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Americans do not trust diversity

Recently, American citizens were polled regarding whether the “melting pot” (diversity; multiculturalism) is weakening us as a nation: However, nearly seven in ten say that immigrants are a burden on the taxpayer, 62 percent think they add to the crime problem, and 59 percent believe they take jobs away from Americans. – CNN Nearly 70% […]

What will split America

What did your friend the musician tell you after his band, which was successful on album two but not so much by album five, broke up? “We just drifted apart. Didn’t have much in common anymore, we were heading in different directions.” That is also how societies die. When they start out, they have a […]

The end of racial appeasement

Since the end of the Civil War, America has embarked on a policy of “racial appeasement,” or gifting minority populations with money and power to stave off the inevitable conflict brought on by diversity. As America wakes up to how easily an accusation of racism can crush a career, people are re-thinking racial appeasement and […]


What is the correct foundation of morality? In the billions of years before human existence, where was right and wrong in the darkness of space? And from the dawning of humanity ownwards, where was morality among the cannibalistic ape-like hominids who clung to the earth, warring with each other in small bands? A caveman in […]

Turnabout is fair play

When Shirley Sherrod got fired on a simple accusation of racism, it wasn’t just injustice — it’s what anyone who does anything but fawn over “diversity” experiences frequently. Don’t rehire her; stop the “racism” paranoia and accept opposition to diversity and frank recognition of human diversity as legitimate. So there’s a media circus, again. Right-wing […]

Reality is Nihilism

It’s hard to define nihilism because the term is abused so commonly. People abuse the term nihilism because it sounds cool. Cool is whatever isn’t what is; in a herd of sheep, you want to be the one doing something different. And for most people, you don’t want to get that way the old fashioned […]

Facebook = Racist

The group was not hateful (vague), did not threaten anyone, was not obscene, and attacked no individuals or groups. It was for the positive advocacy of Black Nationalism, African-American independence, African secession and autonomous self-rule for African-Americans and Africans. It’s not just white people that Facebook discriminates against. If you stand up for nationalism, or […]

Sensibility and Intelligence

When we talk about intelligence, it is primarily the ability and inheritance of the individual, race, species that is able to deny short term sensuality and aim toward achieving a goal, to sacrifice pleasure in the present to achieve a greater reward in the future. The way nature configures this is through the promise of a reward, either […]

Complementary gender roles and parallelism

I like reading the blog The Thinking Housewife. Even when you disagree, the spicy insights into human nature and how far modern liberal society has gone off-track are worth the read. There’s a downside to it. Like many conservative thinkers, the authoress feels backed into a corner because it seems like all but a few […]

Iron Will, Faith & Discipline

Long neglected, the west continues its miserable decline into absolute failure. Will we ever rise to rule ourselves again? What is our ability to organize ourselves and form a collective force, a social force, an Iron Will able to conquest back our nations from the disorientated weakness of convenience? What is needed is organization, strict […]

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