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An Election Of Consequence


This election was not won by the articles, but by the comments sections. The official narrative as written by journalists proved to be wrong and biased, and the comments showed us the actual attitudes of the people we rely on every day.

Those comments revealed a deep-seated distrust not of just Hillary Clinton, but the agenda of liberal democracy and its method globalism, and even more, of the entire direction the West has been sliding.

Where the articles portrayed witty, inventive ideas about a golden future, the comments revealed a rotting society, shot through with misery and doubt, in which the good people never won and the bad ones always do.

That in turn discloses what we know in our inner selves and deepest reaches of our hearts: this society is death. Based on the idea of every human ego being important, it has reduced civilization to bickering monkeys and their self-importance.

It is not just dying, but will be death for us, because like all failing societies it is based on an illusion. Our illusion is that people are equal and therefore that any human desire is important, when in fact most people are unable to focus on reality and as a result are dedicated to distraction.

This society is death. Because it insists on the value of all humans, it achieves the lowest common denominator, and in order to preserve that, throws away all higher, intelligent or realistic thinking. Our society seeks lies.

Its illusion is the notion that human beings can make things better by wanting them to be different. This is the root of ideology, a type of conjecture based in emotion and peer pressure instead of time-tested, realistic thought.

The root of this illusion is far. People are afraid that they will fall prey to nature through Darwinism, or society through insufficiency in a social setting. As a result, they demand that everyone be accepted no matter how wrong, and in so doing, they make wrongness equivalent to rightness.

For the last few centuries of modernity, we have assumed that the modern viewpoint brings profundity. There must be something there that we just did not see, we rationalized. Now we recognize that it was all lies, all along.

Election 2016 was about a last-ditch attempt to rein in the craziness of humanity. Hillary Clinton was the pro-human candidate; she would have allowed any illusion. But under that policy, society had collapsed inward during the Obama regime, and it was time for a change.

This led to a revocation of democracy as usual. Instead, for once, the people who knew better became active and did their best to subvert the ongoing procession toward a lie. We dodged a bullet, there. With Clinton, all would have been lost.

Now we are faces the consequences of this election. We have stepped away from the illusion, and want a new path. Most of us want technology to stay, but we also want the type of society that was normal in the past, with a strong social order and sense of purpose. Modernity cannot provide that.

We can easily have that type of society back, with a few changes to make it compatible with technology, but most people fear it. A functional society means the end of the Kingdom of Me, in which what the individuals wants is more important than reality. People desire control, power and the ability to deny reality. Fixing society would take that away.

People are afraid of the loss of their power even though this power was never that great. They fear that if reality returns, their illusions and fetishes will be revealed and they will seem as petty as they are. For this reason, they rage against the coming of realism.

But the tide has turned. People have given up on illusion, and the conjecture that is liberalism which suggests we can have a better way of life if we just follow the unreal. Instead, people want function, but that requires giving up the fantasy that we are each kings and all good people.

For the average person, realism means the end of their power. They can no longer pretend to be what they are not, or act as if the lies they tell themselves are real. They will have to face their fears, and come out ahead, or fail.

Nothing holds us back but our fear. This fear is rooted not in reality, but in our personal instability. This election has great consequences, and the biggest are within us as individuals. We need to rise to the occasion, or disappear from history.

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