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Surrounded By Corruption, Donald Trump Unveils A New Plan And Doctrine

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

We must all have sympathy for Donald Trump. In the late days of a dying empire, he achieved power in a contest of wills. Then he faced the worst thing any leader can: an entrenched but informal bureaucracy of people who have gotten fat and lazy by voting themselves salaries and pensions from the wealth of the sleeping sheep, who seem to respond to “good” symbols with a pathological and reality-denying reflex.

He faces hostility from not just the Democrats, but the conservatives who are at heart Democrats, who call themselves “Republicans.” On top of that, most government employees enjoyed the free-for-all of the Obama years, where tagging “diversity” to any project meant that there would be free money for anyone who participated. The Cathedral is real: a parasitic organism that lives on top of government and society.

Trump has come up with a stunningly powerful plan. It is not 4D chess, or some other wizardry, because these things do not exist given the sheer complexity of any real world task. Instead, he has chosen a simple and straightforward but deceptive path which will guarantee his victory over time.

He is letting his opponents reveal themselves. His procedure is simple: offer a reasonable compromise, then watch them shoot it down, then force them to own the consequences of that denial. He does not believe in any of the plans he is offering, but is using them instead as examples of “bipartisanship” that our current incumbents reject.

Once they reject these plans, they have proven that their beliefs are in fact illusions, and their only goal is to become part of a system and to find a place at the trough at which to feed. He reveals what they are by forcing them to act on what they say they believe in, and the instant they back down, they are doomed.

Many Republicans and some Democrats will be replaced in 2018. Their actions will reveal that their campaign promises were outright lies, instead of conditional lies, by which they promise to act on something if convenient. Trump made it convenient for them to act, and their ongoing failure made it clear that they were lying about their motivation and goals.

After 2018, the carnage will be vast. Many previously well-esteemed members of our Establishment will find themselves voted out as a wave of Trump coattail candidates seize power. Democrats will die out for failing to agree to the moderate plans Trump advances, and Republicans will fade away for having failed to oppose Leftist plans using the moderate plans that Trump has advanced.

Once the 2018 elections are over, the Trump agenda can actually begin. This is a man who handles complex projects all the time. He has begun from the ground up, and once he has killed off the opposition, he will move forward with his actual agenda. In the meantime, many of the usual fakers that democracy produces will find themselves obsolete and irrelevant, and out of power.

An Election Of Consequence

Monday, November 21st, 2016


This election was not won by the articles, but by the comments sections. The official narrative as written by journalists proved to be wrong and biased, and the comments showed us the actual attitudes of the people we rely on every day.

Those comments revealed a deep-seated distrust not of just Hillary Clinton, but the agenda of liberal democracy and its method globalism, and even more, of the entire direction the West has been sliding.

Where the articles portrayed witty, inventive ideas about a golden future, the comments revealed a rotting society, shot through with misery and doubt, in which the good people never won and the bad ones always do.

That in turn discloses what we know in our inner selves and deepest reaches of our hearts: this society is death. Based on the idea of every human ego being important, it has reduced civilization to bickering monkeys and their self-importance.

It is not just dying, but will be death for us, because like all failing societies it is based on an illusion. Our illusion is that people are equal and therefore that any human desire is important, when in fact most people are unable to focus on reality and as a result are dedicated to distraction.

This society is death. Because it insists on the value of all humans, it achieves the lowest common denominator, and in order to preserve that, throws away all higher, intelligent or realistic thinking. Our society seeks lies.

Its illusion is the notion that human beings can make things better by wanting them to be different. This is the root of ideology, a type of conjecture based in emotion and peer pressure instead of time-tested, realistic thought.

The root of this illusion is far. People are afraid that they will fall prey to nature through Darwinism, or society through insufficiency in a social setting. As a result, they demand that everyone be accepted no matter how wrong, and in so doing, they make wrongness equivalent to rightness.

For the last few centuries of modernity, we have assumed that the modern viewpoint brings profundity. There must be something there that we just did not see, we rationalized. Now we recognize that it was all lies, all along.

Election 2016 was about a last-ditch attempt to rein in the craziness of humanity. Hillary Clinton was the pro-human candidate; she would have allowed any illusion. But under that policy, society had collapsed inward during the Obama regime, and it was time for a change.

This led to a revocation of democracy as usual. Instead, for once, the people who knew better became active and did their best to subvert the ongoing procession toward a lie. We dodged a bullet, there. With Clinton, all would have been lost.

Now we are faces the consequences of this election. We have stepped away from the illusion, and want a new path. Most of us want technology to stay, but we also want the type of society that was normal in the past, with a strong social order and sense of purpose. Modernity cannot provide that.

We can easily have that type of society back, with a few changes to make it compatible with technology, but most people fear it. A functional society means the end of the Kingdom of Me, in which what the individuals wants is more important than reality. People desire control, power and the ability to deny reality. Fixing society would take that away.

People are afraid of the loss of their power even though this power was never that great. They fear that if reality returns, their illusions and fetishes will be revealed and they will seem as petty as they are. For this reason, they rage against the coming of realism.

But the tide has turned. People have given up on illusion, and the conjecture that is liberalism which suggests we can have a better way of life if we just follow the unreal. Instead, people want function, but that requires giving up the fantasy that we are each kings and all good people.

For the average person, realism means the end of their power. They can no longer pretend to be what they are not, or act as if the lies they tell themselves are real. They will have to face their fears, and come out ahead, or fail.

Nothing holds us back but our fear. This fear is rooted not in reality, but in our personal instability. This election has great consequences, and the biggest are within us as individuals. We need to rise to the occasion, or disappear from history.

Hail To The Chief

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016


A “Hard Reset” Is Coming

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016


Whatever the outcome of this election, a permanent schism has occurred. The con man and his “mark” (victim) have recognized each other, and the relationship is now adversarial.

For years, Americans and Europeans slept in a consumer wonderland. They were told that the evil of Hitler had been banished and now everything would be Utopian. This required giving much of their income to the State for use in social welfare benefits, but it did not seem expensive, to avoid these problems.

Over time, views have changed. Instead of mitigating problems, the government made them worse. Where once there were only a few angry minority groups, now much of America seems occupied by third-world populations who blame the white people for the poverty, disorder and crime in these areas.

And yet, when actions are taken to fix this, they are never enough and if they fail, white people are blamed. The third-world portion of our society is entirely dependent on the white middle class for taxes that pay for the benefits it demands, and whenever someone balks, the race riots come out.

Finally we elected a black president. The thought was that now we could all get along. Instead, divisions are more clear than ever as white people realize they, too, are a minority group and can represent their own interests just like any other special interest group. This has incensed the dependents.

At the top of the pile, government waves its magic wand and makes problems go away; that these problems return in greater number and severity is fine by government, because it wants an excuse to increase its budget. We already spend more on education, healthcare, policing and public welfare than any other first-world nation, and now we are $20 trillion in the hole with debt.

There is nowhere for this to go but collapse. Government will continue to grow, draining wealth from the middle class who will become impoverished. Third-world immigrants will become the majority, and all elections will be won by Leftists. White people will die out from poverty, violence and existential misery.

The Alt Right rose because it recognized that ethnic identity and variations between individuals are more important than the doctrine of equality. We can build an empire on homogeneity and hierarchy, but not on equality. Equality is a type of entropy that drains all energy from the system and leaves it depleted.

White people in the US and EU are realizing now that Leftism is a pathology that will never stop. Its goal is Utopian, and not measured in reality-based metrics, but in feelings and symbols. It will grind us into the ground and leave a smoking wasteland, and never consider that it might do so.

The Leftist train — single women, unhappy neurotics, ethnic minorities and sexual non-conformists — will push for total control and displace all things that make a healthy and happy society. White people are the sacrifice to this end, both as a cash cow to be milked for taxes, and an enemy of the state against whom discrimination is encouraged.

In the meantime, all of the elements of the Leftism dream have failed. Diversity has created social chaos. Sexual liberation has destroyed the family. Consumerism has burned itself out, and globalism become a threat to the world economy. The environment is savaged, social order ruined, and wealth dissipated through Leftist policies.

People are beginning to have some realizations.

They are recognizing that the current system was sold to them on the basis of lies, and therefore is null as a contract. What was promised was not delivered, and the opposite was delivered instead. They voted for racial reconciliation, charity and tolerance, and got a Soviet-style ideological authoritarian government.

They are seeing that the current social and political order cannot stand because it is toxic to the experience of normal, healthy life. The proposition nation of different ethnicities cannot work, nor can the social welfare programs, nor even the public education. Democracy has failed by self-destructing.

They are observing that ideology is a popularity contest that always finds the wrong answer because it is based on symbols and feelings, not reality. Whatever uses a popularity contest to find answers will create dangerous lies and destroy all who notice that these lies are in fact untruths.

They are perceiving that democracy = Leftism because once one drop of egalitarian thinking taints the pool, the whole thing becomes infected with a rapidly-reproducing virus that leads people to self-destruct in pursuit of an emotional goal. It is simply an evil, deceptive and corrupt idea.

They are also getting the feeling that “birds of a feather flock together” works, while the rainbow nation turns every group into a victim and forces them to fight one another.

The core of the Alt Right — and what normal people are noticing — is that population is politics. Genetics are our destiny, both as a group and in the different abilities of individuals. One rule for everyone is not a workable strategy. Mobs are destructive.

A thought closely related to this then appears: “Systems” — labyrinths of rules designed to reach the right answer — do not work. Putting the best people in charge does, and by the same token, the crazy and chronically unhappy people out there must be disenfranchised and oppressed or they will destroy us.

Systems create proxies, or intermediate measurements through rules and measurements, that are quickly gamed because they are simpler than reality and easy to manipulate. Without good people stopping the insanity, it increases itself and quickly reverses the meaning of all good intentions.

Instead we need an organic understanding of society, and that conflicts with equality in all and any forms. In organic systems, many parts of unequal roles work together by pursuing basic concepts like self-interest. They are kept in check by those above them, forming a hierarchy.

This method of civilization has worked since the dawn of time. Democracy, equality and diversity were experiments, and now we have our answer.

All of those involved in the counter-reaction to the Leftist reign of the past two centuries share these basic observations or inclinations. We went along with the plan while it seemed to work, but now we realize it is a path to doom.

Whatever happens in this election, the schism is permanent, and will result in the separation of different groups by identity. These will not be inclined toward Leftism, at least for whites, and they will be forced to defend themselves against the other 95% of humanity that wants to dominate them and take what they have.

In short, we stand on the precipice of a new dark age. Unlike the last couple centuries, this one is based in reality and so can provide for us a healthy and normal life, if we are brave enough to accept it. As of right now, the conflict rages in our hearts, but soon it will spill out onto the streets.

Stockpile ammo and canned goods.

Voting As Mental Crutch And Physical Degeneration

Monday, October 24th, 2016


This afternoon like those of many other Americans my path took me to the local voting booth. We all stood in a long line that bent around the building and snaked into the parking lot. As the line lurched forward in tiny increments, most people stared at their phones, flipping through social media.

Only a few people seemed aware of their surroundings. The rest were aware of the back of the person directly in front of them, and maybe the cell phone. This made it easy to divide the people there into two groups.

The first group were the self-expression types. These were visually identifiable as “different” from my tribe and my people. One was a white guy in his fifties with his hair dyed blue. Another was a man wearing a shirt made of wide bands of the rainbow colors who walked along the line filming everyone while talking to his vlog audience about the size of the crowd.

A woman in her thirties, arms both covered in tattoos, wore a denim jacket with a patch saying U.S.M.C. DAUGHTERS ON BIKES. She was talking to a young Hispanic woman who kept her arms folded. Minorities and white people did not interact much other than this. People carried themselves with a type of provocative aggression, white and otherwise, as if to dare someone to challenge them. Regrettably it did not happen.

Several young women had come over from their jobs. They wore pantsuits and had expensive purses. It looked like their jobs did not involve moving around much. They were visibly nervous, and kept checking their smartphones to see what time it was, even though time was moving so slowly for most of us that it felt like days. They wanted us to see that they were important, and here on a sacrificial mission.

Someone from the group that administrates the elections came out to explain what an ID card is. There were signs in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese but according to her, many people still got to the front of the line only to find that they did not have their IDs or brought the wrong type.

The second group comprised people who were there from a sense of duty. The elderly were most visible, moving slowly but with purpose. Businessmen in suits looked out of place but grimly defiant in the way people are when waiting in line holds up events of actual importance.

This group, which seemed to be about a fifth of the total, are what normal white people think of as normal white people. The faces were German, English and related groups; they were not as ostentatiously dressed as the self-expression crowd, but were dressed simply yet professionally. Most did not bother to check their phones all that much, only too aware of the passage of time.

It was striking how small this group was compared to the self-expression group. The larger group wore more bright clothing, paid more attention to their appearance, and were more active in line, as if on a social outing. For them, their vote was a method of showing something about themselves, like moral goodness or simply standing up to the rest of society with a bold provocation.

If the 20% of people there who had purpose had alone survived and the rest perished, no deleterious effects would ensue. In fact, one might arrive at America before the decay: hardy, purposeful people who have no time to waste on the pretense of self-expression.

This led to meditations on the psychology of voting.

Even among smart people, voting reduces human intelligence to the level of a tabloid. Voting is the opposite of making a decision; it is closer to placing a bet, or playing the lottery. One makes a choice and then something happens to it which has no relation to how correct or realistic it is, so it is mentally destructive to place too much importance on the result.

In addition, voting ends the obligation to interact with the process after the vote. It is like tossing out a comment at the end of the party, then leaving; there is no investment in seeing it through to conclusion. Then, since the process has completed, the tendency is to turn off the mind until the next election.

In our minds, voting also teaches us to rely on the herd both for guidance and as a means of absorbing our errors. When voting, one wants to pick a winning answer, or something that other people like. This makes the question of what is right a distant second. Then, there is the thought that since each individual vote matters little, since only what most people like matters, it is not a serious decision. The group absorbs anomalies, good or bad.

Finally, voting enforces externalization of cost as a model. We are told to vote for what we want, and the group will support it if enough people like the idea. This means that we have no personal cost except for a tiny sliver of the impact, and we are encouraged to pass along costs to those with more wealth than we have.

This creates the mentality of a committee. Instead of making a choice based on the best option, the group chooses by what each member thinks the group will support. Reality is no longer the measure of our decisions; we are the measurement we apply to reality. This is backward thinking.

The end result of all of this is a cult/gang mentality. Society splinters into groups, and each group tries to use the weight of the vote to destroy its opposition. This is like a group of people in a car fighting over who gets to drive and no one is watching the road because to do so is to weaken their attack and defense against others.

With democracy, every gesture is a token or a symbol. None are designed to have effects in reality because they are focused on the system of voting which serves as a proxy or intermediary substitute for reality. We are not making choices, but manipulating each other. It is not surprising the results are so bad.

The early voting process passed relatively smoothly. The smugness of the people involved was hard to tolerate: the self-expression crowd felt like they were beating back some mythological enemy, while the duty-bound seemed grimly determined to participate in something in which their faces revealed a lack of faith.

As the years of liberal democracy fade — it has as surely died in 2016 as Communism did in 1991 — the thoughts that come to mind are not of the disaster of democracy itself, but the psychological effects it has had on us. People are timid, angry and devoid of the self-reliance that once made our nations great.

Someone tell me: where can I vote to end democracy?

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