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  • Texas gained almost nine Hispanic residents for every additional white resident last year

    Texas enters the IQ death spiral. This trap is formed when you add too many low-IQ people to your state; at that point, per the Dunning-Kruger Effect, they will reject any logical solutions and instead favor short-term cash-in-hand benefits, causing you to drive away anyone intelligent, neglect infrastructure, and head down the path to the third world. Low-IQ people are — as one might suspect, since they are dumb — destroyers of civilization if not oppressed. In the case of Texas, the constantly rising property taxes to pay for schools for Hispanics have caused white people to stop going there. At some point, it will be a vast sea of poor people, with only the government, oil industry, and constant frenetic building of new houses to fund them. Already the oil firms are looking at moving their headquarters to Oklahoma and piping the oil there for processing in order to avoid increasingly larcenous local taxes.

  • British lawmaker suspended after video shows him violently grabbing female protester by the neck

    We have become a society of pretentious wimps now. She intruded on an event, and egalitarians will foam over her “freedom to protest,” but the fact is that not every event needs interruption so that some individualist can get her YouTube moment. He steered her away, not knowing what variety of crazy she was, and now people are weeping because he grabbed her neck. What else was he supposed to grab? Her chest? We are weaponizing people with guilt and then complaining when people counteract the ensuing drama-driven egotism.

  • Supreme Court upholds cross on public land in Maryland

    This case proves that many Supreme Court justices have no idea what the separation of religion clause meant:

    Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is also Jewish, dissented, with Ginsburg writing that “the principal symbol of Christianity around the world should not loom over public thoroughfares, suggesting official recognition of that religion’s paramountcy.”

    Separation of religion meant, in the context of the experience the British had gone through that caused migration to America, “no state church.” It did not mean that we had to let in every foreign religion under the sun, only that we could not have a “Church of America” like there was a Church of England (and still is, although now it is another Leftist organ). If a community is Christian and wants a cross at a monument, this does not clash at all with the Constitution, but Leftists — who believe in enforced equality everywhere — will obviously choose not to see it that way.

  • Japanese-Americans lead protest Saturday at Ft. Sill

    Just a quick reminder for people who separate the diversity into “nice” groups and “not nice” groups: all of them work against the majority, as allies whenever they can. They build their identity around being not-the-majority when in a diverse state. We will get nowhere but into permanent poverty, warfare, and decline with diversity, even if we only import “nice” and high-IQ groups. Diversity itself is the problem, not the groups that it brings in. They are simply doing what is logical, which is choose not to be conquered, which requires that they become conquerors.

  • Death threats sent to pro-migrant German mayors

    It is funny that the Left uses the term “woke.” At this point, there really are two groups in the West: those who have awakened and escaped the thought bubble, which means realizing that our civilization is collapsing from within, and those who are still within the thought bubble and take everything at face value in an ideological context, leading them to believe that not only are things not bad, but are in fact good and getting better. The latter group of useful vidiots keep Clown World in business.

  • American tourist attacked in Berlin after saying he was Jewish

    These anonymous “people” who attacked… well that is a vague description… what ethnic background did they come from?

  • Woman suing Harvard over slave portraits gets key support

    The Left just wants to erase the past so that they can claim that we were always diverse, always Leftist, and always a third world impoverished ruin of a formerly great empire. See also the vandalism of Confederate statues. If conservatives were unified, instead of lots of little individualists showing off how iconoclastic they can be, we would fund private museums to keep alive the alternate history that is now taboo. Charge ten bucks admission and the Leftist herd will stay away.

  • Senate Panel Approves $4.6 Billion in Emergency Border Funding

    It would be nice if the dissident Right were more aware than the mainstream Right, but alas, it is not to be. Many are criticizing Trump now without taking into account the sheer amount of political bickering that is going on as these various careerists attempt to do what our political system instructs them to do, which is represent their constituents in what those people “think” is the right answer. As a result, both sides fight for symbolic victories, with only Trump seemingly concerned with impact in reality. We are doomed if we do not end immigration now and start sending people back. This is a takeover, and Leftists think they are clever for engineering it, but they will share in our doom for having adopted this arrogant, pretentious, and foolhardy path.

  • Suicide rates in US are the highest level since World War II, CDC says

    For some reason, white people are killing themselves at higher rates. Could it be that our country has turned against us, and now we are merely miserable? Democracy always seems to end this way. Such a pity that someone was foolhardy enough to try this miserable experiment again, but our pretense demands that we consider ourselves equal and therefore, we cannot have kings. Proleocracy always goes this way.

  • Government meeting opens with ‘Hail Satan’ prayer

    As all things of importance wane, white people focus on standing out in their social groups by status signaling, since they have given up on ever having an actual society and now are merely balkanized tribes of drop-outs trying to find a way to survive. It only took about seventy years of Leftist rule to really wreck this place. It is amazing to see how quickly and profoundly it hit, especially after the 1990s when the 1968 generation came into power by virtue of aging to the point where most people assumed they were “mature.”

  • Guaido’s Envoys Misappropriate Humanitarian Aid Funds in Colombia

    Trump played an intelligent strategy here. Rather than replay the last century of American foreign policy, in which we prop up one corrupt tyrant over another because the first one supports our ideology of the moment, Trump simply backed away once he saw how widespread the corruption has become. It is better to let Venezuela collapse, and when the feral snarling ends and the last skull has been gnawed bare of meat, sponsor whoever seems to be pointing toward stability, knowing that in turn their skulls, too, will be gnawed. In the meantime, the rest of us get to enjoy Lord of the Flies playing out in real time.

  • Jussie Smollett case: Special prosecutor to investigate State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s handling of matter

    The important event occurring here consists of ordinary white people seeing what minority-majority rule really means.

  • Attorney: Man killed at Costco was mentally ill, off meds

    Iron rule of the insane: they always go off their meds. Despite the assurances of our parasitic psychiatrists, the meds always have negative side effects and are not much loved. The patients go off the meds, do crazy stuff, and ordinary people react as if facing a threat — because they are — resulting in lots of costs to society. Future civilizations will exile or drown the insane.

  • Political-News Sites Forge Ad Group to Compete With Facebook and Google

    The Digital News Alliance shows us the real “roll your own” of conservative counteraction of Big Tech. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all ad platforms first, and only secondarily places for user-submitted content, which is why they censor anything that interrupts the bourgeois Leftist vision of our socialist-consumerist future paradise. Having an alternative to Google ads will be a game changer.

  • 150 new federal MP’s take the oath, incident avoided

    European status quo supporters are wearing red triangles to protest the rise in far Right politicians. Maybe we should deport them all to Venezuela, where they can wear all the red stars, triangles, and caps that they want.

  • ‘I feel like a target’: US tech workers of Chinese descent see trade war backlash

    Of course you do. So many of your fellow ethnics have been caught spying that people want to make sure they have as few workers of Chinese descent as possible. In fact, if we could, most companies would simply hire normal WASP people because those are most likely to have loyalty to America, Western Civilization, and the company.

  • Faith in ruins: China’s vanishing beards and mosques

    Using a pincer strategy makes it easy to remove Other groups from among you. Raise the cost of being there while reducing the reward. In America, if we keep deporting illegals and rejecting asylum requests, we can raise the cost of being here; if we remove affirmative action and entitlements, we will massively reduce the benefit to being here. The result will be an exodus of third world people.

  • U.S. ramps up returns of asylum seekers to Mexico, adding Cubans

    The US reveals its new policy. It will implement new courts to quickly process immigration requests and immediately drop off the rejections in Mexico. The big point is to raise the risk of being turned down in coming here, so that the $5k you pay to a coyote is a 50-50 loss of the money. At that crucial point, even third worlders can see that the risk is greater than the reward, since they only find out if they won the lottery when they get to the border. Maybe someone should ask why if these people are all starving and impoverished they have money to pay coyotes, travel, and have the newest iPhone while they do it? Surely American Leftist NGOs have nothing to say here.

  • Cambridge slips to lowest-ever place in world university table

    After twenty years of fanatical diversity programs, two-thirds of English universities have fallen in educational rankings. Somehow, they did much better before they were diverse, but for the Left, no sacrifice is too great in order to bring about total diversity.

  • Debate at schools is being shut down by a ‘worrying trend towards an intolerance of different opinions’

    Amanda Spielman says that the rise of “single issue groups” including vegan campaigners and anti-LGBT education protesters has meant that a “simplistic, polarising” narrative has formed, “in which the world’s problems have a single, neat solution; where scapegoats abound and critics are seen as the enemy – to be discredited, discounted or disowned.”

    What else were we to expect from diversity? Different groups are… different. If that is a benefit, diversity makes sense; if it is not, then diversity is insane. You cannot have it both ways, and trying to do so simply means that your schools will fall in quality and even honesty.

  • Mailchimp Shuts Down GreenMedInfo’s Newsletter for “Anti-Vaccine” Content

    The great deplatforming continues. We thought it was against the Right, but really, it targets anyone who is not onboard with the narrative that our modern, utilitarian, diverse, democratic, and consumerist society is succeeding and represents our best option. The bourgeois standard has shifted from avoiding threats to avoiding controversy, brought on by how diversity has destroyed social trust, and now people are fleeing from anything but the Shiny Happy People narrative.

  • Black Witness Booed For Testifying Against Slave Reparations In Congress

    He added, however: “Black people don’t need another apology. We need safer neighborhoods and better schools. We need a less punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable health care. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery.”

    Diversity means that you cannot have those things; in fact, no one can have them. You only get those things with self-rule, and that will only happen through reparations-with-repatriation that deposits all of you in Africa. The same applies to every other ethnic group that is not of the founding WASP stock.

  • ‘These People Aren’t Coming From Norway’: Refugees in a Minnesota City Face a Backlash

    No one objects to immigrants coming from societies like ours, which means those which are ethnically Western European. Everyone eventually realizes that immigrants from other places, whether nice or not, will erase the culture, heritage, beliefs, and behaviors that we have. Diversity is death. Pass it on.

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