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Part Two of Three. In Part One of Three, we discussed the problem of modern conservatives who want to be truthful: an alienated underground “vanguardist” element who talk too violently about race, and a mainstream neoconservative element who don’t tackle any problem that conflicts with the diversity dogma of the mainstream left. We are struggling […]


In an age of lies, the truth is seen as a lie. You don’t get to an age of lies without massive decay. An age of lies is also an age of a dying civilization. That means that every weak-willed person clusters around some familiar lies, and chants them like a catechism, bleating out their […]

Left hand switch

Don’t take it at face value. How many times do you hear that? People are good at spinning positive symbols to you, and hiding the information you need to see the picture that’s bigger than their pleasant vision and includes its downsides. For example, a used-care salesperson telling you that a car has “low miles,” […]

Chinese and Western modes of upbringing

A book that’s recently been published is called “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” (2011). It is written by a Chinese woman called Amy Chua, brought up in the U.S.A. Her book was discussed in ‘Why Chinese Mothers are Superior’, an article in the Wall Street Journal. Interestingly enough, she previously published a book called […]


Culture wars tax our souls because, on the path to finding greater “political” power, each side tends to cozy up to the exact opposite of what it should. For example, in the United States and UK, our right-wing tends to view itself as a bastion of defense against “nihilism,” which is a nifty Nietzschean shorthand […]

Our own special breed of pollen

What makes us different from them? The difference is that we don’t gather ourselves around a societal problem (illegal immigration, tailbacks, social inequality), like the other political ideologies have done (liberalism, socialism, etc). Instead, we base ourselves upon a universal analyses of the political evolution of civilization. From this knowledge we approach any societal problem […]

Linkpost 03-25-11

This linkpost is late, but should cover more than usual goodness. People out there are converging on new ideas and a rejection of the failed past. Naturally, those vested in the past are lying at twice their normal speed. But the new growth, rejecting much of what we hear in mass media and society at […]

Resisting assimilation

If you ever want to know why nature is a great yin-yang between darkness and light, consider this: without fracas, issues would never get discussed; nothing would ever get stirred up; no resolution would happen except well-this-is-how-we-always-do-it inertia. A week or so ago, one of my blogscreeds provoked a bit of a intense response across […]

Tailgating as shortsightedness

Pick any major American city these days, as well as its suburbs, and you’ll see (or feel) tailgating as a prevalent part of the driving experience. Road rage, specifically tailgating, is mostly due to the shortsightedness of individuals given the free reign to operate a heavy mass of machinery at whatever speed they choose. Give […]


When I become a grizzled old guy, if I’m so lucky as to get there, I’ll remember this sage piece of advice for any younger people I have the pleasure of boring: “The future is tired old ideas. Don’t waste your time trying to invent the next big thing. Figure out what’s expired, and put […]

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