Furthest Right

Linkpost 03-25-11

This linkpost is late, but should cover more than usual goodness. People out there are converging on new ideas and a rejection of the failed past. Naturally, those vested in the past are lying at twice their normal speed. But the new growth, rejecting much of what we hear in mass media and society at large, is promising — like a springtime for the soul.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of bloviation about Libya. Let me say this clearly: Obama is Clinton II, as was obvious during his campaign. He will bomb, send in special forces, but avoid commitment. This is the liberal method: subvert, undermine, sabotage, be passive-aggressive, but by no means get involved in a war — any war except a turkey shoot is by nature unpopular after 48 hours. Had GWB limited his Iraq involvement to killing 500,000 Iraqi combatants and noncombatants alike, he’d be a box office hero.



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