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Race-Mixing Makes People Incompetent

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Many of us argue against race-mixing, or miscegenation, on the basis of the obvious point that it is genocide. If you mix an ethnic group, you replace the original group with something else.

Proof of this comes from recent events where miscegenation equals degeneration as traits are lost:

Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.

Anecdotally, African immigrants achieve more than African-Americans, and this presents a problem. Why could this be? We might say that those who were subjected to slavery were from lower castes, or at least captured in warfare. We could say that those who are coming over are of a higher caste.

Or we could point out that many African-Americans are a quarter Caucasian, meaning that they are of mixed race.

In theory, if we believe the superior/inferior doctrine of races, this would improve them. But much as mixing different chemicals can produce a muddle, mixing races will destroy both.

Consider this. There are several thousand genes that code for intelligence. Remove some, and the effect is lost. This is true of most traits; they are the result of a combination of many genes.

When you breed people who are of the same race, ethnic group and caste, those genes exist in common, so the traits are passed on. But when you mix race, ethnicity or caste, then some of those thousands of genes are not passed on, and the trait is lost or only partially passed on. This results in people without the original ability or worse, the appearance of the original with less competence.

In this way, mixing an African and a Caucasian loses what each does well. This could explain the average relatively lower performance of African-Americans. Not only do they suffer from having been the type of people within their race who were likely to be enslaved, and the consequences of slavery and living in the ‘hood, but they have also been deprived of their genetic birthright.

By the same token, this shows us why mixing ethnic groups within a race is so destructive. When you mix a German with an Irishman, you get neither a German nor an Irishman, but something else. Those unique networks of genes coding for traits are lost, and with them, whatever made each group great is lost. Instead you get a person of generic abilities like the incompetents now flooding the West.

After several centuries of denying race, ethnicity and caste, the West is awakening to its importance. Mixing any of these elements produces lesser-quality human beings, independent of whatever linear considerations we apply to each race. Diversity is death, and miscegenation is worse. The new world we inherit will place a much higher priority on this concern.

A school trip to Saxonia

Monday, March 21st, 2016


Xiao Chen had waited for this day for weeks. Nonetheless, she was almost late for the great event. After half an hour of preparation, a thick layer of makeup concealed every minor imperfection on her skin, and she hurried on her bicycle to school. The teacher, Mrs. Wu, seemed to anticipate that the girls would be late and for once tolerated this truancy.

As the bus was still busy charging behind the school, she instructed her pupils on what to expect. “Saxonia is about 200 kilometers from here, so it’ll take us about three hours to get there. It’s only accessible by bus. I looked for another option, but this is the fastest we can get there.” Odd as her calculations might seem to us at first, she was correct. The legal speed limit on most highways was 80 kilometer per hour, in an effort to conserve energy.

Mrs. Wu continued. “Now students, please remember that this is meant as an educational field trip. You’re not going to Disneyland. There will be questions about this on your history exam next week.” Xiao looked at her best friend to the right and rolled her eyes. Both girls giggled. “Lucy, did you bring the vodka?” She asked. Lucy nodded. A small bottle, concealed in her bra, would serve to make an already exciting trip even better.

The girls had stopped paying attention to their teacher’s boring monologue, but snapped back to attention when it seemed she was nearly finished talking. “So be warned, if I see any more of that behavior like we saw at the Fitna memorial, I will have to call the principal and ask him to cancel our next field trip. Did I make myself clear?” The students responded in unison: “Yes, Mrs. Wu.” “Alright then, students, go ahead and get your coats now.”

The journey proceeded mostly non-eventfully. Riding tightly behind a big truck for most of the journey, the artificial intelligence that controlled and coordinated the journey managed to shave a few highly valuable percentage points off its energy expenditure. For a human driver, burdened with a human reaction speed, this feat would have been highly dangerous to pull of, but human drivers were of course a rarity for this very reason.

The bus left the highway and continued its journey on a small provincial road. “Music, louder,” Lucy said. The heavy metal that played in the bus became even louder, then Mrs. Wu stood up and reprimanded the girl. “Lucy, I heard that was you. Cut it off or you can write an extra assignment.” She warned her before nearly falling down as the bus came to an abrupt stop.

The bus had encountered a big toll booth. “You are entering a federally designated indigenous reserve,” stated a big wooden sign on the side of the road. It was tough to make out for the passengers, as the sign was overgrown with vines and various mosses. A middle-aged man of coffee-colored complexion with blonde curls entered the bus and began to check everyone’s ID.

“Look!” Lucy said to Xiao, as she gently pushed her elbow into her side. Xiao looked at the man’s chest, where a little metal hammer bounced up and down on the hair of his chest as he wandered through the bus. Xiao bit her lip. “Oh my God Lucy, you’re such a slut!” Lucy exclaimed. The girls giggled. The man, who was used to worse, pretended not to notice them.

The journey continued, but the quality of the road rapidly deteriorated. The bus began to bump up and down. Out of the window, abandoned and squatted buildings could be seen, as well as overgrown farmland, where two young blonde women in white dresses were gathering wild flowers to put into their hair. “Oh my God, look at that!” Lucy yelled, upon seeing a tree growing on top of a small abandoned office complex. “They’re going to have to cut down that tree at some point, or the whole roof is going to give in,” Mrs. Wu remarked.

Finally, after traveling over a small hill, a big sign on top of a wooden palisade became visible to them. “Saxonia” it said. The students hurried to the doors before the bus came to a stop. Two statues of tall, bearded and shirtless blonde men carrying a spear and a shield stood on opposite sides in front of the entrance. A metal sign attached to the palisade wall spoiled an otherwise impressive sight. “This project was made possible thanks to European Federal Union subsidies for indigenous development,” it said, but none of the passengers paid any attention to it.

A short while later, the students entered a big wooden hall. Here various items were shown that an early medieval Saxon household would use. A big wooden statue in the middle depicted a woman and her children crying. “The massacre of Verden,” it said. The placard provided a detailed explanation of the massacre of 4,500 heathen Saxon men by the Frankish king Charlemagne.

Because the hall was rather crowded, other students visited a small stone building instead. “A typical late 20th century German household,” read the placard. They were presented with an impressively designed scene of a small blonde child playing with a Lego castle, while a woman sat on the couch with a bag, removing the outer layer of some Brussel’s sprouts. A student pressed a button and the child’s hand moved slightly, as a high-pitched children’s voice told a story of a knight looking for a dragon in authentic German.

In another room an elderly man in a three-piece suit watched as Mrs. Wu struggled to discipline one of her students. “I didn’t say Heil Hitler, I said Hey Hitler!” Fang said to Mrs. Wu. “I don’t get why you kids still pretend like this is some funny joke, when this man killed millions of people. Well, I guess I can’t blame you, this stupid exhibition treats it like a joke too,” she lamented.

“Pardon me. Is there a problem?” A voice from behind her said. The man in the three-piece suit gently took a step forward, as Mrs. Wu turned around. “We don’t deny the Holocaust, but we didn’t wish to overemphasize it. This was simply a different era. Remember that the Japanese committed far worse atrocities against our own people back then,” he stated.

“Are you the director?” Mrs. Wu asked. “I am Li Pan, the founder,” he replied. “When I set up Saxonia, the youth unemployment rate in the indigenous reserve was fifty percent. Drug abuse, suicide and genetic dilution were rampant. That’s what a century worth of self-castigation does to a race,” the man responded.

“You see Mrs. Wu, white people were simply not made for the modern world. This is what their society struggled with on a continual basis. What to do with this vast population of people whose jobs were taken over by machines? They had no good answer. A few of them could be taught how to program in PHP or in Python, but most of them had no such desire. Nor did the white women particularly desire to have children with men who spent their days massaging a keyboard. They had to import people from Asia to do it for them.”

“If they don’t have something meaningful to do, they become neurotic. Same thing happens if you confront them with some unfortunate historical facts. Whereas most people will try to deny it or rationalize it, these people start to descend down a self-destructive guilt complex, so when we built the museum, we simply decided to present history to them in a fashion that works,” Mr. Pan continued.

“And so you tell them that Hitler simply had no choice other than to invade Poland, because the Polish army had mobilized?” Mrs. Wu responds, as she looks at another exhibition. “We don’t want them to embarrass themselves. Remember that the indigenous resistance spent roughly sixty years rendering itself irrelevant by referring to him. If you present Hitler as just another historical figure, he becomes irrelevant to them,” he explained.

“Look over here, Mrs. Wu, what do you think of this?” The man says, as he points out another exhibition, featuring statues of bulky white men with ponytails, beards and black jackets. “Sons of Odin” Mrs. Wu begins to read. “Sons of Odin was an indigenous resistance movement. It became prominent when it claimed responsibility for the murder of six men held responsible for the sexual assaults in Cologne, usurping a variety of other organizations and pushing the fractured political landscape of the various resistance movements in a decisively Heathen direction. Sons of Odin would go on to play an important role in enabling the Fitna by assassinating scientists involved in vaccine development,” she continued.

Mrs. Wu sighed. “I get the idea, but I can’t help but think that this whole project you have built is awfully patronizing to white people. You merely help reinforce the scientifically dubious idea that white people can’t fully participate in society when you shield their eyes from anything that doesn’t paint a flawless picture of their history. What’s wrong with simply explaining to white people that whatever might have happened in the past will under no circumstance ever necessitate their collective self-abolition? Don’t you think these people should at some point be returned to self-governance?” she continued.

“It might be a scientifically dubious idea to you, but it works. Despite thousands of years of agriculture in Europe, white people overwhelmingly descend from egalitarian hunter-gatherer communities. Whereas in China there were no barriers to the advance of civilization, the collapse of the Roman empire, the Norman conquests and various other episodes of enormous upheaval continuously replaced people well adapted to civilization with people who were genetically effectively still stuck with one foot in the stone age.”

“They might be intelligent and innovative because of the skills needed to thrive in the Scandinavian environment from which most of them originate, but they are obsessed with the concept of fairness, easily bored by repetitive tasks, allergic to authority and sexually promiscuous. These are unfortunately all values that simply threaten their survival within our advanced stage of civilization. There is no other option than to treat them like the human equivalent of a Giant Panda,” he explained to the teacher.

Mrs. Wu looked out of the window. A bearded muscular man with long hair, complete with Suebian knot, held a sword-fight with a skinny Chinese boy in a black T-shirt with German words on his back as a number of girls looked on. “Very good, you’re learning fast” She heard the man say, before she was surprised by a hand on her shoulder and a voice that whispered in her ear: “They’re happier this way.”

Mrs. Wu was silent for a moment before she responded: “Perhaps we’d be too.”

Mixed-race Kevin Williamson gives us “the talk” about white boys

Saturday, March 19th, 2016


White Boys. What do you fricking do with them? All those honkies too broke to afford the latest suit from Armani just look alike to National Review Magazine. They have a role in life. They work, they save, they build capital and institutions and they then sit there in docile compliance when socialist dirt bags steal everything they have and give it to tossers who haven’t done jack to earn it. What do you do with those melanin-deficient apostates who just say “F#$% it!” and cook meth instead? Kevin Williamson of National Review has a solution. He hopes that it is a final one.
Here’s how Kevin Williamson would like that all to work out.

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs. Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles.

So given National Review’s proud tradition of purging dyspeptic bigots from the ranks of the Conservative Movement; I hereby call on Rich Lowry to immediately fire Kevin Williamson and delete every article this man has ever written from the NRO archives. Mr. Lowry, you see, has established a precedent in how he handles this situation in the past. It occurred when John Derbyshire wrote pure, unadulterated heresy in the hallowed pages of his publication a few years back.
Here’s what John Derbyshire wrote:

The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites. The least intelligent ten percent of whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of blacks have IQs that low. Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.”

Mr. Lowry was scandalized. Once he had cleaned up from browning his trousers, he took to the Corner Blog of his website to write the following:

His latest provocation, in a webzine, lurches from the politically incorrect to the nasty and indefensible. We never would have published it, but the main reason that people noticed it is that it is by a National Review writer. Derb is effectively using our name to get more oxygen for views with which we’d never associate ourselves otherwise. So there has to be a parting of the ways. Derb has long danced around the line on these issues, but this column is so outlandish it constitutes a kind of letter of resignation.

Unlike Mr. Derbyshire, Mr. Williamson’s anti-white hate screed worthy of Robert Mugabe or Winnie Mandela, will be right on the marquee of your print magazine, Mr. Lowry. It will have National Review’s name and imprimatur on every despicable column inch. Do you support these views? Are you proud and honored that the self-supposing voice of “Conservative” America now calls for the obliteration of Working-Class White neighborhoods? Is this what you believe the purpose of your “Conservatism” really should be?
Until Mr. Williamson has been fired like a howitzer; I’ll have every reason to believe that National Review Magazine now exists to hate me, hate the family line I came from and wish nothing for me but a total and ineffable damnation. Amazing how that doesn’t quite make me feel like running out there sending NRO more money or voting the way that they would endorse. Mr. Williamson’s evil, classist and racist hatred of all White People too poor to regularly board the Acela and work in the board room is a direct challenge to your pre-supposed intellectual fairness and judicious defining of Conservatism as a non-bigoted ideology. I will eagerly await Mr. Williamson’s hasty termination as a sign that this self-coronated voice of “Conservatism” truly measures up to its own press releases.

White riot

Monday, August 31st, 2015


Diversity creates racism. It does so by forcing groups into competition when they would rather live among their own and have self-determination, or the ability to rule themselves and choose their own future. Racism creates rancor, and if there is a perceived economic or power imbalance, it creates race warfare.

That is what is happening on the streets of America today. Currently, it is white-vs-black drama, but this will soon expand to include other groups, even those that like Hispanic indios and Asians tend to use more indirect methods. Speaking of indirect methods, check out the response. After years of being silenced by accusations of “racism,” white people are mobilizing in protest.

One night after Deputy Darren Goforth was executed at the Chevron station in Houston, over a thousand people gathered at the site to memorialize the man who was apparently murdered simply because he wore a police uniform, as reported by Breitbart Texas. Thousands more gathered on Sunday night to walk the streets in the suburban neighborhood where he was killed.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, the escalation of anti-white and anti-cop rhetoric has been building since militant black activists began marching in support of #BlackLivesMatter after the suicide of Sandra Bland. At protests at the jail where Bland killed herself, a radical activist called for all white people to be killed, and heavily armed members of the New Black Panther Party chanted “the revolution has started … off the pigs.” A Texas-based internet radio show called for the lynching of whites and the killing of police officers. Last week, two white journalists and a white deputy sheriff have been assassinated by blacks who appear to be carrying out the message of hate.

White people favor indirect methods. They prefer to march, sing bad folk songs on acoustic guitar, wave signs and write letters. They show up for midnight vigils. They produce (endless) blogs and editorials. And let us not forget the first-person novels. This is how someone accustomed to a European-style society registers displeasure. They do not achieve displeasure without first having doubts and fears, and when all of those come together, an emotional wave sweeps the population. (Then they usually choose the wrong option based on other fears and that dreaded hallmark of all failure, moral laziness).

For a population that only a decade ago was afraid to discuss race at all, this is a big shift, even a sea change, if you will. The cat is out of the bag and the dissent is spreading. We all want to believe the Benetton ads and political speeches on our televisions, but experience shows us that “birds of a feather flock together” and that difference breeds disagreement. Having uneasily held their tongues for decades, the Caucasians are on the march. Slowly. Indirectly. But discontented nonetheless.

Caucasian Students Get Bullied Most, But African-Americans Are Bullied More By Other Minorities

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

In the ongoing saga of humanity, two things stand out: the attempts to make democracy stop self-destructing, and to make diverse societies approximate functional ones.

To do the latter, in most European-descended societies, a mythos has been adopted of white cruelty and minority stoic, Christlike suffering, but recent research about bullying un-does this in two ways:

The findings suggested that Caucasian middle school students experience more bullying than African American students generally, and specifically when minorities in school settings. Caucasian students also experienced almost three times the amount of race-based victimization than African American students when school diversity was held constant. Interestingly, African American students experienced twice the amount of race-based victimization than Caucasian students when in settings with more students of color.

First, the bullies are not the white kids, but the numerous and earlier-maturing children of minority origin. Second, when the situation is not black-and-white, and other ethnic groups are involved, African-Americans get bullied more.

Among other things, this suggests that diversity cannot work because making it functional is not merely a case of suppressing white defensive-preemptive behavior, but tensions between all ethnic groups, and also, that minority groups themselves will have to alter behavior in order for any sense of integration with other minority groups to be possible.

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