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#MeToo Campaign Revealed As Opportunism, Not Justice

We suffer under an ideological regime. It is no longer officially in power, but is sustained through the tacit collusion of all who share its viewpoint that society will become Utopia through a steady application of “equality” in all forms. Leftism acts like an infection or autoimmune disease, and no longer needs to be officially in power to have power.

This decentralized totalitarianism represents the ultimate evolution of the idea of modernity, which is individualism as manifested in egalitarianism, pluralism, collectivism, and their political counterparts democracy and socialism. A crowd is unselfish because it is comprised of selfish individuals who want to mask their actual intent while pacifying others with soft words and warm images.

As part of this decentralized totalitarian regime, which is most appropriately seen as the inheritor of the Soviet Union and the Golden Horde, we must have periodic public sacrifices. These are blood sacrifices in the tradition of the Maya, Aztec, and the courtyard of Lubyanka Prison. Those who infringe on the ideological core that enables this totalitarianism must be purged.

The Soviets were fond of this method: if people are falling out of line, pick a few people to make examples of. Have them be shot in private, then release the official version of events when the bodies are cool enough that there is no risk of them speaking up and taking exception to the approved narrative.

This method proves to be more destructive than the Nazi method of shooting those who opposed them. The Soviets killed innocents, deliberately, because this not just beat down the opposition, but made everyone else start showing off how obedient they were to the official narrative and how much they believed in The System. It was pure control, logical and cruel.

Our moral panics in the USA are similar but motivated more by social fear. People are afraid of having the wrong opinion because, the more we encrust this society in rules and regulations, the more it becomes obvious that the only way to get anything done is to work around those, which means that social connections are more important than anything else.

With that context in mind, the recent spate of “#MeToo” accusations of sexual harassment show us the free market system and ideological system working in tandem: people can receive free publicity on the order of millions of dollars for coming up with a sad story of clandestine molestation, and this reinforces the ideological dogma of our time, which is that our problem is that we are not “equal,” and the way to fix this is to bond everyone together into a hive-mind focused on enforcing equality by pen and sword.

To an outside observer, this would look exactly like what happened under Communism. The entire population is mobilized, tovarisch! There are marches, daily news stories, struggle sessions on camera, and even movies and products based on the event. The importance is not who is pilloried, but that their suffering is used as a teachable moment for the population, to remind us that we must bow down to the system of control which replaced the Kings.

In the case of Dan Harmon and Megan Ganz, it looks just a little bit too staged, which is consistent with the fact that having a dozen major media outlets cover you all day is equivalent to a few million in free advertising:

Dan Harmon, creator of the popular animated series Rick and Morty and the cult hit Community, offered a vague apology for being an “asshole” on New Year’s Eve. But Megan Ganz, a writer on that sitcom, called him out for mistreatment.

I wish my memories were foggier. I wish there was a way to fix it. It took me years to believe in my talents again, to trust a boss when he complimented me and not cringe when he asked for my number. I was afraid to be enthusiastic, knowing it might be turned against me later…I want to watch the first episode of television I wrote again without remembering what came after.

While Harmon apologized for “selfish, childish shit,” the precise nature of his abuse during their time working together, from 2010-2013, wasn’t revealed.

Ganz makes it sound like she lived in terror, but her own words reveal an entirely different attitude. Either that, or she demonstrated raw opportunism in being willing to conceal a terrible relationship for long enough to get promoted to the next level. Here she is praising Harmon:

Dan Harmon is a genius. I’m saying that up front in case he finds this page while googling “Dan Harmon + genius.” Hi, Harmon!

I once told Dan that he wouldn’t be a page in my autobiography, he’d be the font. Having him as my mentor during the first years of my television career will shape my writing forever, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. He taught me everything I know about writing for TV. Hell, everything I know about story period. The writing I’ve done for him has been the absolute best I’m capable of. I doubt I’ll ever be more proud of anything.

While it would not be entirely unwise to hide abuse until career-secure enough to reveal it without repercussions, this looks like a cash-in since Ganz implies that somehow she lived in terror while working under Harmon, and yet praises him for essentially having taught her how to write.

That disconnect reveals the fundamental truth about not just #MeToo, but feminism and Leftism in general: these are seizures of power through guilt, which is essentially fear of social disapproval. The lesser bully everyone else out of the way by making the herd angry and upset, at which point even the alpha monkeys must step down and let everyone else raid the trough.

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