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Charlottesville: The Alt Right Emerges Victorious

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, signals a new era in American politics. Previously, citizens assumed that sharing economic and political interests with each other was enough, and therefore that we could compromise on our differences and coexist.

After Alt Right demonstrators arrived in Charlottesville to find a Leftist mayor and hostile police seemingly in cahoots with the Antifa protesters, it became clear that this was not so, and not just to the Alt Right. Ordinary Americans watching this event felt that fair play had been violated by the clear discrimination of the Establishment against the Alt Right.

In particular, it evoked memories of racial and political unrest from the 1960s through Ferguson, and made more people realize that we cannot all just get along. In actuality, we have already separated, and this is being formalized through displays of contrary allegiances at events like this rally.

On top of those realizations, Americans woke up to the new reality of a permanently divided nation that, like Humpty Dumpty, is never going to be put back together again. This new reality includes:

  1. We are living in the new Soviet Union. Rightists learned that no matter how nice and law-abiding you are, you are a target. The police will come after you. Armed mobs will be allowed to attack you with impunity. You will be doxxed and lose your job, friends, housing and possibly family. Their goal is to eradicate you, and the people in power across government, academia, media and large corporations are part of the same Establishment (“the Cathedral”) that encourages this behavior, and their alliance is with international commerce, multi-national corporations and globalists. We are living in a country dominated by Leftist ideals, and Leftism is pathological and obsessive, so they will only feel comfortable when you, your culture and your values are eradicated.
  2. Nazism is unnecessary. This is not about “the optics,” but the fact that you provoke the proles purely by being European-descended and not Left-wing. You do not need swastikas. Even more, Nazism is insufficient for what we have to do now. The Nazis wanted to save their nation; ours have already fallen, and we want to split them up and send away the Leftists and repatriate the Others so that we can rebuild. National Socialism does not have the scope for that, nor was it successful; now, even more, it has lost its stigma. They will call you Nazis no matter what you do, so use that as a blank check to go even further. We do not need Hitler, but Charlemagne, Socrates and Aurelius.
  3. The USA has died. The Charlottesville rally demonstrated to the world that the Left is:
    1. In power in the USA. Our police are Leftist. Our mayors are Leftist. Anyone who is not Leftist will be a target. They will lose power in the system, because the system is Leftist and selects for Leftists. Our ideals are Leftist. Our people mostly lean Leftist. We are not revolutionaries, but rebels against a corrupt ideology which has cordycepted all of the people around us.
    2. Violent, abusive, deceptive and corrupt. When the police attack those who have a permit to protest and try to drive them into the waiting crowd of admittedly violent Leftists, and when a state of emergency is called to stop a peaceful protest, you know that corruption is the norm. When public figures lie about who started the violence, make implications that are not backed by evidence, incite panic and obsession, and otherwise instigate the chaos and then cover for each other so that they are not blamed, you know that Leftists are behaving according to their roots in organized crime and peasant revolts and cannot be trusted.

We have seen from the occasional brave voice in media that police were on the side of the Leftists:

While fights broke out, pepper-spray flew, and gas canisters were thrown by protesters, McLaren says the “police hung back quite a distance” away from the “center of the action.”

McLaren says he recognizes that police “couldn’t be everywhere” but that “it was clear the police were trying to shut down the protest even before it began.”

From the videos posted, we can see how the police began confining the Alt Right, macing them and driving them into the waiting Antifa crowds. We have seen how the media has reported the event as “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi” and made zero attempt to understand the Alt Right, only to plaster them with whatever symbols the media believes will slander it most.

We have also seen how, after the violence instigated by the Left, the media machine fired up to blame the violence on the Alt Right despite there being no basis in fact for that assertion:

The ACLU of Virginia is sickened and distraught by the vile acts committed today in Charlottesville. We mourn for the lives senselessly lost, agonize for those harmed both physically and emotionally, and grieve for the community of which we and our members, friends and families are an ingrained part.

White supremacy is abhorrent. Bigotry, racism and hatred in any form are indefensible. Violence of any kind combined with any of the above is terrorism.

We condemn it, as we do the reprehensible individuals and organizations responsible both directly and indirectly through their words and deeds. As of this writing, this includes our president who condones today’s inhumanities by default.

Since its inception, and even as we have and will continue to fight for free speech for everyone, the ACLU of Virginia has stood up for respect, decency, equality and humanity for all. What happened today had nothing to do with free speech. It devolved into conduct against individuals motivated by hate that was initially thuggish, and ultimately, deliberately murderous.

We have seen how Antifa miraculously have money for bus and plane tickets and fancy phones; how the University of Virginia gave students the day off to demonstrate, and seems unconcerned with punishing any students engaged in violence for the Left; how shops in the city center posted signs in support of the march. This shows us the wide collusion.

It also shows us how empires die. People brainwash each other because they repeat ideas that make them feel as if they sound intelligent. They join up in great herds which agree on certain things as common knowledge, despite them being unrealistic. The driver behind the Left is social behavior, and the weakness of the individual as well as its greed for power. We are seeing the political face of evil.

Empires collapse because people imitate each other, and soon form an echo chamber, and by excluding all other voices, quickly suppress any knowledge that contradicts the official narrative that things are not just OK, but doing better than ever before, despite civilization collapsing around them. They play “follow the leader” straight into the grave.

Humans have always had this weakness, but hubris/individualism, equality, Leftism and democracy bring it out. We are now seeing the consequence of those ideas gaining full power because all of their competition has been destroyed or fallen apart. We now live in dark Soviet times, and we are the few who are resisting the zombie march to oblivion.

Unite The Right: Light Fuse And Get Away!

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

The Unite The Right series of events kicked off in Charlottesville, VA where local authorities — catering to a mixed-race and Leftist population — were agitating to remove monuments to Confederate general Robert E. Lee and other figures from that era. How Americans thought they could create a non-white electorate and have them celebrate white sacrifice is beyond this writer.

According to several media sources, at least one person has died and several others have been injured after a car, surrounded by Leftist protestors beating in its doors and pounding on its windows, accelerated into the vehicle in front of it, sending that car crashing into a herd of Antifa and other Leftist protestors who soon formed an untidy, bloody heap in the gutters.

The lügenpresse was quick to report and distort, claiming a variety of exaggerations as truth:

The city announced earlier this week that the rally must be moved out of Emancipation Park to a larger one, citing safety reasons. The rally and counter-protests wereexpected to draw thousands of people.

Kessler sued, saying the change was a free speech violation. The city said in a statement that it would abide by the judge’s decision.

Kessler had led a torch lit procession through the University of Virginia campus on Friday night with burning torches, ending at the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Almost 200 white nationalists, neo-Confederates, and alt-right activists, were heard chanting ‘white lives matter’ and ‘Jews will not replace us’.

Despite the vast tendency toward cucking in the mainstream Right, the underground Right appears to have attended in unity with Alt Right demonstrators coming from pro-Confederate, National Socialist, Republican, Libertarian, Neoreactionary and other post-egalitarian viewpoints. Flags of different types mingled alongside tshirts, signs and other symbols of opposition to equality, diversity, tolerance and democracy.

They chanted a number of slogans including “You will not replace us,” which was distorted by the herd press into “Jews will not replace us,” but no reports suggest that the latter was accurate in any way.

Organized by a range of Alt Right and Alt South leaders, the Unite the Right protest was designed to push back against the ongoing destruction of Confederate monuments by anti-Caucasian local forces, almost all of whom have since trashed the historic monuments instead of sending them to museums. In picking Charlottesville, VA, the Alt Right protestors chose a city ill-equipped to manage the events.

Its mayor, Mike Signer, who has been engaging in various manipulations to prevent the protest including denying the venue and declaring the city to be in a state of emergency, eventually got his wish as Antifa counter-protestors initiated violence, causing a spiral that quickly outpaced the abilities of local police.

Armed militia members were in attendance to keep order, and many demonstrators appeared to be armed, keeping the bottle-throwing, bike-lock striking Antifa — a loose coalition of Leftists, heroin addicts, anarchists and communists — at bay. Antifa has traditionally behaved like a criminal gang, funded by Leftist organizations and engaging in violence in exchange for money in an attempt to “de-platform” or censor Right-wing views.

You can view live streams of the event to catch the chaos as it unfolds.

The Alt Right has played this one sensibly by essentially lighting a fuse and walking away. Their presence set off Antifa, who were joined by local SWPLs and SJWs from the University of Virginia, to engage in an orgy of vandalism and destruction, at which point the Alt Right demonstrators mostly withdrew to let Charlottesville reap what it had sewn.

At this time, Alt Right demonstrators plan to return for scheduled events tomorrow, which will further show America and the world exactly how Left-wing protestors behave, and why to reject anything those people stand for. As media converge, this pivotal event could well be the kick-start of Civil War 2.0, which both sides obviously consider to be inevitable.

For many younger members of what is left of Western Civilization, these protests are a chance to be part of something in a world marked steadily by non-events and gradual decline. Like generations before them, they can stand up for what they believe in and alter history, except this time, many of them are pushing it toward health instead of insanity.

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