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  • Why It’s Necessary to Bring Jewish Communism into Full View

    Airing the complicity of some American Jews with Soviet criminality is essential to the honor and the reputation of the Jewish people.

    So people tell us that NAJALT. Is that so? If that is so, then prove it. Name the ones that are and condemn them. Better yet, ostracize and banish them. Demonstrate that communism will no longer be considered an attribute of decent Jewish human beings. When old-fashioned Catholic Bishops refuse sacrament to abortion lobbyists and supporters, then a message gets sent. If Jews don’t want to be associated with communism, they should employ the power of Freedom of Association and disassociate themselves from Communists. Kick them all out, and anyone that accuses you of being one would really look pretty stupid.

  • Biden not apologizing for remarks on segregationist senators

    Joe Biden refused calls to apologize Wednesday for saying that the Senate “got things done” with “civility” even when the body included segregationists with whom he disagreed. His rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, including the two major black candidates in the contest, roundly criticized Biden’s comments. But Biden didn’t back down and was particularly defiant in the face of criticism from New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who said the former vice president should apologize for his remarks. Biden countered that it was Booker who should apologize because the senator “should know better” than to question his commitment to civil rights.

    Democracy could actually work if our political class wanted it to. We could be in the business of compromising with people we wanted to stomp and then scrape off the bottom of our cleats with a stick. We could be practicing political wheeling an dealing int he honorable context of the phrase and doling things out so that everybody, everywhere got a piece of something and felt a reason to buy in. Execrable, mediocre, retread Joe Biden made one of the few intelligent and worthwhile remarks of his lamentable career when he essentially told people he would work with a bunch of people he believed to be jerks if it made Amerika better off.

    This agregious act of reasonable adulthood while in charge sent the #SJW pod-people to the barricades. Biden will grok the water and go right on back to the jerk store for a newer, #SJW-compliant phony image. When you need the permission of Slore of Babylon, Sparty, and AOC to work with others, it will be very uncommon for you to find common ground with legitimate, normal people. Tis is another way in which demotism eliminates the possibility of democracy ever being an optimizable form of government.

  • Delving Into Rep. Eric Swalwell’s Gun Control Proposal

    Rep. Eric “Nuke ’em All” Swalwell has campaigned primarily on one issue, and that’s gun control. Despite the supposedly broad support for restrictions on firearms within the Democratic base, Swallwell is polling only slightly better than my cat. He’s being beaten on the issue. That means Swalwell had to up his game, which he did when he rolled out his gun control plan.

    Would you trust this guy to control his own firearms? Leftists project. They regulate you in terms of their own personal shortcomings. It’s a nice Veep pitch that Swallwell is tossing out there. He’s gonna need a bigger mass shooting to get any traction with it.

  • Former Senate Aide Gets Four Years In Prison For Mass Doxxing Of Republicans

    Jackson Cosko — a former aide to Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan, Democratic California Sen. Barbara Boxer and Democratic Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee — stole the entire contents of Hassan’s computer systems in October 2018 and published the private information of Republicans, including home addresses and cell phones. He hoped to intimidate them over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

    People who turn to terrorism are not desperate, backwards, or even stupid. Al-Quaeda’s 9-11 Operational Leader, Muhammad Atta, had a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jackson Cosko has very wealthy parents who undouibly bought him his priveleged career as a Democratic Party Senatorial and Congressional Aide. Terrorists are typically logical, methodical, committed believers in a cause. They are not desperate. They do terrorism because it typically works like hell. Terrorism will stop when terrorists have a higher probability of seeing Jackson Cosko around the prison yard and not before.

  • “Big Bang Vanishes”

    An intriguing new theory suggests there was no Big Bang singularity, no starting point and points at the possibility that the universe had no beginning. The Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem of general relativity because the laws of physics appear to break down there according to Ahmed Farag Ali at Egypt’s Benha University. Ali and coauthor Saurya Das at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, have shown in a paper published in Physics Letters B that the Big Bang singularity can be resolved by their new model in which the universe has no beginning and no end.

    Maybe the old has a point. Slay the monsters and do manly deeds all you want. It changes nothing. The afterlife is just like the life. It all continuous continuously. It’s all just an eternal, gray mist. THis stuff is awesome, if you follow the dorm hall BS session that astrophysicists call Cosmology.

    “One of our correction terms to the Raychaudhuri/Friedmann equations, says Ali, which govern cosmology, can be interpreted as due to an all pervading quantum fluid, known as Bose-Einstein condensate. The density of this fluid may account for dark matter, while the term itself may give rise to a cosmological constant term which accounts for observed dark energy.”

    We are now back to positing that the physical information problem involving force transactions can only be solved in the presence of a luminiferous aether. It makes me stop and wonder whether our development of technology has really gotten us all that far intellectually past the insights of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

  • JD Power Says Korean Cars Beat US and Europe in Quality

    Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, in the number one spot, with 63 problems per 100 vehicles. Kia and Hyundai are right behind, making for an all-Korean top three. The next three slots go to the Americans—Ford, Lincoln, Chevrolet—with Lexus and Toyota after them. All these brands score better than the industry average of 93 problems per 100 vehicles. Below that bar, you’ll find the Europeans, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen. In the bottom two spots are Land Rover and Jaguar.

    What do you call a Korean kid who gets a “B” in School? A mistake. What do you call him if he keeps it up? You can’t call him. He’s dead.

    As one guy said when he reviewed Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, “Practice more, suck less.” Getting stuff right is about wanting to get stuff right and brutally selecting and managing for that result. People preach hard work blindly. You have to get your mind in the right place to do hard work correctly. Back when Caucasoids still understood that concept, we wrote our own version of this.

    One century before Eliyahu Goldratt wrote The Goal about Industrial Engineering, or Amy Chua wrote about teaching bratty, spoiled kids about music, Napoleon Hill had already generalized the mental attitude required for success. Think And Grow Rich is the story of how White Europeans used to put themselves in the right frame of mind to build Standard Oil or discover General Theories of Relativity.

    Winning begins with the correct philosophy. Koreans have it. We don’t. Fix that, or get ready to live in somebody else’s world. The Koreans are out-thinking us, and are therefore willing to outwork us. They will be the ones who continue to grow rich.

  • Costs, delays mount for Boeing’s NASA launch system, audit finds

    The General Accounting Office (GAO) identified $1.8 billion in cost overruns, including $800 million that NASA obscured in previous reports on its Space Launch System (SLS), the rocket and capsule that will eventually take humans back to the moon. The issues around the rocket’s development, led by Boeing Co, mean that the first launch of the SLS originally scheduled for late 2017 could be delayed until June 2021.

    Boeing has a four-step process to assure it’s future wealth from now until eternity.

    1) Make impressive bid and win project.
    2) Monopolize all data so that nobody else has the tech knowledge to build the project.
    3) Screw-off and get behind on schedule and overrun cost.
    4) Charge the govt. more $$$$ to overcome schedule slips incurred while wanking-off ins tep 3.
    5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 for as long as they can avoid having to produce an actual deliverable.

    It’s called the 737-Protocol and is official Boeing policy anytime they can get their hooks into a big, fat wallet.

  • What Makes Us Better

    We are told the following:

    Human moral responses are therefore rooted in the cortex, supported by more ancient structures, such as basal ganglia and neurochemicals such as dopamine, sex hormones, and the neurohormones of oxytocin and vasopressin. Studies show how these factors combine, specifying their different roles, as for oxytocin in strengthening social bonds. When it comes to psychopaths, however—people with no moral compass who lack feelings of guilt or remorse and exhibit no empathy toward people they have injured—it has, so far, proved harder to locate specific brain abnormalities. The same is true of persons exhibiting self-destructive moral behavior, known as scrupulosity.

    So is behavior entirely hard-wired, or can we be taught much of anything at all? It could be that pain, or the removal of positive stimulus for dopamines is the only primative way to adjust individual morality. Worse, it could be that the right mixture of chemicals could program any group’s morality in accordance with each individual’s receptivity to the stimulus. Thus, we get the Soma from Brave New World injected everyday so that everyone is quite wonderfully pneumatic.

  • Half of Americans Are Now Over the Age of 38

    “This aging (phenomenon) is driven in large part by baby boomers crossing over the 65-year-old mark,” said Luke Rogers, the Chief of the Population Estimates Branch at the Census Bureau. A decline in birth rates is another reason. The number of U.S. births fell to lowest level in 32 years in 2018. There were less than 3.9 million babies under age 1 as of July 1, 2018. This represents the smallest age cohort until age 64. The largest age cohort is 27-year-olds, making up 4.8 million of the population. The number of Americans age 80 and older reached a record 12.7 million last year — up from 11.2 million from the 2010 Census. The 1.4 million growth is roughly equivalent to the population of Phoenix.

    The Baby Boom is fizzling its way out and isn’t being numerically replaced. That may not be such a bad thing. We need to start emphasizing quality over quantity. Develop and train up the offspring rather than just banging them out like Jack-Rabbits and leaving them with the school or some other external organization to babysit them. We could be fine with fewer people and more room. It would be a freer, happier and saner nation.

  • With a Huge Punitive Damage Award, the Oberlin Verdict Becomes Even More Meaningful

    College is the new asbestos. No, wokeness won’t make you fireproof. I would love to be able claim #SJWs cause cancer. I can’t marshall evidence for either claim. So how are radical-infested universities the new Asbestos?

    The plaintiffs lawyers used longstanding common-law causes of action to attack Oberlin, causes of action that have long existed alongside the First Amendment and provide protection for the economic relationships and public reputation of (especially) private citizens. Given the prevalence of malice and falsehood in modern outrage mobs, the culture was ripe for a case like the Oberlin trial, and the plaintiff’s attorneys have drawn the blueprints for copycat litigation.

    Universites have deep pockets and powerful alumni. They make a tempting, juicy target. SHarks have got to feed. They have a role in the ecosystem an all…

  • Member of Polish Parliament Invites Ocasio-Cortez to Visit Real Concentration Camps

    Lots of virtue-signalling going on here. As tempting as it is to let Ocasio-Cortez visit a concentration camp then and stay for a while to sample the lifestyle, I’m sure her district would soon miss it’s favorite village idiot.

  • New York, California high-tax state exodus just beginning, expert warns

    One sort of Fiscal Conservatism has pushed the theory that proper tax and regulatory policy could kill Amerikan Liberalism by drying up a lot of the income. The recent limitations placed on SALT (State and Local Tax) Deductibility may well have that effect on left-leaning state and local governments. This could either work out so that all the smart people leave and then all the dumb people are forced to forage or die and then stop being dumb. I don’t quite buy into this fantasy. Instead, I see all the dumb people chasing around behind all the smart ones and infecting the places that intelligent people move to. Places like Alabama that deliberately go out of their way to be repugnant to the Anderson Cooper set are attempting to be politically and culturally hostile as an auto-immune strategy. It may well work. It may also accelrate the divide and hopefully get people to realize that Amerika as currently configured, cannot work as a decent nation and needs to be peacably dissolved into ethnonationalist autonomous regions.

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act introduced a number of reforms, including the notorious $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions, which has caused Americans to look into establishing legal primary residences in states where they can limit their liabilities. Since the implementation of the law, Goldenberg said he has “certainly” had some clients relocate. Typically, these are individuals that have second homes in states with a more favorable tax climate – like Florida – along with wealthy people and individuals whose jobs do not require them to be tied to a specific location. The latter category can include people in the service industry or consultants. States that some Americans have already begun leaving for are Florida, Texas and Nevada, all three of which have no individual income tax.

  • Roy Moore will run for Senate again

    Alabama wants zero to do with Pride Month Amerika. Unfortunately, this condign defiance can lead people to be played for suckers by the amoral, greedy and corrupt. Speaking of the amoral, greedy and corrupt….

    Roy Moore, the controversial Republican judge who lost a 2017 Senate race in deep-red Alabama amid allegations of sexual misconduct with young girls decades ago, is defying GOP opposition and running again in 2020, he announced Thursday. “I will run for the United States Senate in 2020,” Moore said this afternoon at an event in Montgomery, Ala. “Can I win? Yes, I can win. Not only can I, but they know I can. That’s why there’s such opposition.”

    Jeff Sessions has quietly threatened to come out of retirement and presumably send Roy Moore back to the farm to go pursue whatever perversion he seeks to sate himself with. Right now, he’s here to vaccuum up attention and donations. Roy Moore needs to stop pounding that Bible and try reading it for a bit. “Self-regard,” Sayeth St. Paul. “is the fountainhead of sin.”

  • ‘This place has enough creepy old men’: GOP vows to crush Roy Moore

    Cucks are stupid. They are being played to a fare-thee-well by Roy Moore as he paints GOP Senators as the GOP versions of Game of Thrones cuck character Walder Frey. Roy Moore will not win his primary unless he can run agianst Mitch McConnell instead of Bradley Byrne. If he can run against Mitch McConnell and Martha McSally, he will dominate the AL-Sen GOP Primary. He will all but publically denounce Martha McSally for being a lesbian. Piggies like rolling in the mud. Chuck lots of it at Roy Moore and he just fundraises off it. Best to crush Roy Moore by pointedly ignoring him. Tell him its a nice freakshow and give him a golf-clap.

    As for the cuck morons in the GOP Senate, they need to look at themselves. Why can Roy Moore fund his beer, hooker and blow account so amply by running against them? Republicans in Alabama consider Roy Moore a disgrace and a joke. They consider him a priapetic old fool who preaches Jeebus after a few good belts of the Southern Baptist Fire Water. And then they compare him to the GOP in Washington, DC. At that juncture, Roy Moore becomes popular. That should give Mitch McConnell a pretty good read as to what a lot of people he presumes to represent think about him as a human being.

  • Poll: Americans aren’t sure U.S. system can fix long-term problems

    The share who see the U.S. as “tolerant of others with different beliefs and lifestyles” has also dropped, from 35% to 26%. More than four in 10 say they have stopped talking politics with a friend or family member because they know the person doesn’t share their views. One in five say they have blocked or unfriended someone on Facebook or elsewhere because of their political opinions, with women, younger people and Democrats most likely to do so.

    The end will come soon. Whether it is intelligently negotiated by wiser heads or whether it is an all against all battle for the spoils between Roy Moore and Rashida Talib remains to be seen. We need to begint he process of intelligently negotiated the failure of Amerika. It will arrive. It is not a deal we want any part of if it is unintelligently negotiated. Breaking up Amerika into ethnonationalist independent entities is the last chance to avoid major bloodshed. Nature can reaffirm its balnce gently or not-so-gently.

This is not how a respectable nation behaves. This brawl over a game between 7 year-old kids. The Josh Cordovas will one day get tired of cleaning up after the Crowdist losers.

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