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Elizabeth Warren Doubles Down On Economy-Killing Housing Subsidies

History repeats itself mainly because people refuse to learn from their mistakes.

In 2008, we experienced a brutal recession caused by programs designed to expand minority home ownership which — like socialism itself — created a market for ideological compliance which generated false value in the economy which was then recaptured by a recession cycle.

Like other Leftist policies, these create a short-term boost in financial activity which ordinary normie idiots confuse with a healthy economy, followed by a massive crash. This is the nature of demand-side economics, which boosts demand and taxes it to dump more money into the system to promote Keynesian consumerism, but then cannot maintain value, causing a recalculation.

You would think that we would learn from this. It turns out that short-term boosts buy votes.

Elizabeth Warren, somewhat scatterbrained but cynically opportunistic Democratic candidate for president, wants us to know that she wants to buy votes like Clinton:

My housing plan creates a first-of-its-kind down-payment assistance program to help Black and Brown families living in formerly redlined neighborhoods buy a home.

This means that if she wins, 2030 will be a good time to invest in check cashing, liquor stores, opioid producers and other opportunists, who will be cashing in on a massive recession created by Warren’s policies.

She is unlikely to win in 2020 because Democrats, being strategists, do not intend to win in 2020. They want another four years of Trump while he rebuilds this economy, at which point the voters will go directly back to sleep since the economy is doing great.

Sleepy voters buy into con-jobs from the Left, which promises that they can have (a) everything they already have, but also (b) more free stuff and less friction because we will have spread the wealth. Low-testosterone voters especially like this.

Whoever wins the nomination — and hint to Biden and Warren, it will probably not be someone white — will probably win on a pitch of racial reconciliation, easy loans, and limited government subsidies as Clinton I did.

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