our problem is that we are not “equal,” and the way to fix this is to bond everyone together into a hive-mind focused on enforcing equality by pen and sword.

To an outside observer, this would look exactly like what happened under Communism. The entire population is mobilized, tovarisch! There are marches, daily news stories, struggle sessions on camera, and even movies and products based on the event. The importance is not who is pilloried, but that their suffering is used as a teachable moment for the population, to remind us that we must bow down to the system of control which replaced the Kings.

In the case of Dan Harmon and Megan Ganz, it looks just a little bit too staged, which is consistent with the fact that having a dozen major media outlets cover you all day is equivalent to a few million in free advertising:

Dan Harmon, creator of the popular animated series Rick and Morty and the cult hit Community, offered a vague apology for being an “asshole” on New Year’s Eve. But Megan Ganz, a writer on that sitcom, called him out for mistreatment.

I wish my memories were foggier. I wish there was a way to fix it. It took me years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number. I was afraid to be enthusiastic, knowing it might be turned against me later…I want to watch the first episode of television I wrote again without remembering what came after.

While Harmon apologized for “selfish, childish shit,” the precise nature of his abuse during their time working together, from 2010-2013, wasn’t revealed.

Ganz makes it sound like she lived in terror, but her own words reveal an entirely different attitude. Either that, or she demonstrated raw opportunism in being willing to conceal a terrible relationship for long enough to get promoted to the next level. Here she is praising Harmon:

Dan Harmon is a genius. I’m saying that up front in case he finds this page while googling “Dan Harmon + genius.” Hi, Harmon!

I once told Dan that he wouldn’t be a page in my autobiography, he’d be the font. Having him as my mentor during the first years of my television career will shape my writing forever, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. He taught me everything I know about writing for TV. Hell, everything I know about story period. The writing I’ve done for him has been the absolute best I’m capable of. I doubt I’ll ever be more proud of anything.

While it would not be entirely unwise to hide abuse until career-secure enough to reveal it without repercussions, this looks like a cash-in since Ganz implies that somehow she lived in terror while working under Harmon, and yet praises him for essentially having taught her how to write.

That disconnect reveals the fundamental truth about not just #MeToo, but feminism and Leftism in general: these are seizures of power through guilt, which is essentially fear of social disapproval. The lesser bully everyone else out of the way by making the herd angry and upset, at which point even the alpha monkeys must step down and let everyone else raid the trough.

Pervnado Is The End Of A Sexual Visigoth Holiday

Monday, December 4th, 2017

So why has “Pervnado” struck now? Andrea Peyser and Christine Emba both opine in the New York Post.

It seems odd that the New York Post has a monopoly on this story. NBC isn’t exactly excited to run exclusives on who has gotten bagged. CBS hasn’t covered itself with glory on this one either. Politicians such as Congressman John Conyers and Senator Al Franken, as well aspiring Senator Roy Moore, have all been accused of varying degrees of perverted and degrading sexual behavior. Even a perspective college football coach, Greg Schiano, can’t escape the destructive power of “Pervnado”. Again, why now?

The New York Post has run out two competing female perspectives on the story. Both ladies make some points, but I don’t feel think they’ve dug into this deeply enough. Peyser believes the #MeToo Movement has lost the willingness and ability to discern the difference between stupid, puerile mistakes and malicious male perversion. She posits this theory below.

My fear is that the pendulum will swing so wildly out of control, the fight against genuine sexually based offenses will be delegitimized as much ado about nothing. It makes me wince that comic Louis C.K., who admitted pleasuring himself in front of grossed-out females, is mentioned in the same breath as nonagenarian ex-President George H.W. Bush, accused of grabbing women’s backsides and telling a dirty joke. Wheelchair-bound at age 93 “his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures,” said his spokesman, Jim McGrath. “To try to put people at ease, the president routinely tells the same joke — and on occasion, he has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner.’’ He apologized.

Christine Emba, I think gets closer to truth than Mrs. Peyser. She tells us part of the problem is that people are no longer sure what is and is not harassment. That’s what happens when you try to split hair follicles over whether it is rape or, you know, rape-rape. Mrs Emba offers her perspective on it below.

This #MeToo paranoia isn’t all baseless. While some worries should rate only an eye roll, others highlight the precariously gray continuum from annoyance to harassment to assault. But it’s also true that these questions hold something in common. They gesture toward America’s prevailing and problematic sexual ethic — one that is in no small part responsible for getting us into this sexual misconduct mess in the first place. At the bottom of all this confusion sits a fundamental misframing: There’s some baseline amount of sex that we should be getting or at least should be allowed to pursue. Following from that is the assumption that the ability to pursue and satisfy our sexual desires — whether by hitting on that co-worker even if we’re at a professional lunch, or by pursuing a sexual encounter even when reciprocity is unclear — is paramount. At best, our sexual freedom should be circumscribed only by the boundary of consent. Any other obstacle is not to be borne.

When I attempt what I admit is biologically impossible, and try to see how the average human female would look at this, I can see why Christine Emba and any other reasonable woman would be both frightened and pissed off at me if I walked around town thinking I was entitled to “git me some” just for showing up with a functional penis. She, and most women that I’ve ever associated with or dated, place a certain value on their wombs and the privacy of their bodies that pretty much precludes every Tom, Rick or Harry from getting their quota of “notches,” much like Rolls-Royce and Ferrari do not make low-cost economy cars. This disconnect between what men feel is their due and what basic level of respect and dignity that women feel they deserve is a biological and sociological problem every human society has to figure out and solve. But again, even the true and accurate points these two women made have been both true and accurate since Sumerian hunter-gatherers pitched their tents and started alluvial farms along the Tigris-Euphrates Fertile Crescent. Why now, ma’am?

Squaring what I’ll call The Emba Circle has been accomplished different ways under different cultural or religious social hegemonies. It always involves a bunch of frustrated guys with achy blue balls or Rosy Palm Disease. It usually also involves a crowd of offended women who feel their dignity is affronted and their perspective is not valued in some sort of constraining courtship process. Compromises are like that. Nobody gets all the things they desire. Santa doesn’t exist and most of the poor kids aren’t getting a pony for Christmas. Except now, our society has rebelled against the unpleasant externalities of squaring The Emba Circle. We had The Sexual Revolution and deliberately threw our particular solution, however flawed it may have been, into the dumpster.

Having essentially chosen the Hugh Hefner ethos over an old, boring set of written and unwritten rules for determining who gets sexual access to whom, we now have the type of problems Andrea Peyser decribed in her piece about “Pervnado.” People aren’t very sure they even know what harassment is versus someone just having a predilection to be a socially awkward jerk or a bore. Let’s call it The Peyser Uncertainty Theory. The old rules have been destroyed and nirvana did not set in. What’s worse is that a lot of butt hurt people have no clue how to properly seek redress or even whether they really should. You don’t get due process when their isn’t a replicable, accepted and well-understood process anymore. When in doubt, you channel George Patton and attack. When enough people have had enough and attack simultaneously you get “Pervnado” and it feels like society has struck a really bad resonance frequency that may well cause a bridge or two to collapse.

So I think I’ve established what happened, and have offered a plausible theory as to why. But I haven’t yet put a bow-tie on an answer for the question why now? I can get close, but not completely close the sale. There just seemed to be a lot more cultural capital and more of everything. Now that stuff, whatever it may be, is running out.

Grievances hurt more when the cold wind blows and you feel a wee bit threadbare. When people don’t feel they are receiving justice, nothing seems like an accident and anyone you can get your hands on just flat-out has it coming to them. And that is just what will keep on happening until a new set of rules and ethics gets defined. The beatings will continue until a new law is conceived. Pervnado is the reaction against sexual anarchy and will rage on until order is restored.

Survival In a Dead Culture

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Mike Pence has a rule for dealing with any females he is not related to and who are not his wife: do not meet them without someone else present.

Vice President Pence has said he doesn’t meet alone with a woman who isn’t his wife. People may accuse him of being prudish and misogynist, but at least he will never be accused of Mr. Weinstein’s sins.

And that, folks, is precisely the point. Mike Pence understands that he lives in a vile, degenerate culture that will slander people they do not like and effect scandal to destroy a man’s life just because they disagree with his politics or don’t particularly like his religion or the color of his skin. He is protecting himself. This sort of self-protection has a tradition grounded in some of the bad, old days of evangelical protestant Christianity. When the Reverend Billy Graham decided he would never be like the fictional archetypes Elmer Gantry or Arthur Dimsdale, we wrote out a code of conduct with some of his fellow evangelicals called The Modesto Manifesto.

The team gathered in a hotel room in Modesto, California. They drew up a compact that became known as the “Modesto Manifesto,” though they produced no written document. The manifesto included provisions for distributing money raised by offerings, avoiding criticism of local churches, working only with churches that supported cooperative evangelism, and using official estimates of crowd sizes to avoid exaggeration. These policies would help Graham and his team avoid charges of financial exploitation and hucksterism. But nothing loomed larger than sex. The most famous provision of the manifesto called for each man on the Graham team never to be alone with a woman other than his wife. Graham, from that day forward, pledged not to eat, travel, or meet with a woman other than Ruth unless other people were present. This pledge guaranteed Graham’s sexual probity and enabled him to dodge accusations that have waylaid evangelists before and since.

Now people on the left get all huffy and claim this hurts women.

Shutting women out in a supposed effort to ward off sexual harassment would be tantamount to punishing them for abusive male behavior, thwarting their career opportunities, keeping them from forming key professional relationships, and perpetuating the toxic bro culture that led us here—in the throes of the Weinstein allegations—in the first place. There’s a precedent for sexual harassment scandals like Weinstein’s making innocent men feel cagey around women at work, reluctant to mentor or sponsor them, for fear the relationship could be misconstrued as something romantic or sexual.

There are three former Duke LaCrosse Players, a former New York City District Attorney, a coed of Mattress Girl who graduated from Columbia U with a reputation in taters and countless other men who have received the dishonest Gloria Allred or Al Sharpton treatment who would totally like to see Vogue Magazine fvck off and die in a bonfire. The people who whine about shutting women out or reinforcing the patriarchy have never had a malignant tick like Tawana Brawley or Mattress Girl crawl up inside their rectum and start sucking blood.

They have never had their reputation guillotined in the column inches of dishonest and biased major media publications. Mike Pence hasn’t either. He won’t. He makes that sort of character assassination a difficult logistical task. But isn’t that just Mike Pence saving his own skin? To paraphrase Robert De Niro from the movie Ronin: “It covers his body.”

And from this aspect of Mike Pence’s success in our dying Amerikan Empire we can learn a lesson. Your honor is the one thing you get issued that doesn’t depend on your genetics, your heritage, your side of town, and the world around you. You have it and even your enemies have to treat you with a modicum or respect. If you lose it, go jump off a bridge. You are done.

Mike Pence builds a fortress around his. He knows he lives in a despicable human jungle and doesn’t care at all if the predators, weasels and snakes think his personal ethical decisions are fair and inclusive. It is his life. He insists on it remaining his life. From that, all men can learn a salutatory lesson. In a culture where societal honor is dead, you and only you can protect your own.

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