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Thank God For The Collapse

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


The fear and trembling in the West has reached a fever pitch. The Party favorite candidate for sportsball election, Hillary Clinton, has been revealed to be a fungal colony from outer space that reproduces by vomiting mucus into water and collapses at the sight of cooking mushrooms.

In the meantime, the danger signals are too strong to ignore. The economy is doomed because as is typical of Leftist administrations, it is based on demand-side monetary policy, which rewards the trivial and therefore runs itself into collapse. Society is experiencing its 151st straight year of racial antagonism, race riots, rape, murder, police shootings and probably forced sodomy.

We wish we could handle this the usual way, which is to point to Europe and say, “See! Socialism is working there!” and then resurrect our spirits and the economy with more government jobs and benefits, prompting the ghetto-dwellers to buy more iPhones and “prime the pump” for more Potemkin Capitalism action, but the EU is ablaze with its own failures.

Notably, only a handful of people have blamed the real culprits: democracy, which encourages throwaway voting, and the rampant defensive egotism and myopic individualism of the West. To blame those is to indict ourselves, and even worse, to demand that we change. It is much more effective to demand that others change.

So. It looks like the Titanic hit an iceberg of itself, and now is sinking. How shall we mourn?

I suggest mourning not at all. The “old” West — its 1980s-2010s incarnation — was a horrible place. On the surface, it was all wealth and opportunity. Underneath, it was fake. The work was fake and usually unnecessary. The politics were fake. The strip malls lining our nation with another dozen miles of McDonald’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Darque Tan, Applebee’s and other urban blight were poison.

But most of all, it was existential death. There was no purpose to anything except money and “freedom,” except the latter was a lie because the fearful herd banned everything except the crassest pleasures, and you still had to go back to work the next day so you could not do anything too ambitious. And the money, while good, could not buy you more time with your family, or peace in your soul, or wisdom, or even something meaningful enough to spend your life in pursuit of…

Instead, we got a robotic, brain-dead order. The machine stamps pieces of metal with shapes; we stamp children into robots in schools. The right way to make the machine work is to run it for eight hours a day, even if the line is empty; and so, we attend jobs and invent work to fill the time. If something breaks, fix it by dumping money on the problem; we use welfare, benefits and social programs to try to bribe the insane and sociopathic into conformity.

The West was great centuries ago. The modern implementation of it has only been great insofar as it contains seeds of the past, but that greatness is now expired, leaving us with a parasitic, neurotic and masturbatory republic in which no one is really happy. Even the minorities, lavished with trillions of dollars of welfare and benefits, find themselves hating life here because for all that it tries to materially reward them, it is not of them, by them and for them, and thus will always feel alien.

How could we end up making such wrong and worse, idiotic, decisions time after time? Let us deconstruct “we”: people in groups act like morons, even if they are intelligent, and giving them the vote just removes accountability and responsibility. Democracy grinds itself down every time, but for us to get this far, we must have suffered a mental lapse first.

We did. Back before The Enlightenment™ we have The Renaissance™ and before that, Peasant Revolts and Mongol Invasions. The answer is that when a civilization rises, it attracts parasites both within and without. Unless it summons up a Nietzschean level of heroic desire to implement Darwinism and exile the stupid, venal and licentious, it self-destructs. That self-destruction takes millennia, so your Mom and Dad can get away with telling you to forget about it and focus on your career.

And yet: death comes ripping; the collapse is still waiting in the wings, relentless and unthinking, an insect doom which will consume all in its path. Now that it has like a locust eaten the best part of the crop, it is nibbling at what is left, which is very low-nutrition.

“But, how do we stop this?” scream the population in panic — just kidding: they are on Facebook, or watching television, or shopping, doing anything really as long as it is obsessive enough to cram in the maw of The Void…. but it is not working. The doubt creeps in, the cold sweats and nocturnal fears. And so they bravely slam down the iPad and start Googling something, anything… anything to fill the void.

Is this the kind of life you envision for your great-grandchildren? What about yourself? These questions are toxic poison in any conversation, and that is why the West A.D. 2016 (aka $current_year) must die: it is a denial of all that is good, and then, a refusal to acknowledge that the bad is not good, all for the pretense of the voters, a.k.a. ourselves.

It is time for us to grow up. We have spent centuries wallowing in stupidity and that has meant that only idiots succeed, only fools rule, only morons win. This has sapped us of any heart or energy, and now we are just struggling to make it through each day without seeing the blackness rushing at us. Let that way of life die. Even if all goes down in flames, it is better to try to rise above this and perish, than to continue living a lie.

The Alternative Right Knows This Is A Struggle For Civilization Survival

Saturday, September 24th, 2016


The mainstream right directs its energy toward preserving what is left of the status quo; the alternative right recognizes that our society is not only a sinking ship, but is built on false assumptions starting with the delusion idea that equality can replace hierarchy.

No right wing movement has succeeded in resisting this decay in part because it cannot be resisted; Western civilization needs someone to pound the RESET button and start over. Everything we think we know is tainted with assumptions brought in from the ideas and people infected with the delusion of equality.

While the new right seeks to rebuild from within a liberal framework of the welfare state, and neoreaction seeks exit by small groups who will then be inevitably re-absorbed, the alternative right — an out-of-focus coalition of those united more by a feeling of dread and distrust of all Leftist ideas — recognizes that not only is the ship sinking, but that it must be destroyed before it can be rebuilt.

This may seem extreme. After all, if Western societies just aborted any changes made after 1945, things would return to stability. But this is where the alternative right rises above the rest: it recognizes that just going back is not enough. We must renew, because even back then the seeds were sown, and the path will not change on instant replay.

Yet until we get to the root of equality… — no, we must go even earlier to find the source of our decline. Writings on this site have targeted individualism, or the idea that the desires of the self must come before civilization and nature, as the root of our problem. The ancient Greeks called this hubris, or pursuit of power beyond one’s place in the natural hierarchy by ability and character of men and nature. Old Christians preached humility. And in the wolf pack of the steppes, an arrogant young wolf must fight his way to the top, or accept his place in the order of things.

Nothing about our time is good except our material prosperity. Everyday life is meaningless and filled with ugliness, tedium and a constant struggle for power as the lower try to keep the naturally more gifted from rising to their natural place. Our cities are war zones where we struggle for enough money to buy our way into the areas that are not blighted.

If one accepts this as normal, it is possible to find similar bargains — better values for the money — in housing, medicine, entertainment and career. However the fundamental problem remains: our time and energy are wasted, while nothing we do can have any significance, all the while the rot gets stronger around us. This society is terminal.

In the upcoming American election, we have a choice between a right-wing-ish candidate and someone who will open the floodgates further to permanent Leftist voters, because minority groups always vote against majority interests. Once that happens, there will be no chance for those who remain except revolt, and then, they are most likely to be killed by their well-meaning fellows who just want to preserve the union as it is, despite its dysfunction.

The only sensible response is fanaticism. Support nothing that is Leftist; stop linking to Wikipedia, reading Leftist news, or earning or buying anything you do not need, as the taxes support the beast. Barter among friends as much as possible, work for cash whenever possible, and every day get out there and raise a hue and cry about how this society is dying and must be restarted, because that is the ultimate taboo.

Most importantly, we need to work toward power. If 2% of Western citizens find themselves agreeing on civilization restart, a critical mass will be reached, and we will pass the threshold of no return. Never accede to the argument that we can fix the leaky ship; always insist on its replacement. Ignore the zombies and focus on reaching that 2%.

If an actual conservative party took power, the first thing to do would be to reverse the flood of new left-wing voters by removing anti-discrimination law, post-1790 immigration laws, civil rights and welfare programs. Write law to reverse the civil rights and entitlements agenda, and then do away with all the laws based upon it, and the vast reams of pro-government laws which have created the out-of-control regulatory state.

But even then, we must go further: laws themselves do not work, because they are interpreted flexibly and people avoid responsibility. Replace them with strong leaders of arbitrary power at the local level who can re-arrange their societies as needed, and not have to be deferential to tiers and layers of limiting law. Restore freedom of association, cut taxes, and begin holding the Leftist media and entertainment industry accountable.

But even then, we must push further: we can abolish most laws and replace them with culture. We can remove the tedious and unreliable democratic process and install an aristocracy. We can cut checks to the Other among us and repatriate them. All of these things are doable, and yet they are not extreme enough to save a civilization.

We must go further: remove any subsidies or other equality-based institutions, cut ourselves off from we-are-all-one initiatives like the United Nations, repossess any degenerate businesses and exile of our own people who behave badly. Stop taking responsibility for lawbreakers by putting them in jail and trying to rehabilitate them; instead, view their behavior as a Darwinian event and exile them.

Even that does not go far enough. We must go further: using our aristocratic government as a shield, we can restore a sense of culture, in values just as in the arts, and bring back the calendar and seasonal events of the past. Abolish public schools, regulations, certifications and other proxies for talent. Promote the best among us, not just in ability to memorize, but in moral character and mental clarity on the task of building a civilization.

At that point, we can go even further: in each of us who remain, we can awaken a sense of responsibility to reality, a transcendental view of nature where each of our places in its order are significant, and a belief in the possibility of good, beauty, excellence and truth in life. We can reject the false assumptions going back to individualism and to the assumption before it, which is that life is terrible and we are victims. We must be conquerors, but first of all, we must conquer ourselves.

Whew. That looks like quite a to-do list. And yet, if we do not do this, we are merely putting duct-tape on a broken bridge, plugging leaks in a boat with oil-soaked rags, or plowing around the stones in our field. History is clear: we are either headed upward, or stagnating and will immediately head downward. We must reform our hearts to want an ascendant path, and then use the power of our civilization to instill that in others.

Without this new path, we go down the same path of the old, which ends in our civilization slipping away into irrelevance as a witless void of morally bankrupt, low intelligence grey people. In the absence of radical change, that is our future, and as the years go by and the pace of events accelerate, that doom is coming sooner than anyone thinks.

How The EU And USA Will Implode

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016


The New Right often gets overlooked in the flood of buzzwords, but its primary contribution was to match the subversion of Cultural Marxism with the idea of a cultural shift; if this blog has contributed anything to that, it is the Kantian idea that first people must decide to be good and only with that goal, can we make a cultural shift away from the selfish individualism that is the hallmark of liberalism.

One wonders where the New Right got this idea. Among other things, including writers from both Right and Left, the thinkers of the New Right may have observed the lessons of the collapse of the Soviet Union, which is here explained by the last leader of that decaying regime, Mikhail Gorbachev:

The Soviet model was defeated not only on the economic and social levels; it was defeated on a cultural level. Our society, our people, the most educated, the most intellectual, rejected that model on the cultural level because it does not respect the man, oppresses him spiritually and politically.

If you ever wonder why the West is panicked and manic about defining “oppression” to mean civil rights violation, here is why: they fear the day their people realize that oppression comes in many forms, and the creation of a wealthy but soulless hell in which the strong serve the weak is one of them. The rot of modernity has been well-chronicled by literature, film and philosophy, but no one has been willing to criticize what is a materially successful system, even as it erodes its population through sexual liberation, corruption, miserable pointless jobs, alienating crime-ridden cities and complete nonsense paraded as profundity by a junta of media, government and academia.

Despite the subtle horrors of modernity, most people could find a way out, and sold their souls for twenty pieces of silver that bought a suburban house, health insurance and plenty of watery beer to consume while watching important sporting events. This created an ugly modern psychology: you either “made it” and retreated to pay taxes to fund the disaster, or remained “beneath the wheel” and faced the dysfunction of the system at risk to your life. This explains the division of Western societies into a middle class and an underclass, with a few super-rich oligarchs floating above, completely removed from the daily experience of their citizens.

None of the ideological movements against modernity have succeeded because they fail to offer at least an alternate prosperity, or even better, an improved one. The lesson of history is that successful revolutions promise prosperity alongside ideology; the Leftists had their promise of wealth redistribution, and libertarians have the promise of getting your taxes back. None of these movements address more than the material, as the New Right noted, so by themselves they are unconvincing as ideological movements without a promise of enhanced prosperity.

To a Machiavellian observer, ideology serves as a justification for lifestyle. The undistinguished want everyone to be equal; the criminal want a concentration of power to exploit; the normal want stability and a feeling of well-being in the thought that they are treating others well. Modernity combines the first and third of those and makes them seem inseparable, which then makes it almost impossible to argue against, much as the ideal of Soviet Communism was that every worker would be provided for.

When that ideal revealed itself to be a form of camouflage for Machiavellian power, the citizens of the Soviet Union experienced a cultural shift:

A leading Soviet journalist and later a passionate herald of glasnost, Aleksandr Bovin, wrote in 1988 that the ideals of perestroika had “ripened” amid people’s increasing “irritation” at corruption, brazen thievery, lies, and the obstacles in the way of honest work.

Gorbachev again:

I would launch perestroika in exactly the same way today. “We can’t go on living this way.” That was our slogan. “I want changes,” Viktor Zoi, the pioneer of Russian rock music, sang.

People saw the man behind the curtain, and the system became separate from its promises. The third and first desires were separated, and then large numbers of people were willing to undertake the gamble of passive revolution, meaning that it occurred through (mostly) political means. Right now we are seeing the same thing in the West, where a vast program of civil rights and social welfare has been revealed to be the means of keeping leaders in power as each nation spends itself into insane levels of debt — and raises taxes, crushing small business and the middle class, much as its burdensome over-regulation does — to support this social/materialist agenda.

New perceptions contributed to a change in attitudes toward the regime and “a shift in values.” Gradually, the legitimacy of the political arrangements began to be questioned. In an instance of Robert K. Merton’s immortal “Thomas theorem” — “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequence” — the actual deterioration of the Soviet economy became consequential only after and because of a fundamental shift in how the regime’s performance was perceived and evaluated.

When the man behind the curtain is revealed, and the noble ideals can no longer conceal the grim reality, change is in the air. Ironically, for the Soviet Union, a liberal state, it came through further liberalization: a revolt against the means of control, and not its purported goals. The nature of revolution to this date has been a steady shift Leftward, even in Leftist states, because people essentially want anarchy plus prosperity, forgetting that this abolishes social order and replaces it with oppression of one form or another. In our current age, we are seeing a revolt not against a regime, but against liberalization or at least its consequences.

As Mikhail Antonov declared in a seminal 1987 essay, “So What Is Happening to Us?” in the magazine Oktyabr, the people had to be “saved” — not from external dangers but “most of all from themselves, from the consequences of those demoralizing processes that kill the noblest human qualities.” Saved how? By making the nascent liberalization fateful, irreversible — not Khrushchev’s short-lived “thaw,” but a climate change. And what would guarantee this irreversibility? Above all, the appearance of a free man who would be “immune to the recurrences of spiritual slavery.”

In this quotation, we find the actual reason for the fall of the Soviet Union: people perceived themselves as enslaved by ideology, much as in the modern West we see how all of our governmental policies fail, and yet we cannot change them because they are expressions of our fundamental liberal idea, which is the equality of all people as a means of avoiding hierarchy and “restrictive” social norms.

Those who watch historical trends can tell that the regimes of the West are falling because of a lack of faith within their citizens. The elites who want the sick show to continue know that they can keep society afloat through perpetual liberalization, but now, that seems to have run its course because there is nothing else to liberalize and our problems still get worse. For this reason, the cultural shift must not be against specific governments, but ideology itself, replacing it with realism that allows prosperity for the competent.

The key to this shift in perception is to appeal to the basic need of the individual to feel existential contentment without a loss of material support. The spirit of the human being requires a sense of pride, but this is not possible under ideological regimes, because in them the nation and its people become a means to the end of ideology and its frenetic quest for pervasive equality. This creates a crushing loop where people pursue happiness through egalitarianism, but then must confront the reality of enforcing such an illogical prospect.

Both are reminders that in the modern world, economic progress is not a substitute for the pride and self-respect of citizenship. Unless we remember this well, we will continue to be surprised — by the “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet world, the Arab Spring, and, sooner or later, an inevitable democratic upheaval in China — just as we were in Soviet Russia.

Nationalism, culture and values provide the pride that equality never can. This is why these are demonized by ideological states, which try to destroy heritage, family and religion as a means of replacing them with ideology. This is why, much like the modern West, the Soviets pursued a suicidal path of ideological struggle which eventually removed all that sustained their people.

SPIEGEL: The third issue: You are criticized for having criminally underestimated the national question …

Gorbachev: That’s not true. I lived in a country in which the people spoke 225 languages and dialects, and where all religions existed. I grew up in the Caucasus, and I was familiar with the problems.

Diversity was our strength in the Soviet Union as well because ideology requires destruction of culture, which requires diversity. Diversity replaces a single way of living, with values system and culture, with the brutalist conceptions of the State. It naturally leads to a situation like the one the current West endures where the wealth of the nation is redirected into the ideological goal of roping others in to the same system, which in our case is globalism and in the Soviet case was international communism.

As one economist observed:

“The Soviet Union was a peculiar empire in that it didn’t simply exploit its colonies for material gain but actually provided for them,” says Gabriel Stein.

Our peculiar empire has shifted from colonialism to a policy of gift-giving through foreign aid abroad and the welfare state, geared toward third-world immigrants, at home, as if following the Soviet playbook. This does not show a Communist influence so much as it demonstrates the inevitable end of all liberalism: a series of subsidy programs ever-expanding to keep the ideological state powerful, at the expense of both prosperity and spirit.

The days grow short in the West. Winter is coming; history shows us that Leftist empires end the same way, whether in ancient Athens or modern-day America and Western Europe. This is how the EU and USA will follow the Soviets into doom, but it is up to us to recognize that we do not oppose those governments so much as the principle upon which they are based, because it always ends this way. Until we revolt against the revolution as idea, we are doomed to endlessly repeat this cycle of optimism and failure.

Walmart As A Late Amerikan Empire Free Rider

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


If you’ve ever dabbled in Role-Playing Games, there’s one type of adult player you need to watch like a hawk: the professional engineer. Engineers, you see, are able to understand whatever mathematical system the magic, the space travel or the combat runs off of.

They will identify the loopholes and the weaknesses and then munchkin. By munchkining, I mean they will drive a truck through the mathematical limits of the rule system and either make the referee redesign the whole game universe to make it “fair” again or they will walk off with all the swag and totally ruin the game for everyone else.

In RPG circles, this tendency to munchkin the gaming system is an annoying yet amusing idiosyncrasy. When someone powerful hacks a game that matters, the bemused disgust gives way to actual, legitimate anguish. Munchkining of an actual social system, rather than The Magical Kingdom of Equestria, is essentially an act of real world brigandage. Walmart has effectively performed just such a feat of nerd-cheating and sometimes it literally leaves orc-bodies in the wake.

Go into any town or city, and you will discover that the local Walmart is a criminal magnet. Walmart has seemingly hacked Amerika’s criminal culture and become a symbiotic co-parasite on the society at large. The great James LaFond takes to his Harm City BLog to describe how this works over in Bodymore, Murderland.

Of those 300 jobs provided by a super Wal-Mart one will be in the low six figures, and four will pay enough to permit that assistant manager to rent an apartment or go in together with a spouse in the purchase of a house. The other 295 employees will work at or below the poverty line under poor conditions with no benefits, and will require subsidized housing, home sharing, apartment crowding, food stamps, and, most ominously for you, public transportation which will permit youths to transport drugs and violence as low risk mules and insurgent pioneers into your area. As Wal-Mart gets the lion’s share of food stamp transfers [EBT cash and food] than this operation amounts to a 19th century Appalachian coal mine with its own company store, with over half of the employees spending most—or even more than—their salary at the Wal-Mart register, literally a captive market and labor force in one.

This urban blight could and probably is indicative of far more than Walmart’s destructive influence. Yet this sort of hand-waving doesn’t describe the entire extent to which Walmart is guilty of free-riding on public infrastructure. This gets us back to the crime. Walmart’s corporate policies exacerbates the crime and then passes this cost on to local police forces as a negative externality. This, as I’ll explain a little further on below, gets passed on back to us.

Bloomberg Businessweek describes just how much of a festering pustule Tulsa, OK finds Walmart’s presence to be.

It’s not unusual for the department to send a van to transport all the criminals Ross arrests at this Walmart. The call log on the store stretches 126 pages, documenting more than 5,000 trips over the past five years. Last year police were called to the store and three other Tulsa Walmarts just under 2,000 times. By comparison, they were called to the city’s four Target stores about 300 times.

So why do criminals flock to Walmart? It sounds idiosyncratic. Why steal where the stuff is cheap? Because it is easy. Walmart does less than any other major retailer to deter crime. Tulsa PD Officers joke that Walmart gathers all their bad guys in one place. One stop shopping for cheap hoodlums as well as inexpensive, plastic junk. Other officers aren’t laughing at the sardonic humor.

Robert Rohloff, a 34-year police veteran who has to worry about staffing, budgets, and patrolling the busiest commercial district in Tulsa, says there’s nothing funny about Walmart’s impact on public safety. He can’t believe, he says, that a multibillion-dollar corporation isn’t doing more to stop crime. Instead, he says, it offloads the job to the police at taxpayers’ expense. “It’s ridiculous—we are talking about the biggest retailer in the world,” says Rohloff. “I may have half my squad there for hours.”

And this is not just something that happens out in Indian Country. The Buccaneers don’t just play football in Tampa. They also rob and cut-up over at Walmart. And all of this impacts others who go nowhere near a Walmart. The costs of the Walmart crime negative externality manifest themselves in several manners.

  • 9-1-1 is a joke. An officer taking 2.5 hours to arrest a petty shoplifter at Wallymart is not available to assist if your daughter is getting butt-raped by a pack of human jackals.

  • You will pay taxes for police overtime and additional officers. Cleaning up the lifestyle cesspool at your local Walmart costs money. It costs the public money in Walmart won’t pay to do so themselves.

  • Property Values decline in the vicinity. Real estate markets adjust rapidly when a neighborhood goes into the toilet. Tax collections go down. Less desirable tenants occupy the surrounding area. More desirable tenants and people avoid the Walmart. Social and financial capital flees the Walmart.

Walmart has hacked the system of our declining Amerikan empire. It is the Alpha scavanger. It will make a killing off of the societal carrion. It is how the powerful use the weak. It is how the manipulative game the system. It is how our national decline is the Era of The Munchkin. It is how things are after the goldrush.


Friday, September 16th, 2016


The military and DoD have a descriptive epithet that describes an unfortunately prevalent state of bureaucratic rot that they frequently have to negotiate:

BOHICA – Bend Over, Here It Comes Again.

It seems the DoD budget is late in crossing the finish line and the current Fiscal Year will expire before Congress properly performs it’s assigned duty. In particular, the House of Representatives doesn’t want Zika money to fund Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico. This sounds like the perfect reason to defund the US Military, if you ask Osama Bin Ladin’s iniquitous poltergeist.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world

But there you have it, our odious slugs of Senatorial misrepresentation are on the precipice of ¡SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT! in order to steer federal dollars to their favored abortion chop-shops and harvesters of Tissue McNuggets. Now you can either hate abortions and consider the government implicit genociders for funding these ghouls or you can show up at your senator’s office with a suggested list of races, religions and ethnic backgrounds you’d like to see bumped up to the front of the line as a social service to the rest of us. I could care less. It is an absolutely stupid and worthless reason to hold up an entire appropriations bill. Congressmaggots are well aware of this and are deliberately electioneering the shutdown. Power is more important than principle.

But those insulated from reality are predictably that blind. I remember being told once that the old Supreme Soviet had a lower reelection rate than the US House of Representatives over some 30 year period. This is not shocking and not even the safest sinecure in Washington, DC.

Death — rather than poor performance, misconduct or layoffs — is the primary threat to job security at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Office of Management and Budget and a dozen other federal operations.

People that insulated from consequence see no problem with a rigged game. They all play along, they all get rewarded. Everyone gets their swag. Eventually, there isn’t any serious philosophical difference amongst the grifters. There are only power struggles over who gets their nose in the trough first and furthest. So you can’t reach a principled agreement and wind up playing chicken instead.

The coming ¡GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN! won’t even come close to the real thing. They aren’t evacuating and shutting down hundreds of ICBM silos and daring N. Korea, China and Russia to fire at will. The EBT Cards won’t shut down if the governing classes still want there to be a Kroger or Walmart that still has two standing bricks attached by mortar. The taxpayer funded security details protecting both The Donald and The Harridan will still be standing tall. Every amenity a member of congress enjoys on Capital Hill will still be functional. The ¡GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN! will be deliberately targeted to inconvenience people these Congressmaggots do not like.

People eventually catch on. Just as fewer people are watching NFL games on account of Colon Kaepernick’s “heroic” protest, fewer people approve of government, the media, academia, et al. Basically, the believers are leaving the Cathedral. The problem is that nothing less corrupt takes its functional place.

a New Guinea word meaning “a truth everybody knows but nobody speaks” – Urban Dictionary

So society gradually collapses. People won’t enlist in an army they don’t respect. People will not obey the laws of a community they consider a jail. People won’t serve as candidates or precinct captains for political organizations that remind them of The Outfit. People within the political organization get tired of the fvkkery and no longer keep mokita. Yeats would describe it as follows.

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

And I can only add in rejoinder.

The destruction gradually continues apace.
The undertow claims sand; grain by grain.
From the base of a slowly tilting lighthouse –
and none notice it happening nor care.
Until the foundations lie exposed,
until the rot eats into wood and stone,
until the structure pours down into the sea.
And one less light serves to bring the fishers safe home.

This undertow of failed democracy will lead us towards increasing failure and entropy. Not tomorrow. You can still enjoy your lunch break. But as you eat that ham sandwich stop and ponder. Plan, if you are wise, where you would get that ham if the supply chain serving your local supermarket went out like the light of the aforementioned lighthouse. Then you will know the soft apocalypse continues apace.

Monkey Dynamics

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Monkey Dynamics

Throughout human history, one constant has appeared in all ages: the temptation to give in to evil.

The root of evil originates in individualism, or the desire for the individual to be more important than the order of reality. In the classic view, all of reality is a hierarchy, with the divine at the top and the rest arrayed below, and everything has a place like in an ecosystem, assuring balance and harmony with a constant inner struggle that produces people and things of quality, much like Darwinism or martial competitions.

We might refer to that abstract natural order as the plan. It includes the bigger picture: the civilization, the structure of existence, the goal, ideals of integrity and conquest, morality and nature.

All people at all times contain the tendency to desire what is evil. They want the individual to be larger than the plan. They fear the plan, because it ranks the individual, and their egos want them to be bigger than they deserve to be.

This fear compels them into a psychology of resentment: they must tear down any that are higher than they are, so that the lower are just as raised as the rest, and therefore no one looks bad for falling short of an ideal. This pathological mental state appears throughout human history as a necessary consequence of individualism, and always justifies it with a form of pacifism, equality, which states that all will be included in the group regardless of how they rank according to standards or questions of contribution.

Humans have called this “evil” through history because it is pathological, which means that it repeats itself obsessively regardless of success or failure. Where most people try something, then step back to see if it worked, the egalitarians repeat their actions with obsessive insect-like reflex action, blindly destroying in their need to assert these ideas as true.

We can see this evil in operation through how it is represented in mythology. The Greeks called it hubris, or a type of arrogance that reflected self-importance above the role of that individual in the plan. In the Bible, the hubris of Adam and Eve in the Garden resulted in their exile from a life of innocence/excellence. When humans try to place themselves above God and God’s order, chaos and horror results.

This extends to the mythical fall of Satan. As an individualist, Satan thought his personal desires were more important than the plan. As a result, he fell from heaven and became king of a different domain, but this was also his punishment: in Hell, all good things are inverted or turned into their opposites.

Then we turn to nature. Hubris can be seen in monkeys as well. A monkey tribe will gang up on any monkey who does not conform to the low standards of behavior of the group, and individual monkeys will frequently challenge the leaders — alphas — of that tribe with provocations. It is human behavior, in microcosm.

The conformity that is being forced is equality, or the rule that everyone must do the same thing, and any who exceed that are seen as a threat to the rest for having raised standards. If standards rise above the mediocre, it will alienate many in the group, and that threatens the feeling of equal inclusion that seems to prevent conflict — again, this is a form of pacifism, or bribing people with acceptance, tolerance and moral relativism in order to avoid friction.

Seen through this lens, evil is more of a mathematical certainty than a mystical force. In any group, a tension will exist between having standards and having universal inclusion, with most people desiring the latter because it creates a guarantee for them personally that they will be accepted. This is why the root of collectivism is individualism, even though it is collectivized as the group demands what each individual in the group desires, much like a union, street gang or lynch mob.

From this comes the great evil of the modern time: the compulsion to dominate the personalities of others. Created from equal parts pathetic need and a mental violence that demands satiation through victimizing others, this predatory mental state demands that nearby personalities be subjugated through social pressure, including humiliation. Like other forms of mind control, this method does not use sci-fi technologies, but simple peer pressure or psychological manipulation through the threat of what others might think.

The typical vampiric predator-parasite of the modern social scene seeks others around him, usually of lower self-confidence, and immediately begins to sow doubt in their minds. He attacks what they believe indirectly, so it does not seem like an assault, and then introduces a plausible but unproven alternative. Now the passive-aggressive begging-the-question attack begins in earnest: if they do not agree, he asks them why they are denying the truth, or the obvious, or some other phrase implying social agreement with what he has said. He then bullies them into accepting his view of reality, all for the simple reason that it makes him feel more powerful, in the absence of real power like the ability to change the failure-bound direction of his society.

Personality parasites appear in abundance because people are given no other mode of power than that which can be had through enforcing the official ideology of the Crowd, which is always egalitarianism, plus a perception of individual exceptionalism. In other words, individuals demand equality because these individuals believe they are exceptional, but must rationalize their lack of influence by believing that they are unrecognized geniuses instead of entirely average. This produces the poisonous and viral state of mind which demands that they compel others to recognize them, validate them and by doing so, recognize them as exceptional; that in turn requires that everyone be pulled down to the level of a faceless mass above which the narcissistic individual believes he can rise.

All of this is illusion. Social recognition is fleeting because the impetus behind social activity is directed toward the individual, so other individuals allow themselves to be dominated in order to achieve the sense of being part of something bigger than themselves, which makes them feel important. Looking at the audience of the average rock concert or political rally, one can see that the audience acts as if they were the ones on stage, even as they acknowledge their presence there for the concentration of social energy triggered by those actually on the stage.

Monkey dynamics persist in all human behaviors, and this tendency toward projection is no exception. It reveals the true struggle of humanity, which is not for any of the various issues that people advance as part of their psychic vampirism, but for sanity. Sanity means a clearing of the mind, and then enforcement of self-discipline, so that one can first adapt to reality, and then select the most optimal means of engineering it so that the best possible results ensue.

Modern people — like any people in a society in its last stages, regardless of technological level — find themselves under constant assault by those who want to dominate them and force them into the reigning narrative. The old saying “misery loves company” applies here: most people are miserable, and wish to drag others down into that misery, to feel better both for having dominated others and having validated their rationalization of their condition as inevitable and necessary. The modern person faces a social order in which most people are outright evil in intent and conceal it behind normalcy, “everyone does it,” and other statements of social endorsement for that evil.

The war for sanity is a quest to discover reality and escape the prison of our minds. The individual mind finds it more convenient to work through other minds, since they share a language, whereas reality is not human in nature and requires application of self-discipline to understand it. This is the nature of the hive-mind, groupthink, the echo chamber, mob-rule and other forms of the Eternal Human Dysfunction: a lonely ego, finding in other egos the ability to deny the world, which is a path of least resistance compared to understanding and finding beauty in reality.

It was for this reason that our ancestors, dating back to our origin, selected from us the best: those who were able to adapt to reality and choose excellence, because that benefited the civilization. The problem is that, over time, making civilization stronger extends that protection to those who cannot understand the importance of civilization and take it for granted, thus immediately begin to conspire against it for their own benefit. They want “anarchy with grocery stores” because that provides the broadest canvas on which to splash their egos, and the unsatisfying result makes them pathologically demand more of the same, like a drug addict who has reached a high level of biological tolerance for her substance of choice and can no longer feel the high.

When power is given to the best, they become a combination of babysitter and war-leader for the rest, giving them direction where they are afraid or incapable of thinking. This will exhaust and destroy them unless the civilization implements some method of filtering out monkey behavior where it can constrained, and exile of those for whom there is no cure.

Western Civilization has been awash in parasitic, resentful and poisonous people for too long. These are perhaps a fifth of our own people, but they have disproportionate influence because they appeal to the lowest behaviors, such as panic, emotional gushing, self-pity, fear and envy. A sane society will protect its leaders by sending its toxic people away to the third world, which is more appropriate for their anti-civilizational mentality.

This is how one fights the evil that threatens to destroy civilization, the loss of which will make all work and hopes of the individual futile and impotent.

Social Morality Versus Realist Morality, Or, Why Horror Movies Work

Sunday, September 4th, 2016


We live in an age of inversion when the definitions of common terms have not only become confused, but turned on themselves, so they mean exactly the opposite of what they originally meant. One such term is morality.

As the practice of being social, and compelling others to “like” us by modifying our behavior, spread through society, it took on a will of its own as all control mechanisms tend to do. It was no longer enough that it modified bad behavior, but it began to modify merely unpopular behavior.

The problem with this is that socializing is an extension of the human ego. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and included, so the temptation is to remove standards so that each person has a place — which means they must be immune from any (real) criticism, such as that involving inner traits like moral goodness, intellectual ability and character.

Since moral character is the most important part of any human being, it became the first target of the socializers. They redefined it from traditional morality, which emphasized doing what was right according to an order larger than humanity: nature, God or gods, and the hierarchy of human ability and character.

We might call traditional morality a form of “realist morality,” or morality based in the consequences of individual actions beyond the individual. Its replacement, social morality, emphasizes the appearances of acts to other people and how those acts influence the social commandment that all must be included.

Social morality will be familiar to you from your kindergarten class. What is important is that the teacher remain in control, and for that to happen, all conflicts must be erased so that everyone engages in the same activities and thus can be manipulated by the same incentives/punishment structure. Control is necessary because the natural sorting of people into hierarchy has been interrupted.

Social morality takes several forms:

  • Some people are starving, so we must give them money.

  • Some people are being arrested, so we must change our laws.

  • Not everyone can participate in this activity, so we must change it.

  • This knowledge makes some people uncomfortable, so it must not be mentioned.

Realist morality looks different:

  • If people are committing crimes, this damages our civilization; protecting those who are not committing crimes is most important.

  • If people are starving, we should look at what led to this starvation as contrasts those who are not starving, and suggest that behavior instead.

  • If an activity requires certain abilities for participation, then that activity is most useful when done by those with those skills.

  • If some knowledge makes some people uncomfortable, we should change the conditions that make them uncomfortable instead of editing our knowledge/history.

Alert readers may note that the second list is more complex in argument. It does not operate in the simple form “Some are not participating, therefore all must participate.” The nature of people is that they like simple answers because they are easier to understand. However, this does not make them correct.

Moral realism says that if some cannot participate, then the answer is to fix what makes them unable to participate, instead of altering the criteria for participation. Social morality employs moral relativism which demands that civilization lower its stands instead of holding people accountable for their ability to meet those standards.

You may notice that in your favorite horror movies, a conflict between characters arises: the more insane characters (MICs) struggle with the more sane characters (MSCs) for control of the human side of the situation, notably the question, “What do we do?” The MICs will seek to emote and will consequently dominate discussion; the MSCs have a tendency to give up and sulk because they realize they cannot make the group see sense.

In most films of that nature, the MICs win out at first, and then the group turns to the MSCs, at which point it becomes clear that “saving everyone” is not an option. MSCs at this point become more willing to sacrifice MICs for tactical advantage, as if recapitulating Darwin and perhaps history itself. Evolution rewards the saner, but only in the very end.

Humanity faces an evolutionary challenge of a similar nature. Every society that has existed so far has failed and collapsed to a third world state, especially the highly intelligent ones. Technology, power, wealth and military strength do not save them. There is something that all of us are doing wrong, and it is fatal.

An analysis of the changes in these societies throughout history shows that as they succeed, they become more concerned with social morality than realist morality. As this pre-dates even political changes, it suggests that the root of their failing can be found in this moral shift, and that it is the cause of their demises.

Let Us Mourn The Past, And Send It On

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

One thing about Western European descended people (WEDPs) today is that few of them have come to grips with the past. The massive loss, the sense of failure, the shame and the guilt.

We glaze over when we look at the battlefields of the two World Wars not because we are bored, but because it is simply too painful. So many good people ground up like the meat that goes into hot dogs, and for what?

WWI was a response to the rise of Leftism, and an attempt to balance Europe after the century of war unleashed by the French Revolution. This created fragile alliances which detonated in the First World War.

This in turn sparked WWII, which was a resolution of unfinished business, but unfortunately the Anglo-American elites and their allies in Communist Russia took advantage of the situation. Despite my many disagreements with Adolf Hitler, his intention was to create a non-Bolshevik Europe, which is admirable.

And now we fight little wars against the ongoing decay, in which few die but many are maimed, as we slowly bleed out our best so that the bourgeois proles at home can keep watching television.

Our daily energy is spent denying the shame, guilt and horror of living in a society that is in the process of dying. In the silent cemeteries of France, the dead agree.

Let us finally mourn this pass, and remove its legitimacy. All was error, originating in Leftism, which sacrificed our best for the worst impulses of the human mind. Let us finally accept the sadness.

And then, let us resolve to do better. To finally see the real enemy — individualism and its political form, egalitarianism — and stop chasing this path to doom.

Our dead ancestors are (at least) owed this respect.

Western Civilization Is Collapsing Like Roman Civilization Did

Friday, August 19th, 2016


For some time now, people have been noticing our current situation and that of fallen empires in Greece and Rome. To Amerika readers, this will not be a surprise, since we realize how broken the current West has become, and that all empires fall by the same methods.

Britain is experiencing the same decline as Rome in 100BC, with the collapse of civilisation inevitable, a scientist has warned.

Dr Jim Penman, of the RMIT University in Melbourne, believes Britons no longer have the genetic temperament to advance because of decades of peace and a high standard of living.

He claims that the huge success of the Victorian era will not be repeated because people in the UK have lost the biological drive for innovation.

Instead, Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing.

I have to disagree with him here: the majority of the damage is behavioral. Over the past two hundred years, we have crammed people into cities, made them waste their days on unnecessary and tedious jobs, and subjected them to more red tape and putting up with the stupidity of others than anyone can handle. We have broken them the same way the Communists broke them: by cucking them, and forcing them to humiliate themselves by obeying the insane rules and horrible conditions which exist for no good reason.

Who is “we” in that sentence? The voters, of course, who in groups vote by pretense and not any vestige of realism. This pretense forms a social bond that takes over in lieu of hierarchy, culture and values. People are afraid to push back against group pretense, which forces them to accept the insanity and compensate with personal behavior.

People act badly when they are thrust into a mentality of compensation, justification, and excuse-making. This causes a reversed cognitive process where instead of aiming for something and achieving it, they accept what is and then rationalize it.

As a result, they become bratty and entitled, mainly because that is their method of compensation.

Similarly, the hive-mind around Leftist ideas seems to arise from a compensatory impulse.

The current forms of genetic degradation are casual sex, divorce, caste-mixing, and the general misery caused by working for 8-10 hours a day doing nonsense work for idiots. This makes people desperate and they engage in other compensatory behaviors like perversity, alcoholism and general apathy.

After the collapse, the genetic degradation will be most extreme. As is usual for a falling empire, we have imported in the cheap labor of the third world, and will gradually incorporate it into our gene pool. At first, this “seems” like a win, because you have picked the best of these people to breed with. Then slowly over the centuries, it becomes clear that it is fatal: the problem is not bad DNA, but inconsistent DNA, which leads to lower abilities as specialized traits are lost.

Naturally anyone with a functional brain can see this, but none can say it, because they will have their jobs, families, money, property, and friends taken away from them for indulging in wrongthink.

This decay can be turned around within a few weeks. Deport everyone but the indigenous European tribes from their homelands, and anyone but Western Europeans from America, and undo all of our laws and government. Put in place an aristocracy and let them rule local communities. Allow culture to do the rest.

At that point, the potential for parasitism will be destroyed, and so that parasites will go elsewhere, as is the nature of parasites and criminals: they look for an easy score because they are morally lazy. When the West announces that it is hostile to parasites again, its strength will return.

“Racism” Never Existed

Monday, August 15th, 2016


In Leftist-land, diversity has always been the normal state of humankind but a small number of sociopaths, called “racists,” have always hated other tribes just for being different (the same thing to which SJWs attribute their social failures in high school) and depended on sadistic subjugation of those others for their own callow sense of well-being.

In reality, “racism” does not exist and never has existed. What we see instead is that each group prefers its own, but when there is a strong and prosperous morality, diversity can be engineered and the inevitable backlash — not being able to live exclusively among their own kind, and losing control of their institutions, for the majority — blamed on “racism” which then serves as a means of ascending to power or at least getting hired as a Diversity Officer.

Like most Leftist worries, “racism” is a phantom of the mind. People prefer their own groups to live around, date/marry, befriend, work with and conduct business with. If you allow them to do this naturally, you end up with nations as we have always had, and in them social hierarchy. But Leftists hate that and want to destroy it.

And so, a crusade against “racism” begins and anyone accused of being “racist” has his life destroyed. But if it succeeded, the anti-“racism” crusade would actually create a far worse outcome:

And, honestly, is it a good idea for Airbnb to set up its platform in such a way that a person of color might unknowingly wind up in the home of a virulent racist? Or vice versa? The woman who was verbally abused by the racist Airbnb host in North Carolina told a business school classmate, “I was overwhelmed with the thought of what could have happened if I moved in without him finding out I was black. Would he have assaulted me physically or verbally etc? I just didn’t feel safe anymore.”

It has become a Silicon Valley trope that the more companies like Airbnb try to change the world, the more they reinforce the problems in the world they set out hoping to disrupt. Racism in hotel bookings has not been a problem for decades. But Airbnb is now returning us to a version of the Jim Crow era when, if you were black, you needed a race-specific travel guide to offer tips and tricks on how to navigate the white world.

When you force people to live together and interact, the ugliness comes out. When you let them have their own domains, they will not only be happier but less likely to do horrible things to one another. The hilarity of this situation is that the end result of anti-“racism” will be even more segregation and resentment.

Human history consists of long periods of sanity punctuated by disturbances in which the neurotics among us, who are able to survive because civilization makes their lives less dependent on individual pro-active forcefulness, take over and sell their insanity with pleasant-sounding ideas of the nature of that which is found in cults, on greeting cards, and in sales literature for products geared toward low-IQ people.

Eventually, they gain enough power to put their crazy ideas into practice, at which point those actions fail and the bad guys are given the power to sweep in and mop up the disaster, which they usually do by sword and fire. Like all of these Utopian crusades, the “war against ‘racism'” is a problem of its own creation which is exacerbated by its putative solutions.

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