End Of A Franchise

It became clear that America had entered the final stage of collapse during Hurricane Katrina. From my car at a stoplight, the crime being perpetrated by refugees from New Orleans was visible and constant. But on the car radio, NPR was announcing that the previously reported crime rate increase was in fact an illusion.

Official sources at first confirmed a 25% rise in the murder rate of the city, but then those figures mysteriously vanished. The press reported something else instead, and it went down in history, in the media and in Google/Wikipedia that nothing bad happened. And yet, over the course of several weeks, the bad had both been seen and reported. It was covered up.

When that sort of editing of known fact can occur, ideology has taken over your society. This is what kills every advanced civilization: the theory of the tool replaces knowledge of the task, and gets translated into a social control mechanism based on redefining what is “right” to mean what is convenient for the majority of people, who are selfish herd monkeys who do not mean ill but always make things go ill through their self-fixation.

Ideology is a reality replacement. Instead of thinking about how things work, which is a mathematical determination more than a physical one, people think about how things “should” be according to human social intent, which means excluding risk. That translates into a brew of pacifism, universal inclusion, ignoring differences and forcing everyone to behave the same way so that none feel lesser.

When ideology takes over, the path to wealth and power is determined by ideology. There is a type of “ideological market” which regulates which viewpoints are in vogue, and this influences the cultural market which is upstream from political opinion and consumer interest. By this mechanism, those who say the right things — according to the ideological narrative — achieve wealth and power.

This creates a franchise where the most efficient path to success is determined by ideology, and those who choose to avoid this path then take on an additional burden that makes them less competitive. At the same time, institutions and social standards start to work against the civilization by enforcing honesty in the context of an unrealistic narrative, forcing people to become dishonest.

Since the end of World War II, the only remaining ideology has been Leftism, but it has adapted to include capitalism in a neutered form, namely “consumerism” in which through egalitarian policies and the welfare state, all consumers have some money, which corrects capitalism not toward realistic goals, but ideological ones as people buy what they think makes them successful according to the franchise.

With the rise of what the media calls “populism,” drawing comparison to the American Nativist movement of the 1840s, the Leftist regime — driven by globalism, liberal democracy, diversity and consumerism — has collapsed as an idea. People trusted it when it seemed to lead to good results, but when given full power with the election of Barack Obama, the Left proved to be as destructive as in the USSR.

As a result, people starting with the natural leaders who are the most competent but often the least officially recognized in their fields, have turned against the “liberal world order”:

At a time of “uncertainty” we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the “liberal world order” to be torn apart by destructive forces.

…He warned that the reason for the pressure on the democratic order is the rise in income inequality and the hollowing out of the middle class, as the rich get richer and people in developing nations see their lives gradually improve.

Biden went on to identify Russia as the force of this change, wanting to “roll back decades of progress.” In reality, this is merely scapegoating: the Left needs someone to blame for its own failure, so it has conjured up a hybrid of King George III, Jefferson Davis and Adolf Hitler. In reality, the impulse against the “liberal world order” or “new world order” has come from within the West, and is a cultural wave against the ideas which legitimize this new world order by indicating it is our best possible future.

As history shows us, Leftist governments fail the same way wherever they are tried. They fall in the same way every time, which is to gain power, become unstable, and then launch a series of wars as they try to re-build the collective consciousness that united their people when they were in the process of achieving Leftism. The reason for this has to do with the origins of Leftism.

Since Leftism is derived from the ideological viewpoint itself, it serves to unify people by opposing a natural state. Once power occurs, and that natural state is displaced, Leftism no longer has a scapegoat. Since Leftism is based on regulating our methods so that we can change natural reality, its only objection to others occurs on the basis of their methods. This does not allow the formation of a Leftist goal in itself.

As a result, Leftism fragments when power is achieved and it has agreement on nothing but power itself, which causes its social support to waver and often, to oppose it. It is common for people to support a revolution and then turn on it once it has power because it has become the new version of the scapegoat it targeted. Re-unifying these people requires a bogeyman even bigger than Hitler.

For this reason, we must look carefully at what Leftists complain about. If inequality has occurred, it is because Leftist policies failed to remove inequality and instead accelerated it as people learned to use the ideological path to power in their favor. If the middle class is perishing, it is because Leftist wealth transfer programs penalized the most consistent sector instead of “the rich,” always an amorphous term.

As a result, early opposition to Leftism is disorganized and inept, but later opposition has widely popular support and consists of a demand to remove Leftist programs so that what was there before can exist again, because it was better:

Hedge Fund billionaire Ray Dalio warned on a panel chaired by Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua that “we may be at a point where globalization is ending, and provincialization and nationalization is taking hold.”

…Davos over the decades has become synonymous with globalization and open markets, but in the background this year is the failure of business and political elites to predict any of the seismic political events that shaped 2016. That has raised questions over whether they are capable of understanding and addressing the anti-establishment forces that have roiled the U.S. and Europe over the past year.

These elites have become powerful in the years after Leftist takeover by pandering to the society it has created, and they know that with the reversal of these policies, their fortunes will also reverse. Globalization was their dream because it meant that one standardized world market would enable them to expand their empires to all corners of the globe. Now they are looking at a breakup as people pull away.

They might as well rage against cycles of the moon. The breaking away of people, especially more proficient groups, from the rest has been going on since the dawn of time and is how humans evolve. Most humans are mildly delusional and narcissistic, so those that are not move away from the others and set up a civilization based on being realistic. It then thrives until it breeds more delusional and narcissistic people.

Leftism arises through a process of rationalization of the decay. Fighting decay is socially unpopular, so unscrupulous people choose instead to say something popular that denies decay and scapegoats something else, namely the lack of Utopian or “progressive” thinking. This enables them to become kings among the ruins, even if it ultimately dooms them.

The scariest fact about ideology is that people cannot leave it behind because to do so is to incur the wrath of the herd:

Years ago, watching science fiction magazines and newspapers of various sorts come and go, I identified a process I called “roll hard left and die.”

When a magazine or a newspaper or any news or entertainment media was in real trouble, they went hard, hard left, then died.

It took me a little while to realize this was a sane strategy. In a field completely controlled by the left, when you knew that your job was in peril be it through mismanagement or whatever, your last hope was to go incredibly hard left, so you could blame the failure on ideology. And instead of not being able to find a job, you found yourself lionized by all the “right” (left) “thinking people.” New jobs were assured.

This is how societies die: once in the grip of ideology, they can never back down or admit they are wrong, and each person in a quest for personal successful will re-affirm the ideology endlessly even as doom becomes apparent. They do this because they can claim they did the right thing, and were martyred for it, and so always have hope of personal success at the expense of the group, a usual human modus operandi.

Their only option thus is to double down on what they have said so far, and to intensify it by accusing those who deviate from the Leftist program of whatever sins according to Leftism might be made to semi-plausibly stick to them. This is why we get the constant ranting about how those who are not Leftists are Nazis, George III or Confederates:

“Certain politicians are flourishing and even gaining power by portraying rights as protecting only the terrorist suspect or the asylum seeker at the expense of the safety, economic welfare, and cultural preferences of the presumed majority,” wrote Roth. “They scapegoat refugees, immigrant communities, and minorities. Truth is a frequent casualty. Nativism, xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia are on the rise.”

One must remember the old saying that says The Leftist cries out in pain as he hits you to see what is going on here. They accuse us of racial hatred and scapegoating, which means they are motivated by racial hate — against any strong national group, as it turns out — and scapegoating. They accuse of what they are doing to deflect from their own behavior, like children caught fighting: “But he started it!”

What they are really saying here is that the groups they forced together through Leftism and Globalization are now splitting apart because there were insufficient motivations to hold them together, plus as has become obvious during the last few years, massive disadvantages to Leftist rule. This means that we are heading for first what Billy Roper calls “balkanization,” or division into separate groups, and eventually separation and a global re-sorting according to which tribe we find an identity in, as Samuel P. Huntington wrote about in his The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

The result will be a giant crack-up that starts as political separation, but accelerates to tribalism, with massive relocation of populations across the world:

The thirty-year-long Peloponnesian War did not start overnight. Greek casus belli intensified gradually over a fifty-year span as selfish agendas became acceptable through the slow creep of greed, pride and suspicion. Ironically, the very peace Athenians and Spartans secured against Persia enabled the widening of attitudes. Tragically, Greek divergence metastasized into open conflict and, ultimately, mutual ruin.

Why? A key message of Thucydidean history is that without mutual effort for unity, a people of common heritage but different perspectives will develop oppositional interests over time. This was the case with Athens and Sparta and is occurring in “blue” and “red” segments of America’s populace.

…As with Athens, “blue” populations view themselves as exemplars and vanguards for Western civilization’s progress at home and abroad. Athens’ rival was Sparta, principally an agrarian society husbanded within the countryside and without continual contact with overseas cultures. Sparta maintained a formidable army and militant ethos to protect its land’s resources against enemies.

In other words, we see two different ways of life here: the primarily agrarian and warlike red states, and the primarily mercantile and cosmopolitan blue states, but the secret is this, this division extends across the West. Thus we will see the same split in Europe and afterwards in every other first-world nation. The Leftist franchise has ended, and we are separating between those who want it and those who hate it.

With that political breakup dies the forces that held globalization together and which are forcing different groups to coexist, which these groups resent. As the false unification of the Leftist franchise loses cultural legitimacy, individuals will separate voluntarily from those who are around them but of a different political or tribal inclination.

Leftism, in other words, is failing as it always does, leaving behind shattered impoverished nations in which the populations cannot be united again. A sensible act is to leapfrog balkanization as much as possible and encourage the inevitable world tribal sorting to occur as efficiently and bloodlessly as possible. If we refuse to do that, war is our destiny.

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10 Responses to “End Of A Franchise”

  1. Wilson says:

    I’m reminded of this;

    “The reason the plants are dying is because they’re not getting enough water”

    “You mean water, like from the toilet? Brawndo has electrolytes. It’s what plants crave.”

  2. CH says:

    “If we refuse to do that, war is our destiny.”

    At this point, it’s looking like the left is itching for it, either a race war, all-out civil war, or pissing off Russia to the point someone starts pressing red buttons.

    Let them unleash whatever sort of fresh Hell they will. For the first time in my life, the left is real; their illusion of humanitarianism is split and their really pissed-off faces are showing.

    But a master disruptor has power now, and I’m not interested anymore in ‘reaching across’ the aisle so much as seeing the aisle cleared of some of the cluttered masses of corrupt morons.

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    Politics is war by another means. The right shouldn’t fear escalation from the left. They’re no match for masculine men. What they should fear, very rightly, is subversion from the “right,” establishment. Their propensity for treachery will decide whether a political breakdown is inevitable.

  4. andrea ostrov letania says:

    The larger meaning of ‘America’ and ‘Russia’


    ‘Russian’ is now codeword for anyone who resists Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order.

    So, even though it is the Anglo-Zionist-Globo-Order(or AZGO) that is the aggressive and expansive power in the world, we are led to believe that Russia is the aggressor for resisting this ‘inevitable’ End of History force.

    So, if political results or voices in the US and EU call for an end of hostilities toward Russia and a peaceful multi-polar world, they are labeled as ‘Russian’ by the Jewish-controlled media and Jewish-bought whore-politicians.

    ‘Russian’ is becoming synonymous with ‘nationalism over globalism’.

    In contrast, ‘American’ has become synonymous with ‘globalism over nationalism’.

    What is the ‘Russian’ way? It means each nation should guard its own sovereignty, political independence, sense of history, and sense of identity/culture.

    What is the ‘American’ way? It means all nations must obey the US, imitate the US, follow the US, and see the ‘American’ way as the only correct one.

    No wonder Duterte is leaning to Russia. America offers more money and aid, but its message is ‘be our whore’ whereas Russia says ‘be yourself and remain politically independent’.

    Russia says Russia should pursue its own path according to its values and history. And Russia respects the same rights for China, Iran, Syria, Philippines, etc. Russia doesn’t try to force its culture, attitude, and values on other nations.

    In contrast, America, as the ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation, the lone superpower, feels it has the right to invade, intervene, and infect every nation with whatever happens to be fashionable in the Current Year. So, if the new religion of the US is homomania, then the entire world must be turned onto it cuz the American Way is the Only Way.

    Inside every gook is an American trying to get out.

    Trump has been good to speak of pulling America out of the imperialist game and fixing problems at home. But then, the fool is trying to mess up affairs in Asia by abandoning the One-China policy. It’d be like some nation saying Alaska isn’t part of the US.

    But then, it is in the interest of the US to maintain dominance in East Pacific forever, and that means encouraging Taiwan to declare independence and make permanent the division between South Korea and North Korea — and pressuring South Korea to drop its negative historical narrative on Japan and join US & Japan against China. All these East Asians except for China are cuck-puppets of the US.

    While Japan is rich — far richer than Russia — , it is politically poor. Russia controls its own government, military, intelligence institutions, and everything. In contrast, Japan got rich as a whore sucking on Uncle Sam’s cock. So, even though a rich nation, it is just a rich whore… like South Korea and Taiwan.

    But Duterte is good to go ‘Russian’ by telling imperialist US to fuck off. US bitches about Duterte’s human rights record, but the US is a nation that didn’t protest Israel’s mass killing in Gaza. US is a nation that only offers lukewarm criticism of Israel’s ongoing occupation of West Bank. No condemnation, just wussy lukewarm criticism that has zero impact. And US has been silent about Saudi Arabia’s brutalities cuz it’s an ally. So, ‘human rights’ in American Foreign Policy is more fluid than gender in the Queer Studies Department at Harvard.

    So, if you’re Iranian, to be ‘Russian’ means to guard and defend your Iranian identity, nationality, territory, and sovereignty. Like Russia does.
    On the other hand, for an Iranian to be ‘Americans’ means to surrender his identity, territory, and sovereignty to the forces of American celebrity trash culture, open borders, and national autonomy.

    Of course, these meanings are dictated by Jewish-controlled media. To be ‘American’ no longer means what it once used to mean. America wasn’t always about spreading homomania and fighting Wars for Israel and Jewish-globalist interests. That is the New America under Jewish domination. From the Jewish supremacist-globalist perspective, ‘American’ power means spreading Jewish tentacles everywhere and weakening all identities and borders(except in Israel) so that Jewish-controlled finance, media, entertainment, and ideology can penetrate and gain control in all nations. Like George Soros and Paul Singer have done in nation after nation.
    Jews are now pro-‘American’ because the New America as globalist empire is no longer about gentile nation-states. It is about Jewish supremacists using American power to destroy and weaken other nations. Since Russia is the resistant force against this massive globalist agenda, Jews have equated ‘Russia’ with everything evil and unpleasant. We are told Putin is ‘new hitler’. That’s hilarious since Hitler was an aggressive war-monger. If anyone people are like Nazis, it is the current Jews. And if any nation is like Nazi Germany, it is the US that has made a wreck of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen. US also aided Neo-Nazis to overthrow the democratically elected regime in Ukraine.

    It’s all a mind-trick by Jews.
    Just think. If to-be-‘Russian’ means for each nation to be proud of itself, protect its borders, and secure its sovereignty, then, going ‘Russian’ means national independence. This so-called ‘Russian influence’ is nothing more than ‘nationalism for every country’ and that means liberation from Jewish supremacist globalism. And of course, Jews know this. What Jews fear in America is not this ‘Russian influence’ but the rise of American gentile nationalism, esp of the white kind. This nationalism isn’t owned by Russia. It isn’t controlled by Russia. It isn’t directly influenced by Russia. But it is partly inspired by Russia. Furthermore, Russia isn’t inspiring White Americans to obey Russia or bow down to Moscow. Rather, Russia is inspiring Americans to regain autonomy, independence, and sovereignty from globalist tyranny. After all, even though the US is the center of globalist empire, American people are also subject to globalist rule that is controlled by the oligarchs, elites, and their commissars. For too long, the American people went unheard as the globalist oligarchs fleeced the nation financially and flung open the borders for massive foreign invasion, a ploy to reduce white Americans into a minority so that Jewish elites could play divide-and-rule among the various warring gentile groups. Also, Jews figure that massive race-mixing will weaken nationalism among the gentiles. (In contrast, Israel enforces the policy of Jews mating with Jews so as to strengthen the sense of Jewish identity and unity. Israel doesn’t encourage Jews to mate with Arabs or Africans.)

    So, to go ‘Russian’ means to regain one’s own national independence and sovereignty from Anglo-Zio-Homo globalism.
    And that is why the Jewish-controlled Media goes rabid with talk of ‘Russian, Russian, Russian’. It is a mind-trick to fool American gentiles(esp whites) that their true-blue nationalism is controlled by Russia, a foreign power.
    But surely, inspiration isn’t same as influence or intervention. Suppose John, Bob, Tyrus, Jack, and Ivan are slaves. Suppose Ivan is the first one to break free. Suppose John looks at what Ivan has done and tries to do the same to free himself. He has made himself free of the master, but then, the master tries to fool him that he is now under the influence of Ivan. But in fact, Ivan was just an inspiration that taught John that he can be free too. John’s following in the footsteps of Ivan to free himself doesn’t make him the puppet of Ivan. What really matters is John is no longer the slave of the master.

    Russia, for all its problems and horrors(there are many), did manage to break free from globo-oligarchic control under Putin. It freed itself from the Anglo-Zionist globo-oligarchy, and its example may be inspiring to others. If other nations do as Russia did, they would be following Russia’s lead to regain independence and sovereignty. But the globalists would like for us to believe that breaking out of globalist domination is akin to coming under Russian control.

    Because the US is the center of globo-oligarchic power, Americans were supposed to just shut up, hunker down, and obey the globo-oligarchs with their grand agenda. But enough white Americans rebelled in 2016 and made Trump president. Though Trump is pro-Zionist, his agenda is at odds with Anglo-Zionist globalism. He also fired up nationalist feelings about the hoi polloi. It’s derided as ‘populism’ by the know-it-all elites. Trump is for American nationalism, and he is also for less American imperialist meddling overseas. It means the rise of Americanism and NO to globalism. But globalism is the agenda of the Jewish globalists who hate the idea of nationalism that erects walls against penetration of the tentacles of the Zionist-Globo Octopus.

    So, Jews who control the media tell us night and day that the revival of Americanism is ‘Russian intervention’. But it is really the rising of American independence from Zionist-Globalist Control that is the real alien force in American politics. Jewish-Americans don’t identify with most Americans. After all, the main loyalty of American Jews isn’t to fellow Americans of gentile kind but to fellow Jews around the world. Jewish-Americans feel closer to Jews in Europe and Israel than with ‘all those deplorable subhuman white trash living in trailer parks’. That’s how Jews really see the world. Jews in NY feel closer to Jews in Paris and London than with Evangelicals, working class whites, Texas whites, and etc.
    Does anyone think George Soros and his ilk cares about gentiles? They foment wars all over the Middle East, unleash massive ‘refugee’ crisis, and then pressure Europe to take in all those invaders uprooted by Wars for Israel.
    And consider how so many Jewish Americans serve in Israeli military than in US military. Yet, these very Jews pressure EU to take in more ‘refugees’, all while being totally OK with Israel taking in ONLY Jewish immigrants and keeping Golan Heights stolen from Syria.

  5. Elenka says:

    Brett, your analysis also applies perfectly to the decline of liberal protestant denominations.

  6. Brock says:

    Brett, are you by any chance Kike Enoch in disguise?

    That old saying “The Leftist cries out in pain as he hits you” is actually a Polish proverb, isn’t it?

    And the original doesn’t have the word “Leftist” in it, does it?

    What’s the actual (((word))) you should have used?

    For someone writing a blog about accepting harsh reality, you sure go to great lengths to deny certain aspects of it.

    • -A says:

      We can talk about Jews fucking things up until the cows come home. We can also talk about blacks, mestizos, indios and any other minority out there but, what will it solve? We all already know. Brett certainly has his weakness for the Jews just as some have theirs for the Japs but, he wants total homogeneity of WASPs. He has made that clear. Remove all of the detritus and the problem still isn’t solved. What did we do to allow their scheming, crime and whining to work? We put the people in power who listened to them and shielded them, we allowed our own cultured to degenerate and we fell for the “if it feels good do it, we all bleed red” bullshit. If you are new, read the blog. If you are not new, what have you missed?

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